Disclaimer: I don't own MOTHER/Earthbound and its characters. This story also takes place in my AU.



It was a beautiful night.

The stars were bright.

In fact, it was the most peaceful night on that day.

Lucas and Claus took a stroll through the town.

Not that much people were around though, as everyone else went to bed.

"How come no one is out on a beautiful and peaceful night out like this?", Lucas asked.

"Maybe they thought it's too scary to go out at night.", Claus playfully joke.

The younger twin started to worry if that's true.

The older twin saw his worried expression, then said, "I was just joking Lucas! It's not like this is happening on someone's funeral."

Silence came.

After a few minutes of silence, Lucas began to sigh. "I'm just sad that no one else decided to check out this beautiful night."

Earlier when the twin's bedtime came, Claus looked outside, seeing the shiny bright stars. They weren't that shiny and bright before, so he told Lucas to sneak out with him to see it.

As time went on, they both enjoyed the beauty and peace surrounding them.

The street lights were on, as they began to hear snoozing coming inside every home.

Owls hooting, fireflies flying, everything just seems so peaceful.

Lucas began to look up at the bright stars. Each shimmering and brightening up the night sky.

Claus looked at him and smiled. "Enjoying the night Lukey?"

"Yep!" He gave his brother a happy nod, showing a very cute cat face shortly after.

Claus chuckled a little. "You make sure that you better not stop being cute~"

"I'll make sure!"



Both looked at each other, before laughing in how much fun they're having.

The two continue to take a stroll down town.

They reached a part of the town. A cliff.

Both Lucas and Claus went close to the cliff, as they started to sit down on the grass.

Each twin gazing their eyes upon the starry night, seeing on how its beauty and peace came to be.

Claus looked at Lucas, before gently grabbing his hand. Holding it gently for the cute blonde.

Lucas looked back at Claus, and smiled. Next, he started to rest on his older brother's side.

With that, the older twin put his arm around the younger's waist. "I could watch this all night~"

The blonde cuddled up more, saying, "It's more fun to watch when you're here beside me~"

"It's fun with you as well, my cute and sweet Lucas."

The twins continued to gaze up at the stars.

They watched the stars together.

Lucas started to feel sleepy, as he began to yawn to show it.

Claus could tell that they should get back home because of this. He slowly got up.

His brother tried to get up, but he was too tired.

"Let me carry you." The older twin carried the younger, bridal style, and carried him back. Then he planted a kiss on the blonde's forehead. "I love you Lucas."

"I love you too Claus...", Lucas muttered, before shutting his eyes to sleep.