Warning: Mentions of abduction and murder

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Criminal Minds. All aspects of this plot are of my own creation.

"Ge' offa me, Sergio," Emily said, pushing a warm body off of her face and sitting up. 7:30 AM. That cat wakes her up like clockwork, just begging to be fed.

"Alright, alright. I'm getting up," she said as Sergio began his chorus of complaining mews. She threw the blankets to the side and slipped out of bed.

"It's freezing!" she complained aloud, "you make me get out of bed in this ungodly cold just because you're hungry. Well, I'm sorry if my health and well-being inconvenience his highness."

She was met with only a meow and Sergio's tail disappearing through the door. She groaned and followed suit.

Emily and her cat went downstairs into the kitchen. She fed the cat and poured herself a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal, starting her day the same way as always. Sergio jumped into her lap as she at and she scratched his ears, waiting for the coffee to take effect. Finally, she managed to get enough energy to return to her bedroom and get ready for the day. By 8, she was out the door, on her way to the BAU.

Soon, Emily was walking through those familiar glass doors and into the bullpen.

"Mornin', princess," Morgan called, flashing her his signature blinding smile.

"Hey, Morgan," Emily responded, placing her go bag beside her desk, "JJ in yet?"

"Not yet. She's cutting it awfully close."

"She's been showing up later and later these days," Emily commented.

"Maybe Will's been keeping her up if you know what I mean," Morgan said with a wink.

"Prior to dating Will, JJ came to work 99.8762% of the time, being at least 5 minutes early about 94% of those days. Ever since they started dating, JJ's attendance has dropped to 94.5984% and she refrains from being tardy only about 76% of the time." Reid chimed in, all numbers, as usual.

"Well there you go," Morgan said, "Will must be keeping her busy."

"If you're interested, Morgan, you're only on time 68% of the time, averaging about 0.34 minutes late," Reid told him.

"Close enough," Morgan dismissed, turning away from Reid, "hey! There's our blonde-haired beauty," he said, noticing the elevator doors slide open and a disgruntled-looking JJ emerging from them.

"Just in time, too, it seems," Reid pointed out, as Hotch beckoned the group into the briefing room and Emily jogged up to JJ.

"Hey, Jayje," Emily said, following the blonde agent to her office, where JJ put down the files she'd brought home the previous day. If Emily were honest with herself, she'd always had quite a crush on the younger woman. She'd practically thrown JJ toward Will to stop herself from asking JJ out herself. The strategy had prevented Emily from getting herself hurt in some ways, but she couldn't stop herself from trying to be as close to JJ as possible at all times.

"Hey," JJ replied.

"Hey," Emily repeated herself, melting at the flustered smile the blonde threw toward her. "I mean, why're you so late?"

"Oh I just slept through my alarm," JJ said with a small laugh, wincing as she finally put down the heavy boxes off files.

"Sorry, I should've offered to help you with those," Emily realized, attempting to force herself to focus on something other than the way JJ's pants hugged her in all the right places and how her hair looked perfect no matter what style she put it in and the way JJ could make any victim feel safe and comfortable in a matter of seconds and the way she smelled like flowers and sunshine –

"Aren't we supposed to be in the briefing room?" JJ asked, snapping Emily back into reality.

"Right. Sorry. I guess I'm a little out of it." Emily said, shaking her head in an attempt to clear it, "Let's go," she finished, walking quickly out of JJ's office.

"4 women have been abducted over the course of 2 weeks." Garcia said the moment JJ and Emily entered the room, "each of their bodies washed up along the Jersey boardwalk. Atlantic City PD has asked us to help since they are pretty much lost on what to do."

"Clearly, the killer is working quickly so we need to be quicker. Wheels up in 10." Hotch added, sending the team off to prepare for the trip.