"Is that my shirt?"

Inko looks away from the TV and smiles upon seeing her husband. "Toshi! Honey, welcome home." Inko puts her cup down on the coffee table and sits up from the couch to walk to Toshinori.

She kisses him on the cheek and says, "I saw you on TV while I was doing the dishes. Honey, you were so great out there!" She explains to him, her green eyes shining with excitement.

Toshinori blushes by her compliment and he rubs the back of his neck. He clears his throat afterwards and asks, "A-anyways, is that my shirt you're wearing?"

Inko blinks and looks at the oversized shirt she was wearing. It hung loosely over her body and it reached just above her knees. He prayed she was wearing shorts underneath.

Inko nods with a smile. "Yes. I hope you don't mind, I accidently dropped sauce on my blouse a while ago and I'm just waiting for it to dry." She explains to him. Blushing, she sheepishly asks him, "D-does it look weird on me?"

"NO!" He immediately responses while he rapidly waves his hands at her. Realizing his little outburst caught Inko by surprise, Toshinori again clears his throat.

"No." he answers calmly. "In fact, I think you look very cute." Toshinori coughs into his fist while his cheeks burned a bright red.

Inko blushes as well but giggles. She pecks his check and tells him, "I'll go ahead and make you some tea."

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