"Ow!" Scarlet put down the fruit knife and left the rest of the avocado on the chopping board, as she inspected her finger. There was a narrow cut, on the soft skin that grew on her fingertip. Pink began to fill the cut, and before long blood began to ooze out.

"What happened! Who attacked! Scarlet, are you hurt?" Wolf bashed into the kitchen, teeth grinding and holding a baseball bat. He scanned the area diligently, and snuck beside Scarlet.

Scarlet turned to face him, "Wolf, nobody's here. I just accidentally cut myself. It's no big deal."

Wolf's gaze fell on scarlet's finger. His eyes widened in shock at the tiniest wound he'd ever seen in his life.

"Scarlet! Are you alright? Does it hurt? Do you need an emergency trip to the doctor? I can call the hover, even if I don't know how to, I can try!"

"Wolf, wolf! I'm fine."

Wolf whacked the avocado clean off the chopping board with his baseball bat, avoiding contact with it. "I knew these, these… what are these called again? Oh. Right. I knew these avocados weren't as capable as tomatoes!"

The half-split avocado plummeted down to the kitchen floor and splattered.

Scarlet looked unamused. Suddenly, the room began to spin. The floorboards sucked in and they fell into abyss as Scarlet screamed, lunging for Wolf. When they were whisked away, the chasm closed and everything looked like it was. Pots and pans, all where they were. With the avocado lying on the tile, of course.

The rest of the Rampion crew joined Thorne to the kitchen. He knocked in a gentlemen way, "Hey Scarlet? Is snack ready?"


He puffed and said louder, "Is snack ready? And are you okay? Coz just now I saw wolf jolting up from the couch and dashing into the kitchen like a maniac, saying 'Scarlet, Scarlet, I'm coming!'"

Nobody laughed.

"Okay! Then we're coming in!" Thorne marched in, with Cress at his side and the rest following from behind. He glanced around, but no one was in the kitchen. Cress's grip tightened around his arm. Were they kidnapped? Did they become ghosts? Well, that didn't seem possible-

Thorne could feel the avocado squishing beneath his shoe. Squirming and writhing to find a way out. His foot gave away as Thorne fell onto the floor, banging his head on the marble. Cress gasped and bolted for him.


"Oh, he's going to be fine, chill," Jacin waved Cress off, "let me do it."

Cress back away as Jacin rolled up his sleeves, revealing strong and taught muscles. He held Thorne firmly by his shoulders and shook. Thorne's head bobbed from front to back, synchronised to Jacin's constant shaking. Cress flinched, but held her gaze towards Thorne.

"See? It's working." Jacin pulled away, leaving Thorne on the floor, his hand rubbing against his forehead.

"Did I just crash because I stepped on an avocado?"

"Yup!" Iko chipped in, "You did, and Cress was so worried! Sobbing and crying over you."

"That's not true." Cress confessed.

"It isn't?" Thorne staggered up, and Cress smiled shyly. He pulled Cress in, leaning forward for a kiss.

"No time for romance, love birds, we need to find Wolf and Scarlet!" Cinder glared, immediately separating Thorne and Cress. They exchanged looks.

"Where are they anyways?" Cress asked.

"Well, at least there won't be a mental Wolf strangling you this time, and they'd enjoy the nice and private moment." Jacin shrugged.

Winter giggled.

The rest of them rolled their eyes.

"Whatever! Maybe Wolf just took Scarlet out for a stroll without us noticing."

"Um, guys? I feel like something's not right. I feel so… dizzy," Cress said, leaning on Thorne. "Please tell me it's only me that's feeling this!"

But it wasn't. Before long, everyone was swooning against their wills at the strong force. The floorboards popped off trying to withstand the gusts of gale, and everyone fell into the what that seemed like an endless chasm.