Scarlet was woken up by Thorne. Thorne's expression was filled with fear and desperation, and they were making her skin crawl. She forced herself to sit up and asked, "Where's Wolf?"

"I'm Wolf!" Thorne was shocked.

"You're Thorne, Captain Carswell Thorne."

He was even more bewildered now. "No no no! I'm Wolf, and where's Scarlet?"

Scarlet gaped at him. "I'm Scarlet!"

"What?" He shook his head, "But you're Cress! What are you talking about? Where's my alpha?"

"When did you start using the word 'alpha'?"

"I've always been using it! Unless… We… we've swapped identities?"

"Thorne. Are you going crazy? Where's Cress anyways? You must've been busy in search of her, and thought that I was Cress. Where are we?" Scarlet observed their environment. There were tall trees with lush green leaves. The air was misty, like filled with dust that could choke her lungs.

"Then where's the actual Thorne and Cress?"

"Thorne! First of all, I have no idea what you're talking about, and second-"

A shadow emerged from the fog. Scarlet's eyes narrowed, and Thorne, beside her, crouched low and growled.

It was Wolf! Every scar and hair, in the same spot when he smashed the avocado. Scarlet beamed. She sprinted for him, unusually tiring, like her legs weren't long enough, but it didn't matter when they collided like shooting stars, as Wolf caressed her cheeks, brushing off the dirt.

"Darling, you're still as beautiful as ever." Scarlet cringed. That was not what Wolf usually say.


"Wolf?" Wolf repeated, "I'm not Wolf, I'm Thorne! How could I be Wolf, when I'm so dreadingly more charming?"

Scarlet whipped her head back and forth at them.

"Wha- Who's that?" Wolf pointed at Thorne. "Isn't that… isn't that me?"

Thorne looked heartbroken altogether. And Wolf looked silly. Over Wolf's shoulder, Scarlet could see another figure coming into sight. She had red curls, a hoodie and leather boots. Wasn't that… her?

Suddenly she understood. They were somehow… they… they swapped identities! No wonder! Wolf looked like Thorne, and Thorne looks like Wolf, she looked like Cress, and Cress looked like her. But where were the rest of the crew?

"Listen, Thorne!" She hissed, "We've swapped identities, and I'm not your darling Cress. That's your Cress." Scarlet gestured at the same copy of herself.

"Huh?" Thorne began, but Scarlet ushered him off and darted back to Wolf herself.