A/N: Hello, Klayley fam!

Welcome to my brand-new, full-length story: You're A Faded Moon (Stuck on a Little Hot Mess) An Originals AU, set in the magical world of Hogwarts and focusing primarily on the Mikaelson siblings, magic (duh!) and one of the most important things of which we were deprived — Wolf!Klaus.

Yes, that's right! This story is about my three favourite W's: werewolves, witches and wizards! LOL ;) Ahem… anyway, awkward writer babbling aside, I should probably let you know that this is going to be pretty focused on the wizarding world, so it is preferable that you have at least a general idea about the Harry Potter universe before reading. Please also note, that for the purposes of this story, the Mikaelsons are neither vampires nor villains, Henrik is very much alive, and Freya is… well, we'll get to that a bit later. For now, let's just say she's working on something pretty big and important to the plot— she can even help them from right inside the castle, but for now, she is otherwise engaged.

Also, ten points if you can correctly tell me where the title of this story comes from… haha, just kidding; Or am I? *insert devilface emoji here*

Anyhow, I have babbled for long enough. Without further ado, it is with a crisp 'Alohomora!' that I wave my wand and unlock the following story for all of you to see. (I told you —I'm impossible) I hope you all enjoy my take on the crossing of the two universes, and the accompanying journey that awaits. See you on the other side… or you know, whenever I decide to drop another one of my ridiculously long and silly author's notes.

Okay, okay — I really am going this time, I swear. Witches' honour ;P

Until next time,

Donna xoxo