I'm back and i wonder how bad i will butcher this story so much. So this will start one shot unless you want more. So LET'S GO!

Akira sat in class bored out of his mind. It was time for a new school year and he was hoping for a normal year this time. Ann sat in front of him and it was clear that she was bored as well. His phone vibrated and he observed the group chat.

Then the door opened and Ms Kawakami walked in with a new student behind her. He was tall and his eyes were covered by the glare of the sun glistening off of him.

"Class we have a new student this year, care to introduce yourself?" she asked. The student bowed.

"My name is Sakamoto and i am pleased to attend this academy." He said bowing.

Most of the girls took interest in him. Akira could understand why. He had a sense of stye that showed in everything he did.

"Are him and ryuji related" "No way in hell, not to him." "This is the better Sakamoto" The murmurs in class said. The guys on the other hand felt threatened.

"Here you can take my seat." the guy behind Akira replied. Sakamoto walked and went to sit down. Suddenly a grin of deceit formed on the student as he pulled away the chair to cause the new student to fall. But to the surprise of everyone he stayed in the seated position without the chair.

"It is all good to maintain a good stance in a class setting." he replied.

The class went crazy. The previous student just sat down on the floor knowing he lost his seat forever.

"Settle down now. Lets get on with the lesson"


"No way i never even heard of the guy!" Ryuji said. "Besides, my last name is Sakamoto and that's his first name."

"Still, that was insane what he did." Ann said as the two were walking home.

"What you in love with him or something?" Ryuji asked. Ann looked shocked

"Idiot. No, i don't think he is my type". She said

As they walked to the subway they happened to pass by the tall student.

"Oh hey Sakamoto what you doing out here?"

Sakamoto glanced around. "I haven't been on a subway this crowded before, so i'm adapting to the environment."

Ryuji scoffed. "Who hasn't been on a subway before you just ride and fit in it's no big deal." he said as they entered into the packed car.

"I understand now." he said as he reached for center pole. Ann and Ryuji sat down near him. As the doors closed Sakamoto started to move around the pole.

"Just stand still dude." Ryuji said. Sakamoto kept moving around showing off.

"Look at that!" "He is SO HOT!" "Look at him go!"

Voices filed the car as everyone backed off from where sakamoto is twirling.

"What the hell is happening?" Ryuji asked. Ann thought for a moment before it dawned on her. "He is making space for himself, see how everyone has backed off from where he was standing."

Ryuji took notice as a circle form by adoring fans gave him space for him to use the pole. It was on when the train arrived at their destination that he walked away.

"I have to note of that technique for later" Sakamoto said as he walked away from the 2.

"What the EFF just HAPPENED!"

So… i call dibs on the first story from this category. Persona and Havent you heard i'm Sakamoto. Lol. If you really want more let me know.