A/N – The season 2 finale was quite the roller coaster, but seeing Wyatt and Lucy emerge from the improved Lifeboat made me love the episode. It meant Lyatt were together and totally badass. Seeing Lucy looking like Sarah Conner in Terminator 2 was fantastic. The episode left so many possibilities of story lines. How do they get Rufus back? What happened to Flynn, Jiya, Christopher, Mason? How to deal with the interaction between present and future Lucy and Wyatt. Is Rittenhouse being run by Emma? And many more.

Here is one story focused on getting Rufus back with the interaction of present and future Lyatt. This is just a short prologue to get us started. Much more to come. Please let me know what you think. I don't own Timeless.


"What are you waiting for?"

"Do you want to get Rufus back, or what?"

Lucy stared at her future self. Was that really her? She glanced over at Wyatt. He was wondering if his future self was really him. They knew how to pilot the Lifeboat? I thought we couldn't go back into the same time we were already in? What's changed?

Future Lucy and Wyatt descended the stairs. It was weird seeing themselves as they were during this awkward time, trying to figure out their relationship. Future Wyatt was hoping that present Wyatt could see that he and future Lucy were together to give him hope. Future Lucy looked at her past self and noticed and remembered the hurt and confusion she felt toward Wyatt. She never stopped loving him but his rejection of her for his imposter of a wife hurt deeply, more than what she was willing to admit. She had to keep up her brave face because she loved him and wanted him to be happy, even at her own expense. Future Lucy also hoped that her past self would realize that Wyatt really did love her and wanted to be hers and that it would be worth the effort. She knew how screwed up Wyatt was at this time in his life and how he almost always made the wrong decisions and wrong comments concerning her. She wanted her to know that when he finally declared his love for her that it was the turning point in their relationship, never to return to the mixed up mess it was before. He had given himself to her… she just had to accept him. For she knew in her heart that she had given herself to him long before Hollywoodland. Finally present Lucy got up the courage to speak.

"What do we need to do to get Rufus back?"

Future Wyatt smiled at her. That was his Lucy speaking…..the one that never lost sight of the goal.

"All in good time, Lucy. The first thing we have to do is get your sister back."

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