This is an idea I had that I can't do myself for fear of fucking it up so I ask anyone who's willing to commit to this story to write it. I'm calling it cat's at beacon as you see in the title. The main characters will be Rob Lucci from One piece Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter(And please make it a girl) Leone from Akame ga kill and Atsushi Nakajima from Bungou stray dogs. Now I want them to be teenagers so you'll have to somehow make Lucci and Leone younger than they are in cannon because they both are in their mid to late twenties or you can just make them reborn into the rwby world but have Lucci,Leone and Atsushi keep their ability to transform because I've always liked transformations especially a transformation that isn't a clothe or hair change(Looking at you Sailor moon and Dbz). P.M me if you decide.