Sorry I haven't updated in so long! Anyways, here is the new chapter. It's a little short though.

"EAT THE CORRECT CHEETOH, OR DIE," the voice repeated for the 347 time.

"But all of them look the same… " Cress (Scarlet) moaned.

"Wait, I smell something," Wolf (Thorne) sniffed the air. "Cheddar cheese, extra cheese, chicken, avocado, salt, sour cream and onion flavoured cheetos."

"Wait, I thought there was only one cheetoh flavour," Iko the emperor said. "Looks like they had new editions, buy me a pack of salt flavoured ones, servant!"

Iko the emperor waved her arm in the air, signaling an inexistent servant to bring her cheetos.

"So what are we supposed to do?" Scarlet (Cress) asked.

"Well I dunno," Iko the emperor said, sipping invisible tea.

"We'll have to teach Thorne how to smell the right cheetoh," Cress (Scarlet) said, "there's no other way!"

"What, me?!" Wolf (Thorne) shrieked.

"Yes you, idiot," Cress (Scarlet) said, "your the only one with stupid superb smelling powers or something like that. Whatever."

"I think you have to choose the chicken flavoured one. After all, this journey is all about defeating a chicken… right?" Scarlet (Cress) suggested.

"Yes, but is that a sour cream and onion flavoured cheeto? I want to try it," Wolf (Thorne) said, reaching for the fourth plate.

"No!" Cress (Scarlet) slapped his hand away. "One mistake and we all die, you idiot! The prophecy made it clear that this is YOUR WEAKNESS! You can't even hold yourself back! Our aim, is the chicken-flavoured cheetos! If you try every single one of the cheetos, then that's maiming!"

"Hey guys, should we try the avocado flavored one? I mean, the whole thing started with an avocado..." Thorne (Wolf) shrugged, then immediately covered his mouth in realization of how much he sounded like Thorne.

"We need to… um, make, a choice, before it's too late! The game was programmed to kick us out!" Cress (Scarlet) said, struggling to sound like herself, with all the programming stuff.


"Is that a chicken?" said Jacin (Cinder) jabbed her finger at the screen.

Cinder (Jacin) and Winter swiveled towards it. "I think so… but isn't it supposed to be a dragon instead of a chicken?"

"Maybe dragons come from chickens. Or maybe it's the other way around," Cinder (Jacin) guessed.

"Search it up! You have my computer inside of you, idiot!" Jacin (Cinder) urged. Cinder (Jacin) shot him (or her) a glare.

"Uh, apparently they don't come from dragons, because dragons are fictitious," Cinder (Jacin) squinted, unable to define the word. "But over time, dinosaurs have… evolved into chickens… so unless dinosaurs come from dragons-"

Winter suddenly collapsed on the ground, hysterically shaking with laughter.

"Are you okay? Is it another illusion?" Cinder (Jacin) said, super concerned.

"Look at the screen! Apparently chickens like blains!" Winter giggled.

Cinder (Jacin) smiled. (WOW! He actually has emotion!?) Figures appeared on the screen. A girl with fiery hair was standing the the middle, and the rest were around her. She seemed to be explaining something, but didn't quite have the courage to be in the spotlight.

Jacin (Cinder) knit his eyebrows. Why do those people look so familiar?

"Look! Scarlet is in the screen!" Winter laughed, then pointed at several other figures, "look, that's Wolf, that's Thorne, that's Cress, that's Kai, and that's Iko! They're all there!"

Cinder (Jacin) swiveled towards the screen, the smile wiped out of her face. "What the-"

"What the hell are they doing?" Jacin (Cinder) scooted closer.

The image flashed into the next scene. All of them were gathered around a makeup table, with exactly six spotless plates, each with a cheetoh on top, neatly placed.

"They're eating Cheetos for dinner, yay!" Winter clapped, very amused.

Jacin (Cinder) meanwhile was actually doing something productive and trying to decipher the words on the makeup table, even though it was difficult without her robotic brain.

"I think they're trying to eat a cheeto, but it has to be the right cheeto," Jacin (Cinder) said, but neither of the two heard him.

"Okay, so teach me how to smell the right cheeto!" Wolf (Thorne) said.

"Smell for it," Thorne (Wolf) shrugged.

"Is there like, a more specific explanation?" Wolf (Thorne) asked impatiently.

"No. Just smell them one by one."

"Okay… ?" Wolf (Thorne) held up a plate. He put his nose next to it, sniffed, then exhaled. "Hmm~! Avocado! Can I eat this? I found the most delicious!"

Cress (Scarlet) slapped his hand away. "Don't you dare… "

"Okay okay! Jeez, chill, I was testing you!" Wolf (Thorne) began sniffing the other plates of cheetos. His nose stopped on the last plate, hovering about it in perfect elegance (as elegant as a half-wolf can be anyways).