Warning: Explicit Content

"I'm ready."

"Really? Are you sure?"




This was it. JJ was ready. It had been 2 months since the trial and, despite having slept in the same bed every night, the pair had yet to have sex. Emily was willing to wait as long as necessary for JJ. She'd wait forever if that's what her girlfriend wanted. She knew it was going to be hard and scary for the blonde, but JJ'd said she was ready and Emily wasn't about to refuse her.

Now, here they were, sitting on the couch, finishing a bottle of wine. Emily put her glass down on the coffee table and leaned forward, capturing JJ's lips against her own. She took the blonde's glass and placed it beside her own as she moved closer to her girlfriend.

Hands tangled in hair as bodies meshed together. Fingers exploring every inch of each other's faces, arms, torsos. Finally, Emily pulled back, taking JJ's hands and guiding her toward the bedroom.

"I'm gonna leave the door ajar so you know you can leave at any moment," Emily whispered, doing just that before gently pushing JJ against the wall. She returned to kissing the blonde, hands sliding over her waist. Every once in awhile she'd pull back checking, "is this okay?" and waiting for a nod before leaning back in.

Emily guided JJ to the bed, laying her down gently as she checked in with her girlfriend once again.

"Can I take your shirt off?" She asked the blonde. At JJ's nod, she slowly slipped the blouse over JJ's head, placing it on the pillow beside them. "It's right there in case you wanna put it back on," she explained. "Is it okay for me to remove my shirt?" She asked. JJ shook her head and Emily immediately nodded, "that's okay we can stay like this." But JJ shook her head again.

"You can't remove it because I want to." She teased with a wink, pulling Emily's shirt off. Emily chuckled and took the shirt from JJ, throwing it into some forgotten corner.

That's how the rest of their clothes went, too, Emily asking about each article and placing each piece of clothing neatly beside the pair, JJ pulling Emily's clothes off before Emily would toss them across the room.

Once both were fully bare, Emily returned to kissing JJ's lips. Her hands, meanwhile, were sliding over the smooth skin beneath them. Her fingers reached the edge of JJ's breasts as she pulled back, looking into JJ's eyes for permission. When she saw it, her hands gently brushed over the peaks, fingers teasing JJ's nipples, relishing in the closed-eyed bliss on JJ's face. Soon, Emily's mouth joined in the fun and JJ even let slip a few moans.

Emily pinched one of JJ's nipples gently and the blonde's eyes flew open. Immediately, Emily stopped, getting off of JJ and hovering by the blonde's head.

"Are you okay? Are you with me?" She asked concerned. It took a moment, but then JJ nodded.

"Sorry." The blonde said, abashed.

"That's okay," Emily told her with a smile. "No pinching. Got it. Do you want to continue or should we stop?" She asked, conveying the care she felt for the woman before her in her eyes.

"Continue," JJ told her. And so they did. Emily returned to simply kissing JJ for a while before reattempting going further. This time it went much better. By the time she asked JJ for permission to go lower (which JJ granted breathlessly), the blonde was already soaked.

Emily smiled upon noticing her girlfriend's arousal, flicking a finger softly over the blonde's clit. She was rewarded with a sharp buck from the woman under her.

"God, Emily," JJ moaned as Emily probed her clit once more, teasing the blonde with the lightness and infrequency of her touches. "C'mon," JJ finally begged, her hips thrashing to make contact, "more. Please."

Emily could never say no to her. She dipped two fingers into the wetness below JJ's clit, making sure they were thoroughly lubricated in JJ's own fluids. She then moved her fingers back to the spot that seemed to make the blonde so aroused and began to move them in slow circles.

As a moan bubbled up from deep inside the smaller woman, Emily leaned forward to kiss her, speeding up her fingers as they circled her clit. Even as her arm began to cramp, Emily didn't stop, JJ's face of pleasure was plenty of motivation to keep her going. Finally, Emily's efforts were rewarded as JJ's hips lifted clear off the bed, hands gripping brunette hair, mouth drown open in a silent scream before relaxing to release a small groan of pleasure.

"God, Emily," JJ panted, "that was incredible."

"I'm glad, angel," Emily kissed her girlfriend.

"You were so sweet and caring and you kept checking with me. I loved it," the blonde admitted.

"Well that's how it should be," Emily assured her, "and, if you're okay with it, that's how it will be for as long as I live. I will care for you and protect you and love you forever." She vowed. JJ was most definitely okay with it, and, eventually, even returned Emily's promise of eternal love on an altar in front of their team. It would take time, they knew, it wasn't an easy road to recovery, but they had each other and they knew that one day, they'd get there. Together.