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The Freezing Hell, Part IV

When they returned with the keys to all the cells in level five, Newgate was surprised to realize Marco and the others weren't alone. They didn't feel on edge, and Ace hadn't turned the level into a steaming mass of melted snow and heat, but that didn't stop Newgate from hurrying up his pace to return to them. Rayleigh didn't say a word, but he accelerated to keep up with him all the same.

They found the kids standing around in a sort of circle with a large group of people that clearly weren't Impel Down guards. Newgate noticed some vaguely familiar faces, but his attention immediately went back to his children. None of them looked any worse for wear, and they all were, in fact, much more relaxed than they had appeared back in level six.

"Hey, Pops!" Ace called when he spotted them. His grin brought a warm feeling to Newgate's chest. "We met the Revolutionary Army!" he continued, pointing with his thumb at the individual with the too-large head.

The Revolutionary Army?

Newgate turned his attention to Luffy after processing the news.

"Anything to do with your dad?"

Luffy tilted his head to the side and shrugged.

"Dunno? Never met him."

"His father?" the one with the large head asked, and Newgate finally placed where he'd seen that face before: Emporio Ivankov, one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Army from a few years ago.

Luffy bent backwards to look at Ivankov without having to turn around.

"Yeah. Gramps says my dad's your boss."

There was a moment of silence, and then pandemonium. The yells were so loud there was no way any prisoner in this level had missed them, and the incredulity in the members of the Revolutionary Army —because it stood to reason everyone in this group, dressed following the same code, would be members of the Army— were understandably disbelieving. It was clear Ivankov had never heard of Dragon having a son.

They had no time to debate the veracity of Luffy's claim.

Newgate sent a soft wave of Haoshoku Haki out, enough to be felt but not to knock anyone out. As expected, some people staggered. The noise went down and more than one person exchanged concerned looks with those around them.

"Now's not the time for this argument. Garp can't lie to save his life, but even if he did, we have to move. The cameras are working on this level." Ivankov froze at the mention of Garp, but nodded at Newgate's words all the same. Whether anyone knew the identity of Dragon's father or not was irrelevant, and thankfully people caught on to that fact.

"Do you have a plan?" a man standing to Ivankov's left asked. He looked vaguely familiar as well, likely another relevant name in the Revolutionary Army.

Newgate nodded.

"We're busting people out of this place. Are you lot coming?"

Nobody even exchanged looks before they all nodded. Newgate nodded back, then looked to Rayleigh. Rayleigh raised his hand with the multiple keyrings they had lifted from the guard room.

"Spread out and start opening cells then."