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Chapter 1

Reincarnated then war

I was a scientist and also a professional lawyer employee who makes the decisions and plans for many kinds of companies all over the world

I was also an expert when it comes to millitary and navy strategy proposing that led them to countless victories through war

But one day. While i was in the train station, someone pushed in the back that i went flying to the train rails right timing that the train was now right before my eyes, running straight to me in fast speed that it lead to my death

I know. Life is sure unfair for me, A lie that brought a miserable states and the worst lair who began the calamity

"Really unfair" i mumbled under my breath

I was reincarnated in a world i seemed to really don't know what kind of world it was

My current name is now Ryoma Echizen, my age is 9 years old, i lived in an orphanage church where other...other annoying kids who just like me that was living in this church

Seriously. I don't even like being here all the time anyways and i studied about millitary histories about this world

All the books was about millitaries, navys, about wars and histories of great commanders, argents, and luitenants

"Seems like i won't be bored" i said while taking a look at the thick books, reading them one by one

3 years later...

I am now 12 years old, my birthday was in 24th of december. Like hell i would want to celebrate it anyway

While i was still in the library reading thick books, we were called to go the church entrance hall

A group of a scientist-millitary squads dressed in a white lab jackets

"We are here to investigate the childrens" they said out loud

A kind of big metal chair and wires all over it

The other kids were frightend of the hard metal thingy that i read mostly twice in some books

It was called 'Test A24'

It's a machine that will look inside the persons body to see if their bloods contain 'Zaudes' in german and 'Magic' in english

All the children was tested but they did not have any magic within theirs

I hid among the children who were finished of the testing and pretended that i was also done

I don't like being tested anyways but let's just say, i hate it

I was astonished by the rifles and long guns that was in the hands of the soldiers. I could even see the sharp blades that was hidden at the back of the rifle barrels

All the children were scared of it and they were also scared of the soldiers, i don't know why should they be scared of machine guns and rifles anyway

The group found nothing within the orphanages and went back and left, also bringing back the Test A24

The whole children inside the orphanage started to cry

I was now annoyed by the loud crying of the childish kids

i left them and just walk my way to my room and rest

Normal Pov

Boom! Boom! Bang!

Ryoma woke shockily when he heard a loud sounds of tanks and rifle guns. He looked to the window near him and their was black smoke coming from the plains where there was a war happening

The sounds was quiter because of how far the battle field was and the orphanage church was in the middle of the city

The childrens were sounding asleep, he sneakily went to get a black jacket and wore white blouse pair with shorts that reach his knees, and a navy shoes that was given to him by the sisters of the church

He came down from his window and ran to the direction of the battle field

With fast speed thanks to his assasin skills that he trained and read from the books

"Those thick books was not a waste. I really never imagined that it came in handy" he said while jumping through roofs and houses

He saw a military soldier who seemed liked he escaped the battle by himself, a coward if they call

He was resting near the cavern house with a shooting riffle in his hand

Ryoma used stealth to approach the coward soldier that shouldn't be called a 'soldier'

He hitted his neck hardly and made the traitor collapse on the ground

He putted on the millitary uniform and put on the boots, it didn't fit perfectly to him and he ignored it and putted the full amo and got the shooting rifle

Thanks to his knowlegde from his previous life that he was an expert shooter and he sure knows how to use any types of guns with different sizes and effects

He put on the flying device that only attaches on legs so it was hands free, the device was for the flight mages that shoot and fights in the skies "Let me borrow it" he said with a smirk on his face, he was excited

On his first try on the flying device, he had a hard time because it was only need to attach on legs and boots, and the need of balance was important

He tried to flew left, right, up, and down. He was getting used of it, he tried all the controls and the way to fasten the speed and how high can it get

His smirk went wider "I understand all of it" he said in excitment "This is gonna be fun"

He went full speed ahead towards the direction of the battle field

He arrived in the battle grounds, the air was very polluted because of the explosive gases and tanks shooting

The ground had many bloods splattered around and many dead bodies that was cause of the bombs and many of them had many gun shots

Ryoma was shocked and excited at the same time at the scenes he was seeing right before his eyes

Soldiers die of the gun shots and flight mages fall from the skies

The flight mages that was shotted exploded in the skies and the enemy war tanks kept shooting to the skies to kill their enemy's flight mages, which Ryoma found it 'stupid'

'What an idiotic way of killing flight mages' he thought to himself and charge the enemy

He can identify his unknown companions just by looking at their uniforms and he can tell by their apperance

Ryoma shooted the enemy's tanks and it explodes shooting it one by one

He flew up to the sky and landed their enemies' aircraft "Konichiwa" he said with an evil grin, that enemy pilots was shocked of the sudden ambush, Ryoma continued holding a stielhand grenade "-Or should i say, Sa-yo-na-ra" he throwed the grenade to them and flew off

He charge in fast speed at the front line areas where many enemy flight mages were charging

"ATTACK!" The sargent shouted out loud and they started shooting at the lone emerald haired boy who was charging towards them

Bang! Bang! Boom! Bang!

They shooted and shooted more

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boom! Bang!

Ryoma dogded all their gun shots and shooted them in their heads one by one while flying and chasing all around the darkened sky. He pushed the other soldier down to the ground from the attacks of the front lines

They kept on shooting and Ryoma dogded while shooting them down from one to another that the other exploded because of Ryoma's shot and killed the other enemies who was near the exploding flight mage. The first wing was wiped out

"Hahaha! How exciting!" He shouted in excitment and thrill "Is that all you got?!".

"A kid?!" the reinforcements' sargent shouted in shock "A kid wiped out the first wing squad?!"

"That was the first wing squad?" Ryoma smirked cockily "I thought it was was the fourth squad which was the weakest, how dull"

"Shut up!" The reinforcements' sargent shouted back with anger "KILL HIM!" He shouted out and they charged the boy

Ryoma was even more excited "Come at me" he said with an evil grin

"DIIEE!" they all shouted and shooted at their bullet at him

Ryoma easily dogded them all in a flash and went shooting back at them with his (stolen) machine gun rifle

B-b-b-b-b-bang! boom!

Because of the many bulletes that Ryoma shooted, they exploded and the whole group was killed

He launched a missle towards the area which that seemed like the enemy's base and the whole area base exploded that caused a shockwave

He shooted the last group of enemy flight mages in their flying devices and they exploded and all killed in Ryoma's one shot

"What a view" he said covering the top of his eyes from the bright light

"Hey you! small soldier over their!" someone shouted and Ryoma turned to them, it was a companion

"What" he said with no emotion to the companion "What do you want"

'A kid?! the soldier was shocked to see that it was a kid that killed many enemies 'He killed many enemy groups and even wiped out the first wing squad! Who is this kid?!' he thought in his mind

"The enemy base is destroyed and we won the battle!" the soldier shouted and Ryoma just kept his expression unfazed "Is that so" he smirked a little

"By the way, the commander in chief wants to see you" said the soldier to the emerald haired boy

"Why?" Ryoma asked raising an eyebrow

"I don't know" was the answer "Follow me" he said and Ryoma followed

The base was a little far but pretty near the battle grounds and Ryoma could see that the fellow companions was lining and the commander was at the front facing the lined up soldiers

They arrived to the base's ground behind the lining soldiers and the attention started to draw to the new arrival

"It's him! the one who wiped out the first wing squad!" one shouted pointing at the emerald haired boy

"I saw him destroyed the enemy's aircrafts!" the other started "He saved me when i was attacked in the front line area!"

They all whispered and others was keep on babling about how he wiped out the first wing, tanks and the aircrafts

"Seriously" Ryoma thought in his mind and looked at them with an unemotional eyes

"Please come forward, yound soldier" said the commander and Ryoma followed the order

"I'm not a soldier" he said directly to the commander

"What?" the commander asked in shock "You're not a soldier?"

Ryoma nodded "I only borrowed the gun and the uniform from a soldier" he said while his expression still unfazed "So i'm not"

The commander stared at the boy with a shock look was still lock on his face "Tell the reason" he ordered

Ryoma started to explain "I was going towards the battle grounds and i saw a soldier who was running away from the battle, that's why decided to borrow his equipment but i already know he won't let me because just i'm a kid, so i left him unconcious and i borrowed his uniform and gun. But let me remind you one thing" he closed his eyes and opened gently and looked at the commander with serious golden eyes

"A true soldier never backs away in a battle, if one give up and escape then it would be means that he's a coward and doesn't deserve to be called a 'soldier' and only they are meant to be called 'traitors', If you trully know what it means to be in an army, there is only one option you need to follow, and that is to fight for the sake of the country and to respect our fatherland whatever what happens. So do you want your soldiers to be cowards that will easily betray? then they will be the only ones who deserves to die in a rotten pile of bodies, full of bloods flowing out from the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the peace of your country..."

"N-no" he commander stared at the boy in great shock "I am terribly sorry for the unforgivable deed" he said bowing at the Ryoma like the boy was more higher than him

And all the other soldiers also bowed

"You shouldn't have bow at me" Ryoma said to them "I only told you the truth"

"Yes they should" one said and approached towards them

"G-general!" they all saluted and the general stood infront of Ryoma

"General Ver de lasuel" the general introduced and saluted to the emerald haired boy

"Echizen Ryoma" he saluted back at the general

He was promoted to be the second lieutenant.

The news began to spread all around the enemy's territories and countries about a soldier who defeated the enemies alone and slayed the gaint aircrafts and tanks along killing the flight mage groups

"The devil of the battle field" one said

"A god of war?"

They talked about the spreaded news, all newspapers showed the picture of the soldier shape like a body of a child

The enemies' regions were all talking about the devil of the battlefield, afraid of being attacked

Of how young was the soldier to defeat the enemies alone, made them alerted

"Men! assemble!"

The soldiers lined up infront of their commander

"Yes sir!"

The soldiers was shocked to see a little boy went up to the front and face

"Good morning gentlemens, this is your new lieutenant Echizen Ryoma, salute!"

They started whispering and gossiping and Ryoma was not very pleased

He lifted up his rifle towards the sky and pulled the trigger

Bang! Bang!

They gun shot made them stand straight and froze

"Thinking i'm a weakling huh?..." he said making a deadly gaze to them "I won't hesitate to shoot you in one second"

He pulled the trigger again to make them shut up

Bang! Bang!

"Now get to line!" he shouted

"Y-YES SIR!" they saluted and didn't dare to provoke the devilish young soldier

The War began, they flew towards the war ground to ready for ambush

Men in red army uniform with their guns in their hands, marching in the ground

Ryoma lifted his hand for a signal to get ready for attack "What a stupid way" he said unimpressed, he put his hand down and pulled the trigger and said boringly "Attack..."


They charged towards the enemies and shooted them down from the skies

Many enemy's flight mages were on reinforcements

"Suddenly show up? you could've done that before we attacked" he said with an evil grin on his face

"T-the d-devil-!"

Bang! Bang!


A companion came towards the young captain from the back "Sir! we have a report!" shouted while listening to his ear device

"Speak..." Ryoma replied as he shoots more of the enemy flight mages

"The enemy's base has been spotted, in the barrack northern east!" he reported

Ryoma turned his head to the soldiers with a serious gaze "Eliminate them" he ordered "First wing follow me"

They defeated the enemy's flight mages and their soldiers, shooting down without hesitation, they went flying speed up ahead to the enemy's base

They landed on the middle of the base and all the guns were pointed at them

"Welcome uninvited guests" Ryoma spoke while they were surrounded by the enemies "What's the purpose of the visit? may i see your invitations?" he cockily grinned and looking down at them

"S-Shut up!" the leader shouted in anger

"No invitations? sorry but we do not accept tresspassers"

"You Brat! Shoot them!" They started shooting but Ryoma and his companions didn't get a single scratch because of the magic sheild

Ryoma smirked at them evily "Kill them except the captain"

And the companions shooted in position towards the enemy and Ryoma looked at them with a deadly glances

Bang! Bang!

They all together shooted except Ryoma, the loud sounds became two sounds of a rifle shots

They won the battle and went back to their base, captured the captain who will be soon sentenced to death in prison

Day after the battle, Ryoma was drinking a nice cup of tea and freshly baked cookies that was on the table

He was ridding in a train to go back to their home country after they won the battle

He was informed to go to a military school, he was really not intrested in schools but he was also bored so he did not have any other choice

"There will be hell for them soon" he said smirking while reading the newspapers

To be Continued