Chapter 3: Research

Author's Note: I put more effort into dialogue and personality this chapter, hope I improved.

Oz's Pov

It was early in the morning on this fine whatever day it was, who has time to keep track of that I'm busy reading smut and being in a dating sim. I got here early for two reasons, 1) Polly and 2) if I got there early enough I couldn't start a party by just walking into a corridor with infinite confetti and myself spewing bee's. Don't ask.

"Ahh! The library, the place where most of us go just to make a quick buck or buy some illegal guacamole" I sighed. Wait, since when have I been narrating this?

NightSpirit: Since it seems like a simpler style of writing.

"Welp I guess that's the author's cheap way of letting the audience know he's just going to change the overall writing style to fit his needs."

Anyway I was walking around, deciding to kill some time because classes didn't start for at least an hour, I played some online poker and wrote some Dragon Heat fanfiction of my own. It's turning out beautiful.

About fifteen after the bell rings the bell rings, Polly bursts through the doors, or just kinda floats through the doors. Surprisingly enough she's already got a book or two. Maybe she was serious about studying about partying after all.

"Heeeeyyyy~ Oz! Ready to figure out the science behind partying?" She then slammed the few books on the table and cracked her knuckles. It was actually almost intimidating.

I glanced at her book choices. Partying for dummies, Rave 101, The Art of Partying Through the ages, and...a copy of Dragon Heat? Confirming Polly actually did more than read labels off of whiskey and other alcoholic substances aside, she was also sober, or at the very least not as high as usual. Meaning this could actually be considered a proper interaction.

"Heh, for a minute I thought you'd bail on me"

"Oh, Ozzy I'd only bail out on a friend if it had something to do with crazy Martin the were-bear chasing us"

I just gave a blank stare,'Yeah she probably would," Shaking my head to myself, I grab Rave 101 and crack it open. The ghost girl does the same with partying through the ages. After about five minutes I was trying not to fall asleep and Polly was looking quite bored herself.

"Ahg! Reading about parties and actually partying are two different things! One is totally awesome, while the other sucks!" She was now pouting.

"Yeah, I think we're both either visual or kinetic learners." I sighed, 'Man I thought a 'date' with Polly would have been a little more fun,"

"OZ, Your a genius! We've been going about this all wrong! We shouldn't be sitting here looking at books, We should be crashing parties!" She then grabs my hand and starts pulling me out of the Library.

"Wait! Where are we even going, it's only 9AM, where would a party even be happening!"

"Uh duh, we're going to crash a baby shower on a boat dressed as pirates, duh." She said that as if it was the most obvious thing

"Why on a boat?" I was questioning the logic behind that.

"What are you stupid, pirates were the greatest party crashers in history! It said so in partying through the ages, so if we're gonna go party crashing we're gonna do it like pros!" The ghost girl exclaimed.

A few minutes later me and Polly smashed through a wall of a sea themed baby shower dressed as pirates. Along the way we hit up a year-round costume shop. Luckily for the hostess we blended into the theme, so everyone else thought it was part of the shower. Polly and I scribbled some notes down, then we drove the boat back to school just in time for lunch. To be honest though a baby shower might not have the best place to get notes.

At lunch, after we changed out of our pirate costumes, I went to the cafeteria. I noticed Polly was already at a table with Damien, both looking a little sad.

"Yo, what's up with you two?"

"I've tried everything in my power to start a FUCKING FOOD FIGHT! But everyone's to much of a pussy to even through shit back." Damien was in fact not sad, just pissed.

"I was hoping to get a food fight started to add to my party and fun time notes"

"Well, Polly there was a Greek tactic to flash in enemy in battle, so maybe you could start a food war with that." I totally wasn't trying to get her to take her top off.

"Oz, great idea!" Polly then proceeds to whip off her tank top and bra off, thus displaying her tits to the cafeteria. Surprisingly the events then go according to plan, as the entire student body start fighting over Polly's tits. This gave Damien his food brawl, Polly some notes, and me a bloody nose and boner. I mean come on, It's the person your attracted to half naked.

While losing several pints of blood, Polly puts her shirt and bra back on while writing down some notes.

"Tits equals Mob…" She mumbles out.

'Welp, I've helped out Polly and given myself inspiration for my next chapter of dragon heat, that is a win-win Oz,' I then passed out from blood loss.

I woke up in the nurse's office an hour or two later, an IV bag inserted into my arm and a noted tapped to my chest.

Wow, Party King Oz lacks endurance?


BTW hope we can get together after u recover


'Wow, she insulted my sex drive and still wants to hang out? I am truly blessed,'

After the nurse coming back and taking the IV out, I walked into a corridor and noticed it was almost last period. 'Damn, time sure flies when you're hospitalized,". After doing a little stretching I walk over to my final period. Actual class. I yawned, "Welp, better go see if Polly actually came to class sober again."

Instead of Polly being there like I hoped, the only one from my friend group that was there was Brian and he was talking to Miranda, deciding not to be a third wheel I start scribbling out the next chapter to my fanfic and doodle me and Polly together as a couple.

'That's not creepy right?'

*Sigh* "Another 30 minutes of this shit" I was not referring to the the class, but the train wreck known as Brian's flirting. It also didn't help that he was talking to one of the most ignorant people on the planet ethier. Literally, she didn't even know what a leather daddy convention was."

NS: Don't look it up, it gets disturbing

Seeing that all of his 'subtle flirting' go over Miranda's head was quite obvious, very painful to watch. 'Why are you still trying man!' is what I so desperately wanted to shout. Eventually the bell rang letting me leave the scene of my friend trying to woo a girl.

-Later that Night-

At Oz's apartment-

I was currently watching the season finale of detective were-weasel while plotting the events of the Monster Prom party, cuz let's be honest no one else will, when I hear my phone buzz. "Did another Pokeman spawn in my bathroom?" I turned my phone over to look, but it was just Polly-Wait! It's Polly!

(Sup Ozzykins, did u recover that lost pint of blood?)

Feeling slightly embarrassed I replied with (Yeah…)

(So, I have a great idea for party research tomorrow, so meet me at the bathrooms k.)


(I mean okay)

I sat there looking at my phone, a minute passes and then my face heats up. "What does she want to do in the bath rooms!", the perverted thoughts ran through my mind, inspiring a new chapter of my Dragon Heat fic and raising my hopes that Polly was romantically interested in me.

-Polly P.O.V-

Blinking a bit, I thought about my choice of words. "I wonder if that dork thinks I gonna have sex with him?". Giggling at the thought of Oz's cute and possibly pervy reaction to my text. 'Wait, cute?'.

An: Nothing much else to say about this chapter, other than a long while without inspiration and procrastination. As always I hope you enjoyed.