Hi everyone! I have a lot of story ideas for Conan and the gang, and these ideas have been in my head for a long time. Though, due to school and classes and most of my time dedicated to studying, I may have to wait till my vacation to even write out a page of any of these (unless I really write it cause it won't leave me.)

As the title says, this is the place I put down my mess of story summaries. When an idea gets in my head, this is where I will share it. Since I can't write it down, feel free to tell me what you think of my random stories inspired by other shows and such. Also, I am not sure if these ideas were thought of already or not, if so, mind pointing me in the right direction so I could see the story similar to my idea? Whether a oneshot or multi-chapter story, I'll be adding them all here and updating the list with each new addition. Anyway enough rambling, here is my format for how I sort out my ideas:

Title: Name Of The Story

Type: Whether it's a story, poetry, drabble, etc.

Summary: Little summary about the story as a whole.

Idea: Main Idea of what it's about.

Sub-Ideas: Many ideas that go along with the story or considered to be added in.

Date: Whenever I post the story to this site.



Title: There - Read On Chapter 2




I doubted you were there, that you didn't support me, and yet you were always there close by.

A character reflecting on a revelation just learned.


Secrets are hard to keep...

Shared Originally: November 15, 2018?


January 8, 2022



Title: To Start Over - Read On Chapter 3

Type: Story

Summary: They were tired. They needed a plan, an escape, a way out. Then, an opportunity presented itself and so the two found a way to start over.

Look for the rest in Part 3 at the bottom of the story.

Idea: Shinichi and Shiho haven't aged a day + Time Travel.

Shared Originally: November 22, 2018?

Date: January 12, 2022



Story Title: Awake - Read On Chapter 4

Type: Story

Summary: He was always Awake, never asleep. Even in his sleep, he was wide awake elsewhere. In one, he was Conan, living with Ran who survived the accident. In the other, he is Shinichi, living with Haibara and going about life. Both equally painful lives, which one is correct and which one is fake? Until he decides, his life remains in an ever-wavering dream.

Idea: (Based on an old TV show where a father got into an accident and was living a different alternate reality of life. In one his wife survived and in the other, his son survived. I never finished it, but the story popped back into my head one day and I decided to just type it down.)

Sub-idea: Cause I thought it would be a cool idea, also to put our Detective in a tough spot to make a decision.

- Shinichi (still Conan) along with Ran, Kogoro, and Haibara Ai were in a car accident. This was supposed to be the last time they would be together as their child personas for the Black Organization was no more... or so they thought.

- In one reality, Shinichi was able to take the antidote in order to save everyone. In another, he lost the antidote to the car fire and did his best to save everyone from the car.

- Reality 1: Shinichi and Haibara live together.

- Reality 2: Ran and Conan in live together still.

- Haibara's work was lost in both cases because she chose to remain young instead and live life over again with a new goal of life. She could try to remake the drug again, but there isn't much of a point in Reality 1. (Yeah, she decided to erase all traces of the drug after this last trip with the Mouri family. She did not give any copy to the FBI and she didn't make a backup.)

- Reality 2: Conan cannot get back to being Shinichi since the research died with her in the car accident fire, and Haibara's loss had a great effect on everyone.

- A little romantic but not a big focus in the story.


Shared Originally: April 29, 2019?

Date: January 14, 2022



Title: My "Secret" Is Out And It's All Heiji's Fault - Read On Chapter 5

Type: Story

Summary: Out of all the ways for his "Secret" to get out, he never thought it would happen this way. "I blame Heiji for calling me Kudo so much. But this story is just too ridiculous."

Idea: Heiji has called Conan Kudo quite a lot, it's a wonder no one hasn't caught on.

Sub-Ideas: Heiji was at another Kid Heist and kept messing up by calling Conan, Kudo.

- A Reporter or Camera person who wasn't live caught their conversation and noticed Hattori Heiji calling the KID Killer, Kudo.

- The person thinks nothing of it at first, but the more the person thinks about it, the more the person dive into the topic with a good friend who works for a tabloid.

- The Tabloid Friend dives into this topic too and things get out of hand, result, they both publish an article about the Kudos.

- Result: Conan is now bombarded with people about hounding him for his "secret," now disturbing the Mouri Family and reporters trying to hunt down his own parents.


Shared Originally: August 21, 2021

Date: January 17, 2022



Title: The Misconceptions About His Glasses - Read On Chapter 6

Type: Story - Oneshot

Summary: Everyone who was close to Conan knew his thick glasses were fake, but never said anything about it. But oh look, someone committed a crime in front of the boy when his glasses were off. Did they really think he wouldn't be able to identify his face?

Idea: From personal experience with people I know who can't see my face from a few feet without their glasses on.

Sub-Ideas: The culprit committed a crime of some sort, no specifics what.

- First part talks about what life with blurry eyes looks like.

- Second part talks about Conan's second hand experience, mostly through word of mouth and trying on real thick prescription glasses.

- Third part talks about the criminal who believes him to be totally blind, possibly from media portraying the total dependency of those who can't see well or maybe from people the culprit knew personally.

- Last part shows how he is able to testify to the crime's of the culprit and the utter disbelief that the culprit's ideas about those with glasses was false.


Shared Originally: February 11, 2022

Date: February 11, 2022



Title: The Fish Is To Blame - Read On Chapter 7

Type: Story

Summary: We all know Kaito has ichthyophobia, a fear of fish. But what in the world caused this to happen? Perhaps, the reason is more simpler than we think.

Idea: A story to show the reason for Kaito's fear. Inspired by the Japanese reality TV Show はじめてのおつかい - Hajimete no Otsukai (First Errand) or as Netflix calls it, Old Enough.

Sub-Ideas: Baby Kaito running errands for his parents.

- Refer to the Detective Conan episode where they have that errand competition. (Ep. 59: "The First Errand Murder Case")

- Kaito was a participant in this contest at the age of 4, he's been running errands for his parents since he was 2.

- One of Kaito's main items was to deliver fish on his list and have it prepared by the fishmongers to be sashimi and deliver it back.

- Kaito has never actually seen how the fish is prepared, Chikage or Toichi always bought it as slices, so seeing it for the first time scared him.

- .

Date: April 13, 2022



Title: The Mistakes That Have Become Undone - Read On Chapter 8

Type: Story - Multi Chapter - BUT Keeping This A One Shot

Summary: Her mom told her it was déjà vu, a feeling that you've been there when you've never been at all. But Mouri Ran knew better. Her mom and dad would never understand. She had been in that place before, a few times over already. She had lived and relieved the same moment over and over. When she finally did the right thing, they all could finally leave.

Idea: Detective Conan x Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) Crossover? AU? Taking Detective Conan and telling the story with Erased elements.

Sub-Ideas: Look For Rest In Chapter 8

- .

Date: July 8, 2022



Title: That One Weakness - Read On Chapter 9

Type: Story

Summary: Ayumi always admired Conan. He's clever, he's intelligent, and most of all, he's brave in the face of danger. Was there nothing that could ever get him down? Apparently, there was just one thing and Ayumi was about to find out in the most unexpected way.

Idea: Based on the story that the manga spine tells. A story to show the reason for Conan/Shinichi's fear.

Sub-Ideas: Conan's dealing with an irrational fear.

- Refer to the Manga Spines on Books 22 to 35 (Explanation At The Bottom)

- Bugs and Arachnids warning.

- .

Date: October 18, 2022



Title: Meeting Your Past - Read On Chapter 10 & Chapter 14

Type: Story (One Shot)

Summary: "No way you're my future self." The preschooler glared as he scrutinized the taller boy.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I am." He sighed.

"You're lying, I already saw you together with them. There's no way we didn't grow up to be as tall as Mouri-chan and Suzuki-san." The preschooler crossed his arms.

"Can't you just listen to me? It's more complicated than that." His eye was beginning to twitch..

Idea: Based on fan art that just love to put all the ages and forms of one character into a single picture.

Sub-Ideas: Sort Of Time Travel But Not Really AU

-First Part: Explanation of how the phenomenon came to be.

-Next Part: Meeting The Current Self

-Main Focus: Edogawa Conan meets his past… Literally.


Date: February 20, 2023



Title: A Scam For A Scam For A Scam - Read On Chapter 11

Type: Story Idea

Summary: "So let me get this straight, you want my help to scam a scammer who is scamming a scammer?" Or Someone seeks Conan's help because he's the perfect one to help fit a role. Unfortunately it won't be easy and there's no way he'd agree to this right?

Idea: Triple Scamming

Sub-Ideas: The layers of plans gone wrong...

Date: April 1, 2023



Title: Ascertaining Observations - Read On Chapter 12

Type: Story - One Shot

Summary: A quiet whisper echoes through his room, "Kudo-kun." Then the hand leaves and the small clatter of slippers grows quieter until it's heard no longer.

"Kudo-kun." He dwells on that name, his last thought before sleeping once more, "That's my name?"

Idea: Conan's got amnesia, but that doesn't stop him from solving mysteries.

Sub-Ideas: Check Summary Of Events After The End OF The Story

Date: May 8, 2023



Title: All For Naught - Read On Chapter 13

Type: Story - Drabble - 100 Words

Summary: There is a reason that Kaito's searches have been fruitless for the past two years.

Date: June 1, 2023



Story Title: No Title

Type: Story

Summary: None Yet

Idea: APTX4869 prevented the body from aging. After the takedown of the B.O. Haibara was able to create an antidote to restore Conan to his former self. But due to the massive amounts of test antidotes he has taken, there was a side effect, but not totally a bad one. Instead of not being able to age at all, his aging growth had slowed down. It wasn't noticeable at first, but after age 22, it was noticeable that Ran was looking much older than Shinichi did. For now, they could pass it off as good skin care and a baby face completion. But 10 years later, he would begin to experience problems because he still looked like a young teen (esp with the Shounen Tantei.)

Sub-Ideas: The girls who fell in love with him in past cases as Conan were looking for him to declare their love. They just happened to come all on the same day. What problems await Shinichi?

- Find Info For All girls who crushed on Conan in canon and non-canon


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Story Title: Act Your Age

Type: Story

Summary: (Point of View: Mitsuhiko) Something must be wrong with Conan-kun if he actually wants to act his physical age right? He's more mature than any of us, well with the exception of Haibara-san who is so wonderfully and naturally mature. But this is the first time he has been willing to do something so normal for all the other children but not for Conan-kun. Just why?

Idea: Basically, Conan is fed up, tired, and is annoyed with his status. He decides to just let go and be how everyone expects him to be. But in the process, he finds that having to enjoy being 6/7 is not so bad.


-Learning to take advantage of the opportunities of being young.

- Free Goodies

- Seeing things you miss as an adult

- Quality Time with Detective Boys on their level

(No clear format for this idea, but just leaving it here just in case)


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Story Title: Living A Lifetime

Type: Story

Summary: None Yet

Idea: (From A Korean Drama I Watched) Forever growing older but slowly aging vs. reliving the cycle of growing up over and over again.

Sub-Ideas: Idea basically came from the way the animators just can't ever get his height just right. It's like he is shrinking even more and getting shorter and shorter. Yeah random. Lol

- After getting Pandora destroyed, Kaito basically was affected and so begins his cycle of living life over and over.

- Conan and Ai, the antidote was lost and no hope of aging forward 10 years up again. They must wait in the cycle of natural growth. But while Haibara ages forwards, Conan ages backward due to the massive amount of side antidotes. (Pandora involvement most likely or the drug itself).


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Story Title: I Saw It On TV

Type: Story

Summary: "Hey Conan-kun, you're so smart! Where did you learn about that?" Ayumi asked while in awe of his intelligence. "Oh, I saw it on TV," Conan responded. Ran looked at the group as they continued to converse. She always knew Conan was so bright and knowledgeable, but only now did she really think, 'What kind of programs does he watch?'

Idea: Everyone always took Conan's word for his explanation he saw it on TV. But it made Ran wonder one day what programs he has been watching. So she investigates, channel surfs, and research the kinds of possible candidates Conan has been watching.


- Documentaries, News, Educational Cartoons, American Educational Programs, etc.

- Internet, Websites


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Story Title: Teitan Elementary Cases

Type: Story

Summary: Conan doesn't seem to get a break, cases appear whether he is out or even when he is at home. Often he is praised, mentioned, or dreaded on cases with Kogoro, the police or even the Shounen Tantei come across in town or outside prefectures. But what about the Elementary Detective Agency? Here will be a compilation of those unmentioned cases.

Idea: We don't really get to see Conan's life as an elementary schooler as much as we want to, so why not cover the cases he likes to talk about the least.

Sub-Ideas: I just want to see some really cute type cases as well as cases where Conan deals with a culprit that isn't as calculating (like that one episode where the guy buried the Jewels under the house following the book mystery. I forgot what number that was.)

- The Cases Of The Shounen Tantei that are not just about finding lost animals.

- The mystery of the lost video game (Conan uses this as a teaching moment for the DB children to practice their observational skills.


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Story Title: Memories Of A Lifetime Ago

Type: Story


Idea: It's been years since the fall of the organization. Everyone has moved on with their lives, peaceful days but certainly not uneventful. Life has moved on and so has Shinichi until he fell into a Coma for xx years. He wakes to find a world he does not understand any longer, for his memories come halting to a time he was still Conan. Also, he gets to fall in love with Ran all over again.


- Shinichi has struggle adjusting to the life built with Ran and his children who are high schoolers.

- Reliving the guilt and pains of his kept secrets from Ran, even though she long since forgiven him.


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Story Title: When Mothers Meet

Type: Story

Summary: We usually focus on what the children do during mysteries and their daily lives, but what about the mothers? What kinds of conversations do they have about the problems of raising their children... (Make a better summary.)

Idea: A story focusing on the mothers of the DCMK world. What kind of conversations do they have? More so focused on Yukiko and Chikage.

Sub-idea: To make a story showing the mothers and their friendships with each other behind the scenes.


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Story Title: Return Of Superman - Detectives & Magicians Edition

Type: Story

Summary: Okay everyone, this is the pilot episode for the most popular family show that started in Korea, The Return Of Superman. I do hope we get to see some great things from you all and this will hopefully be the best since you are all really famous families. As much as possible we will be getting you on your off days so do your best everyone! For a full 48 hours, you're all left alone with the children. (Figure out how to shorten summary.)

Idea: (Based On The Korean Series "The Return Of Superman" where fathers take care of their children by themselves for 48 hours.)

Sub-Idea: Because I just want to have some fun writing family and children antics with the Gosho boys and whoever else may have a child in the future from Detective Conan. XD

- Shinichi and Ran have twins, a boy named Conan because you know why. (^^) The other named (Edit later but I was thinking Saki meaning blossom of hope.)

- Heiji and Kazuha have 3 children, even though Shinichi & Ran did a double wedding with them, they were blessed with children so soon. Two girls and a boy.

- Kaito and Aoko have a little boy and are expecting another boy. Kaito wants a girl though. XD

- Shiho and Sugaru or Shiho and Higo got together. I Haven't decided yet.

- Sera and Eisuke hit it off and have a child of their own. Yep, the wild card pairing. Single child, I haven't decided yet.


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Now if any of you like these ideas for fictions, by all means, feel free to use them. All I ask is you just let me know if you do use it, cause I'd like to read your take on the my story idea. A lot of these ideas were just the spur of the moment and I had to get it down to paper. Some may seem a bit dull while others exciting, still I put all the ideas down regardless just to see if maybe they will become something better or not.

Repeating it here on the bottom so, I am not sure if these ideas were thought of already or not. If similar ideas were already used, mind pointing me in the right direction to read it? You know, mention the author or title in the comments cause I'm curious.

If and when I do write any of these stories, be sure to keep an eye out for it. ;D Oh and thank you so much for viewing my little bundle of ideas, I hope you enjoyed!