Today was Aaliyah's birthday. Jenny smiled as she prepared pancakes for Aaliyah. She went to wake Aaliyah when the pancakes were done. Jenny gently stroked her daughter. Aaliyah slowly woke up.

"Good morning birthday girl." Jenny said. Aaliyah giggled "morning mommy."

Jenny smiled, "i made you pancakes." Aaliyah grinned and went to the kitchen to eat her pancakes. After breakfast, Jenny played with Aaliyah in the park. A few minutes later the door bell rang. Charlie opened the door and destiny, bailey,marlin,nemo, hank, and dory came in carrying a cake, and present. Charlie smiled and helped them to put up balloons gave everyone party hats, then they waited for jenny and Aaliyah.

When Jenny and Aaliyah opened the door everyone said "Happy birthday Aaliyah." Aaliyah gasped "What's this?" she asked

Dory smiled "its a birthday party for you,we decided to throw you a party for your birthday."

Charlie nodded "we got you gifts and a cake."

Aaliyah smiled "Thanks everyone."

"Happy birthday dear Aaliyah happy birthday to you" everyone sang

Aaliyah smiled and blew out the candles.

everyone clapped and jenny gave everyone cake, she gave Aaliyah a bigger peice of cake. After the cake it was time for gifts.

Aaliyah opened her presents happily. She smiled happily and thanked them for the gifts . The gifts inclyudeded toy fish, cute pajoamas, a doll house, candy,cute clothes and a shell necklace and a conch shell.

Aaliyah hugged everyone "thanks everyone" she said