Character Stats, Personality and summaries

Welcome to Nightspirit's stupidest fanfic ever! This is going to be my take on a Monster prom fanfic. This is just going to be a basic rundown of the four playable characters and who they hangout with and they're personality. If you don't like my style please don't waste energy ranting about how crappy this fanfic is.

Oz Yellow: A loveable, smart, schwany, and uber fun nerd, usually shy. preferred pronoun: They. Sexual preference: women. Friends: Brian, Amria, Vicky, Liam, Polly, and Vera. Love interest: Polly Geist.

Vicky Blue: Super smart, creative, quirky girl. Preferred pronoun: She. Sexual preference: Men. Friends: Amria, Oz, Brian, Miranda, Scott, Damian, and Liam. Love interest: Liam De Lioncourt.

Amira Red: Bold, badass, athletic chic. Preferred pronoun: She. Sexual preference: Women. Friends: Vicky, Brian, Oz, Scott, Damian, Vera, and Polly. Love interest: Vera Oberlin.

Brian Green: Charming, bold, fun, natural born leader. Preferred pronoun: He. Sexual Preference: Women. Friends: Oz, Amira, Vicky, Scott, Damian, Miranda and Vera. Love interest: Miranda Vandershift.

These Group of friends have one month to woo their dates, will they find their potential mates, or will they die trying? Well double die for some.

Anyway hope you tune in for the next chapter.