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Dust in the Wind


….and Thanos won…

One by one I watched as the guardians disintegrated

"I should have stayed on the bus."

Then Doctor Strange,

"why didn't I stay on the bus?"

My stomach dropped, I felt nauseous and lightheaded.

"Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good." I stumbled over to the man who had spent the past years guiding and expecting the best from me.

Being a Father and older brother figure to me.

I looked at my hand, it was starting to disappear, my eyes widened in shock. Panicking I threw myself into Stark, trying to believe that by doing so would stop this.

I knew it wouldn't.

Thanos won.


"You're alright kid," Tony tried to convince himself, as he watched in despair the closest and dearest person to him, fade away.

Peter scrambled toward Stark and threw his struggling arms across his neck, Tony couldn't hold in a gasped sob.

"I don't want to go, I don't want to go; Mr. Stark, please, I don't want to go."

The weight becoming too much on Tony's broken body, he eased him haltingly toward the stony ground.

He bleeds as he watched the light of these destroyed years curl his fingers around Tony's arm. Peter turned his head toward him, eyes conveying his final seconds. Peter knew he couldn't stop it, but he was terrified.

Determined to keep his mentor positive, and to show Tony it wasn't a mistake to bring him into the Avengers, he threw all his passion and determination into one last gaze; and his regret, for not being better than Tony.

For not being there to keep Tony on his feet,

For making his heart tear,



For not remaining his last light in the darkness,

For that too, he knows, is about to be taken away.

For all that,

"I'm sorry."

And he goes,

Like dust in the wind.

Tony can't get up. His arm is covered in ash. His son's ash.

He is paralyzed, staring into the void where even Peter's endless optimism and pop culture references won't appear. His head is in turmoil, crashing, racing, screaming, and


It ends,

It is over.

Nothing will ever be the same.


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