So I completely forgot I had a few more things written for this over on Chapter 10, "Meeting Your Past." It's nothing really big, just some small snippets and looks at how a few others react to meeting their past, plus their similarities or differences. Again, it's only some things I left out since it didn't fit, but at the same time, there isn't much here. But here you go, enjoy!

Title: Meeting Your Past - Snippets & Looks At Other People's Reactions

Date: June 8, 2023

Note: On Suzuki Sonoko's Part - Refers To Episode 982 983 The Scarlet School Trip



There were a lot of things people could say about their coworker and higher up Organization member, Gin. He was cold, ruthless, loyal to a fault, and most of all, he's good at what he does. There were also things one could say about the man they knew as Gin, he was forgetful about pretty much anything that didn't have to do with work and forgetful once the person that was offed was no more. These were the qualities that they knew of the man, a 24/7 loyally work-minded man who was good at moving on. Well, they would get a surprise on a break when for the first time, he was meeting his younger self. Gin was resting on a couch in their break room when right in front of him the boy popped up.

It was interesting, they both stared at each other and then Gin patted the chair inviting the boy to sit. The boy simply obeyed, not much complaint or care about his situation.

The people noted that he and Gin did not change. They had their sharp yet sleepy eyes, long golden hair which looked silver sometimes when the light hit it just right, and the boys both seemed to have a no care attitude. Vermouth was quite amused at the lack of change between the two. Vodka could only fuss that this would probably ruin their plans for a mission later. Gin, he could care less.

The boy was quiet, wasn't much of a talker, though he was observant and thinking a lot. They guessed Gin was more quieter back then.

This was going to be an interesting 24 hours or longer, depending on when the boy disappears back to the past.



Hattori Heiji was many things, smart and hot headed, wearing his heart on his sleeves, expect when it came to his feelings for Kazuha. But to think his younger self would be the one to propose to Kazuha, declare his love before he even got a chance? Now that was the most embarrassing proposal to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Apparently his younger self's logic was this:

"S'not like I'll remember anything when I get back, so I'm going to go all out! She'll won't know anything until later anyway."

How embarrassing.



When Suzuki Sonoko was 9, she experienced her first disappearance from her time. She often wondered when and where she went, also what she did in that year. Though, she was upset it happened at that moment because she was right in the middle of pushing Ran-chan and Shinichi-kun to get together because the detective, soccer geek had been ignoring her best friend lately.

But now she wasn't so mad cause the moment she disappeared is the moment that she and her older self would witness something rather intimate between her two friends. When she appeared right in front of her older self, she noticed her and other classmates excitedly gazing at something right behind her. So, she turned around, and there she did see two familiar but definitely older figures. There, standing on the deck of a temple, she believed was located in Kyoto, is the detective geek Shinichi and her best friend Ran who decided to take the initiative and pull in Shinichi for a kiss first. Both Suzuki girls squeaked in delight before the older girl noticed her younger self. The two simply snickered at each other, sending each other signs of approval at what had just transpired before the teacher came over to talk with her and the newest addition to the school's party. They sulked that they couldn't follow the two, but she was definitely grilling Ran later.

When they finally got back to Beika-cho, had little Sonoko say hi to the family again, and finally got together with Ran, they grilled her about her personal moment with Shinichi. Over the rest of the few days that the tiny heiress was around, they did all they could to make her blush and admit to a "wedding" and that Shinichi is her "husband." Somehow, they were even able to give the chibi brat, Conan, 2nd hand embarrassment and a beet red face. Anything to annoy him was a plus in her book. Her small self did mention that while hanging out with his kiddie group, that he reminded her of a small Shinichi. They soon questioned if that was actually him from the past too. Though they never got any proof, so that was a dead end.

Overall, Sonoko enjoyed every experience with her 9-year-old self, the perfect shopping companion, and best 2nd voice to her thoughts and teasing.


So yep, this is what I had? If there's anything you want to know more about, feel free to let me know in the comments. As always, thank you so much for reading! :D