Welcome one and all, to Ruby and the Dawn. This is, obviously, a Crossover between RWBY and Akatsuki no Yona, or "Yona of the Dawn". Great manga, excellent anime, I very much recommend it.

Now, there is going to be a language barrier in this story, so I want to clarify now, when the language being spoken is not understood by whomever the POV is from it will be held within [] and in italics. If that doesn't explain it hopefully the first chapter will make things easier for you readers.

Second thing I need to note, this is NOT V3 Ruby, nor V5 Ruby. This is a 17 year old Ruby, two years into the War with Salem. You'll learn more about that war over time, but Ruby has her own baggage just like Yona does. That will matter later on.

White faded into color as Ruby found herself staring at the sky. The first thing she noticed was the strangeness of the moon – it was almost as if it wasn't shattered, but that couldn't be the case. Ruby would have pondered this more, if not for the shouting she heard to her left. Pushing herself into a sitting position, then into a standing one on the uneven roof, Ruby frowned towards it. There were definitely angry voices, male one and all, and a terrified female voice. Rushing over to investigate, Ruby found a scene she had never wanted to see again. An execution. It was just like Pyrrha on the tower again, and Ruby was not going to be just a bit "too late" this time! She tilted forward from her position on the rooftop, kicked in her semblance, and rocketed down into the middle of the group. Her impact with the ground was forceful enough to crack the paving stones. Following it was the windblast from her speed, enough to stagger all the enemy soldiers and send the womans hair fluttering around her.

"Leave her alone!"

Ruby knew they wouldn't be able to understand her, but she also knew they didn't need to. Her actions and stance should be enough – she was holding her best unarmed stance, not wanting to pull out Crescent Rose while surrounded like this – to tell them that she meant business. Unknown to her, the silver eyes were glowing ever so slightly, like the moons reflection on water. The soldiers were staring, wide eyed, at her, but she didn't care. When one of them started laughing at her, well, that took a little of the wind from her sails, and Ruby scowled at him. Then the blond man in the back stepped forward, sword out and ready.

[Back off woman, you have no idea what you're doing!]

Ruby understood absolutely none of what he said, but the body language was pretty obvious on that regard. Narrowing her eyes, Ruby shifted her stance a little and readied her Aura. The blond man gave her a moment, and then took his swing. The sword came down towards her and Ruby found herself being knocked back by a large man wearing blue and wielding a huge naginata. It was at this moment that the battle was engaged – the big blue man easily cut down soldiers but was heavily outnumbered. Several of the soldiers thought to bypass him and go directly for the redheaded woman, which would have been an excellent plan if not for Ruby.

"Back off!"

Ruby swerved into the path of a blade, startling the soldiers, the redhead, Big Blue, and the blond – though not nearly as much as when the sword bounced off her arm as if it too was covered in the heavy plate armor that covered her torso rather than the simple red cloth that it actually was. As the sword recoiled off her arm it also left the soldier's hand, Ruby grabbed it out of the air and flicked it around, carving through several wooden spears and taking a new stance – this one for using a sword.

[What is she?!]



Unlike before, Ruby didn't really need to go off body language for the shouts she was now getting – instead the tone made it clear how terrified of her they were. The fact that several archers fired off at her only to have the arrows either ricochet off her body or be deflected by the sword did nothing to calm the soldiers, who were now backing off, terror written plainly across their faces. Ruby regarded them, then took an upright stance like Weiss would. Regal, dangerous, and ready for violence – that was the stance Ruby took for this. None of the soldiers dared move against her, and the blond man fighting Big Blue had also backed off. The two of them had all the enemies there equaled.

[Not bad at all red, not bad at all!]

Ruby paused as Big Blue said something, and from the tone it was a complement. A simple nod was the response, followed by a frown and a hand gesture. Big Blue seemed to get the general idea, nodding at this, and then proceeded to grab the redhead while Ruby rocketed into battle with full use of her semblance. The world shifted into slow motion around her, arrows seeming to slowly crawl through the air, swords moving so slowly that she could see the ripples left in the wind as they passed, sounds growing slugging and indecipherable. And Ruby engaged her enemies.

It was glorious. It was terrifying. It was… simply unreal. Soo-Won had seen some powerful warriors in his day, the Generals of the Five Tribes, champions, his father, himself… this strange woman with the silver eyes and using words he'd never heard before? She made them all look like children playing with wooden swords. Not even Hak 'Thunderbeast' of the Wind Tribe could do the things this woman did. One moment she had been holding off his soldiers solo, an impressive feat for anyone let alone a child and woman. The next moment, however, he and all those there that day learned that she hadn't even been trying yet. That she was holding back even as Hak went all out.

Soo-Won's soldiers went down by the dozen. Swords were knocked out of their hands, spears severed in half, bows cloven from top to bottom, men knocked away as if they were nothing. Hak, his best friend until that very night, didn't question what he saw – he acted upon it. Grabbing Princess Yona and bolting for the exit, Hak entrusted the woman with holding the line. And really, could anyone blame him? This little woman with the silver eyes had just disarmed twenty plus men in as many seconds. She was truly terrifying, the little woman in the strange red and black dress that flared out at her hips. Soo-Won couldn't help but admire the skill and power she possessed, even as it stood against him. But as much as he admired the woman, he knew she needed to be dealt with if they wished to capture or kill the Princess and Hak.

"All soldiers, pull back! Han Joo-Doh, with me!"

Soo-Won moved forward with his loyal general, Joo-Doh, coming in beside him. Joo-Doh had dark brown eyes beneath short messy black hair. His face was set in a perpetual frown, which only deepened as he regarded the woman – no, the woman, she couldn't much older than Yona – who stood before them with her stolen sword and calm expression. Drawing his own swords, Joo-Doh shifted into a combat stance beside Soo-Won.

"You shouldn't involve yourself, Soo-Won. She is dangerous, more so than even Hak."

"I am aware. That is why we need to fight her together."

Soo-Won lifted his own blade as well, stained with his uncle's blood, and faced the terrifying woman.

"You can still surrender."

[I still don't know what you're saying, but I won't let you kill them.]

The woman faced off against the future king and his general, neither backing down nor even wavering. After a moment, Soo-Won nodded, accepting her answer, and attacked with all his strength and speed. Joo-Doh did as well, the two moving with remarkable synchrony as they engaged the woman before them. To their surprise, she was more than capable of dodging and deflecting their attacks. Despite her skill and strength, however, it felt as though something was off with her – almost like she wasn't used to wielding a sword. The fact that she was going against two grown men with the skill Soo-Won and Joo-Doh possessed probably factored in as well, for the woman leapt away from them as the fight devolved into her defending while they attacked.

With a burst of speed and rosepetals the woman gained enough distance for whatever she was about to do. The soldiers frowned, worried, as Soo-Won's advisor Kye-Sook narrowed his eyes. If there was ever a time for her to pull out some trick, it would be right now. Kye-Sook was proven correct as the woman tossed the sword aside with enough force to embed it to the hilt in the stone wall, causing all involved to jump. Soo-Won frowned – she couldn't be expecting to surrender, could she? Heads tilted, frowns deepened, and tension built up as the woman reached behind her and pulled out…

A red and black box. A simple box made of metal.

Then the box began to unfold. A black staff began to extend from one end of it, even as the majority of the box began to unfold outward into something larger. Torchlight reflected off blades larger than the womans arm as they shifted into the place. Metal slid past metal, strange sounds from within the box led to yet more expansion, and within a few seconds the unassuming box had turned into a massive metal scythe larger than the person holding it. The woman spun the weapon with the casual ease of someone who had been using it for years and knew every nook and cranny of the vast weapon, and then embedded the metal tip into the ground between her and Soo-Won.

[Stop while you still can.]


"What in the name of God…?"

"How did- that- what?"

Soo-Won was too utterly stunned to even react to the situation. This was no mere woman, this was… this was something utterly impossible. No weapon he had ever seen could do that, no human should be able to carry such a huge weapon, but this woman casually ignored that. Soo-Won could only stare and mutter…

"Are… are you a god?"

[Seriously. Back off. I don't want to kill anyone.]

General Joo-Doh decided to take advantage of her hesitation to attack and the position the weapon was in. Embedded into the ground, it would take a moment or two for even this woman to pull it out and get back into combat, and that could very well decide the battle. Flicking both swords to the side, the general charged forward at top speed. He took three entire steps before a sound like a firework went off directly in front of him. He felt the tug on his left arm, turned his head, and fell very still. His sword, one of the matched pair he always used, had been destroyed. Not only that, but there was a hole in the wall behind him, smoking slightly from whatever had been done. He turned back towards the woman, eyes wider than ever before, and took a step back now.

"That… that had to be lightning. Nothing else could move that fast…"

"Joo-Doh, withdraw! We… we're letting them go. We cannot challenge someone who commands power like that."

"Oh thank god… Understood sir."

The future king and his General, along with his soldiers and advisor and all others who had been watching, moved away from the woman in red, the reaper. She paused at this, then nodded with a satisfied expression on her face.

[Glad to see we resolved this. I'll be off then!]

Without any further ado or theatrics, the woman compacted the massive scythe back into box form and tilted to the side slight, vanishing in a cloud of rosepetals.

Hak was deep into the forest when he felt a presence arrive behind him. Moving the Princess ahead of him and spinning himself around, he whipped his blade down towards the presence with enough force to cleave a mans arm clean off. Naturally it left him in shock when the blade was deflected to the side by the young woman who had held the line for both Yona and himself. His eyes widened as he realized that she had survived – somehow – and had found them – somehow – and yet he knew she hadn't fled when they had, the sound of battle had long outlasted their flight from Hiryuu Castle.

"How did… doesn't matter, you can't understand me anyway."

Turning back the way he had been going, Hak simply beckoned for the woman to follow as he led them into the tree. The two travelled in silence for a time, crossing several mountains and a dozen or more small bodies of water. Once they reached what Hak believed to be a safe spot to rest, he began to check over the Princess for injuries and the like, finding only bruising and strain from exhaustion. He made up a pseudo-bed for the Princess, then turned to his fellow fugitive. With no way to commune with her and no way to know what her goals were, Hak could only make his choice based on her previous actions. She was not an enemy. Hak pointed at himself and then said, as clearly as he could, his own name. The woman paused, frowned for a moment, and then nodded, pointing at herself.


Hak blinked, not expecting her to get it quite that quickly, but rolled with it. He pointed at his eyes, then waved his hand around the forest while saying that he would take first watch. Once again, the woman seemed to get his gestures in one go, leading him to wonder if she'd dealt with language barriers before. What surprised him this time was when she pointed at him, then at the ground next to Yona, before pointing at her own eyes and gesturing at the forest around them. 'She… she wants to take first watch? Well, I won't complain. If she wanted us dead she would have sided with… with that bastard at the castle.' Hak nodded and settled himself down against the tree next to Yona. He would sleep now and be ready for the day when she woke him up next.

Before going to sleep, Hak looked at the woman who had declared herself 'Ruby'. She had dark red hair that turned lighter as it got longer, all of it done up in a braid that would have reached the small of her back, if it hadn't been slung over her should and down her chest a little. Covering the chest, and her entire torso for that matter, was some sort of black metal armor that didn't seem to impede her flexibility much as she bent over and rubbed her thighs. Silver detailing marked a strange pattern, almost like rose petals, extending across the armor from the silver rose symbol over her heart. Heavy duty boots, black with red foundations and silver detailing and buckles, held the ends of her black pants that rose up to a belt with a silver rose buckle on it. On top of the armor she wore a red shirt of some sort that had formfitting sleeves down to her wrists where then folded out for some reason. Fingerless gloves, black with the silver rose symbol on the back, were worn on each hand. The entire outfit was completed by a crimson cloak that looked worn and tattered, but nonetheless well cared for. The cloak was held in place by a single silver rose clasp, and frankly Hak couldn't even begin to imagine this 'Ruby' without her red cloak.

Hak drifted off to sleep as the attentive silver eyes watched over the two refugees of Hiryuu Castle, leaving the night to his silver-eyed ally.

So, didja like it? I hope you liked it, because I've always wanted a Akatsuki no Yona/RWBY Crossover, but none of those exist.

I originally planned to have Yona get sucked into Remnant, but then I ran into the butterfly effect - what would happen to Hak? What about the Dragons? If Yona vanishes everything that happens in her world because of her - from (spoilers!) the gathering of the dragons to the prevention of multiple wars and the saving of countless lives - would all not happen, or would happen differently. The only solution I could think of was that inter-universal travel ignores the concept of time, allowing Yona to return moments after she left - or even instantly after she left - but that has always felt like a lazy cop out to me. It works sometimes, but not for this sort of story. As such, I did Ruby into Kouka, rather than Yona into Remnant.

Hope you enjoyed it. Like the rest of my stories this one will update when I feel up to it, rather than on a set schedule. I always hate being obligated to update a story by a certain time, makes it far too stressful for me and that in turn causes the story to suffer. Case in point, TOW4A, which is easily my favorite setting but my least favorite to write up.

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