Full Summary:


A young boy fights in the frontlines in war and battles. He has a dark emerald hair, golden eyes and nearly transparent white skin. And he flies throught the air and mercilessly strikes down his opponents.

His name is Ryoma Echizen

He prioritizes optimization and career advancement above all, he becomes the most dangerous and terrifying entity among the imperial armies that the enemies didn't want to meet her face to face in the battle grounds

He is called in the nickname of 'The devil of the battlefield'

He is the only youngest member of the famous elite wing squad that was merciless and terrifying when it comes to battles and wars


Ryoma's gender will be male


Members of the elite wing squad: Ryoma ,Tezuka , Atobe , Fuji , Yukimura , Sanada , ? , ? , ? , ?

You can add four more characters to add to the elite wing squad


No pairings