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Chapter 9

Santa Fe New Mexico

Rittenhouse Headquarters – One day later

Carol and Nicholas entered the conference room that was currently empty except for some light refreshments on a side table. Nicholas took a bottle of water before offering one to Carol. She declined. The room was in the basement of the building so there were no windows. It was the perfect place for a meeting without prying eyes. A minute later the door burst open allowing three new entrants. Mr. Brown, Mr. Jones and Colonel Smith entered the room. Mr. Brown and Mr. Jones were members of the council along with Carol and Nicholas. They took seats around the table.

"We're glad you are back among the living," Mr. Brown said.

"So are we," Carol responded. "What has happened since we've been gone?"

"Unfortunately we have not had much success with the sleeper cells we placed at key times in history. It seems that we are foiled at every turn." Mr. Jones said.

Nicholas said "My plan was all set up. Everything was in place." He scowled at them. "What are you doing wrong?"

Carol put a comforting hand on Nicholas' arm. "We weren't expecting the interference we've been getting from Mason industries and the government."

"Didn't you plan for that?" Surely you didn't expect smooth sailing and that there would be no pushback." Mr. Jones asked.

"Of course we planned for obstacles. We thought we eliminated Mason industries with the explosion." Carol said.

Nicholas said "Lucy was also supposed to be on board helping us. We should have killed her when we had the chance."

Carol said "You're sounding like the woman you're sleeping with. Don't forget she's family and Rittenhouse. Emma has blown more than one mission."

"Enough!" Mr. Brown shouted. "No more excuses. The plan is still a good one. We need to implement it successfully and that means getting rid of the interference. How do we get rid of Mason Industries and their Lifeboat once and for all?"

Colonel Smith spoke up. "We have some disturbing news on that front. It seems that they have been able to improve the Lifeboat and improve its ability to recharge. It was able to make two trips in a very short period of time. They were also able to get both their pilots back."

"That is disturbing," said Mr. Brown.

"One thing we need to do is get another pilot trained right away. How is Jessica doing with that, by the way?" Mr. Jones asked.

"She's catching on quickly. The improved education we gave her really helped."

"Since we can go back in time whenever we want, let's bide our time for a few weeks until Jessica is trained. We'll just monitor what Mason Industries is doing to see if we need to interfere with them for a change." Mr. Brown said.

"I think that is a good idea. It will also give us time in coming up with a new plan to do away with Mason Industries." Mr. Jones said.

"Any comments or concerns, Carol?" Mr. Brown asked.

"Emma says that she thinks they are trying to bring back Amy, Lucy's sister." Carol answered.

"Is that a problem is they succeed?" Mr. Brown asked.

"I took Amy away from Lucy so she would concentrate on Rittenhouse activities." Carol answered.

"But that didn't work, did it Carol?" Colonel Smith asked.

"Unfortunately no." Carol answered.

"Well then, why not let them get her back? Mr. Brown asked. "If they do, maybe we can use her instead of Lucy."

Carol shook her head. "I don't like that idea. Besides they are going to have a very difficult time pulling that off."

"Oh? Why is that?" Mr. Jones asked.

"They don't know when she was conceived like I do. It would take a lot of time and they would need to be very lucky." Carol answered.

"But why don't you like the idea? Mr. Jones asked again.

"In the original time line I was very sick with cancer. I don't want that to happen again." Carol said.

"Well then…if they do succeed, we can use modern medicine to prevent you from getting sick. I, for one, don't see a problem with Amy coming back. She may be useful to us and help us bring Lucy into the fold." Mr. Jones added.

"I agree," said Mr. Brown. "We'll take this to the council, but I'm sure they'll agree. Let them try to bring Amy back. It'll keep them preoccupied while we work on our training and plans. If they succeed, then we'll use her to get Lucy."


Bunker San Francisco 2018

After spending several hours working on a plan to bring back Amy, a two pronged approach was decided upon. One team would go to Stanford and the other team would go to New York City. It remained to be decided which team would go where, only that Jiya and Rufus would go with Present Lucy and Wyatt. Jiya and Rufus really wanted to go for a romantic time in New York City. It was too bad they couldn't hack into internet to make a hotel reservation where the conference was taking place as that technology wasn't available in 1992. Hopefully, finding a nearby hotel room or two wouldn't be an issue. Denise dismissed everyone for the evening with the understanding that they would all meet again at 0830 hours in the morning to finalize the details.

Rufus and Jiya went into the kitchen where they grabbed some beers and made some sandwiches to take to their room. It was clear that the couple wanted some alone time to make up for what they missed. No one wanted to get in their way so everyone else stayed out of the kitchen until they left.

Flynn talked to the Logans while they waited. He asked "Is it going to be this difficult to get my wife and child back?"

Wyatt nodded. "It will be, but in a different way. In Amy's case, we don't have a lot of information to go on. In your case, we know the when and where, but we have to deal with a lot more bad guys."

Lucy Logan added " We know what to do and how to do it. We just need everyone's help. Including Amy's."

Flynn was surprised. "Including Amy's?"

Wyatt nodded. "You'll see. It won't be long now till you get your family back."

The two Wyatts, Lucys and Flynn sat around the kitchen table eating dinner of angel hair pasta, spaghetti sauce and salad. "I'm glad nothing bad happened with the timeline when we brought Rufus back. You never know what's going to happen." Present Lucy said.

"True. It seems like we're playing with fire, so to speak, every time we time travel." Present Wyatt added.

"When are we going to get Amy back?" Present Lucy asked.

"The day after tomorrow, according to Denise. She wants everyone to rest up for a couple of days." Future Wyatt said.

"Are we giving Rufus and Jiya their wish to go to New York?" Future Lucy asked.

Present Wyatt chuckled. "Are you going to tell them otherwise after what they've been through?"

Flynn said "Not me."

Everyone shook their head in agreement.

Present Lucy spoke for the group. "Bring out Frank Sinatra's song. They're going to New York with me and Wyatt."

After watching a movie, Wyatt and Lucy and the Logans headed off to bed in their respective quarters with plans to sleep after engaging in other nocturnal activities for they all had developed significant tension that only their love could relieve. Flynn, however, was stuck with his vodka.


Two days later, Wyatt, Lucy, Rufus and Jiya headed to New York to land one week before the start of the conference and get situated before the arrival of Carol and hopefully Henry. It would also give the two couples a chance for a little rest and relaxation before the mission. They needed to find a place to stay and discover the location of the most romantic spots.

Flynn and the Logans would go to Stanford, also a week before the conference, to make sure Henry went with Carol. The would wait an additional day before traveling, howeve, so that Rittenhouse would think that the same Lifeboat was going to both places. They did not want Rittenhouse to discover the second Lifeboat and that they were dealing with two Lucys and Wyatts. They also hoped that Emma would convince them to not bother following them. Little did they know that Rittenhouse didn't really care if Amy was brought back. They also didn't know that Rittenhouse had plans for Amy in the event of success.


New York, NY 1992

Central Park

The Lifeboat landed with a thud in the middle of a grove of trees early in the morning, around 5am. The four time travelers hurried out of the sphere and Rufus pushed the button on the cloaking device, hiding it from view. When the group turned around, they saw a man sitting against a tree, eyes wide in astonishment. The man looked homeless and smelled like alcohol from ten feet away. His clothes were filthy and his bottle of vodka was nearly empty.

"Wh where d did y you come from?" he slurred.

Jiya and Lucy looked alarmed that they were discovered. Wyatt whispered to the ladies and Rufus. "Let me handle this."

Wyatt walked closer to the man and said "We're from a new movie company testing out a new prop. Do you like it?"

The man shook his head in bewilderment. "Prop? W whatssssss it doooo?" He slurred.

"It's for a time travel movie. It's supposed to look like we came out of nowhere. Did it work?" Wyatt asked.

The man just looked at Wyatt and took a swig out of his bottle. "I I I guesssssss sssooo. It sure looked realllllll."

"Good!" Wyatt exclaimed. "That's what it's supposed to look like. Hey, do you want something to eat?"

The man perked up and held out his hand, expecting some money.

Wyatt said. "Come with me. I'll buy you some breakfast." Wyatt extended his hand.

The man shook his head and slurred, "I I I don't want to goooooo. Leave meeee allonnee."

Lucy came up to Wyatt and whispered in his ear. "He won't remember anything. Just leave him be."

The man took another drink from his bottle and slumped over, passed out.

Wyatt looked over at Rufus. "Help me move him away from here. So in the unlikely event he remembers something, he'll look in the wrong place."


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