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Chapter 1: Take the tears away

The Isle of the Lost


Mal was crying in the middle of the lounge/dining room/kitchen. Her sixth birthday was a complete disaster, all because of a certain princess.

It was meant to be a special day, just for her. Her mother wouldn't berate her for not being evil and she got gifts. But the event was a flop and here she was, unsuccessfully drying her face with Diablo handing her tissues.

" MAL!"

" I'M IN HERE MOM!", Mal screamed.

Maleficent walked in with a look of distaste. A minion behind her was carrying something large and heavy. It was breathing heavily and looked like it was about to collapse.

" Oh, there you are! Stay put", Maleficent said before turning her attention to the other minions that stepped into the room," Alright knuckleheads, start setting up!".

" What's going on?", Mal asked.

" After exiling the Evil Queen and her brat, I decided that the two of us should do something relaxing", Maleficent said.

Mal raised an eyebrow at her mother, curiosity filling up her mind," Like what?".

" You'll see", Maleficent said, her grin so wide, you'd think she's a crocodile.

Maleficent left the room hurriedly, leaving Mal confused and alone with the goblins. She watched as they worked on setting up a white board in front of the couch.

Maleficent came back with another goblin holding a strange device.

" Just set it on there", Maleficent said, pointing at the table behind the couch.

" What is that thing?", Mal asked.

" This, my little prodigy, is a projector. We're going to watch some cartoons", Maleficent said setting a dusty box doen near Mal.

" Car-toon? What's that?", Mal asked curiously.

" It's a series of pictures that make up a story, sometimes its sad, or happy or downright hilarious", Maleficent explained.

" Like a photo album", Mal said.

" Not quite dear... You see dear, a cartoon gives off the illusion of everything going on inside there are moving like us. How about we watch one so you can get the picture", Maleficent said, pulling something out of the box," This is a film reel. You connect it with the projector and it plays the cartoon".

Maleficent blew the dust off the reel," Ah perfect. Just the one I was looking for".

Mal glanced at the label that was taped to the reel. The paper was already yellow and crippled but you could still the label very clearly.

" Looney Tunes' Bugs Bunny in 'Rabbit of Seville'. The cartoon is about a bunny. Mom... I'm not gonna watch something about nose-twitching vermins", Mal said distastefully.

" Give it a chance. It may be something you weren't expecting", Maleficent said, settling into the couch," Just watch and enjoy".

A light emitted from the projector showing a countdown from three to one. Then the screen went black. Everything was dark and quiet until a sudden twang was heard and seven red circles appeared with a shield logo in the middle.

" What does WB stand for?", Mal asked.

" Warner Brothers. Its the name of the place they made this in", Maleficent explained.

The tune of the cartoon was well orchestrated, sounding lively, goofy and utterly...looney. The name Looney Tunes appeared across the circles.

" The name of the tune is the Merry go round broke down", Maleficent said.

A grey rabbit pulled up the title card and muched open-mouthed on a carrot as he relaxed on a large sign saying Bugs Bunny in...

" That's Bugs Bunny", Mal said awestruck," But rabbits aren't that big".

Maleficent placed her index finger and pointed at the screen, signalling the cartoon was about to begin.

A shaving cream cup appeared with the words ' Rabbit of Seville'.

( Cartoon in bold)

The screen fades to black until it lights up again showing a nice scenery of an outdoor theatre. It shows the orchestra and the backstage and cuts back to the orchestra until a large bang took us to the far mountain.Small line's of light symbolizing the bullets that were being shot appeared. It got closer to the screen until we see a gray hare barely dodging the bullets shot at him. This hare... is Bugs Bunny.

Mal remained quiet, still a bit weirded out about the bunny on normal-looking legs and a height that surely looks like he could tower over Jafar.

Bugs ran through the backstage door quickly, breathing heavily until he quickly moved into the corner when he picked up a certain noise. The door swung open revealing a bald man in hunter gear. This is Elmer Fudd.

Elmer ran through towards the stage, looking around for the hare, not knowing where he's actually standing.

Bugs flipped a switch with his carrot, causing the curtains to open up unbeknownst to Elmer. The conductor looked surprised and confused at the curtains opening. He looked at his watch before turning to the viewers and shrugged." That guy was just looking at us Mom", Mal said surprised.

" Its called 'breaking the fourth wall' pumpkin", Maleficent said her eyes still on the screen.

The conductor signalled the orchestra to start. Wind instruments blew loudly causing Elmer to freeze up and look behind him in dread, realizing he's on a stage. The view expands to show the backdrop of a Spanish village with a barbershop as the main building.

" How do?!", Bugs sang.

" He can talk", Mal said exasperated.

" Yep. So can the other animals of this cartoon", Maleficent stated.

Mal just wrinkled her nose and looked back at the screen. Maleficent shook her head, a small grin in her face at her daughter's confusion.

' I bet by the end of this, she's gonna be obsessed with him', Maleficent thought.

" Welcome to my shop! Let me cut ya mop, let me shave crop!", Bugs sang, pulling out a straight razor and a pair of scissors from behind his back," Daintily, daintily~".

Elmer tried creeping away from but unfortunately for him, Bugs spotted him anyway.

" HEY YOU!", Bugs sang, causing Elmer to freeze mid-step," Don't look so perplexed. Why must you vexed? Can't you see you're next? Yes, you're next", he sang carrying the poor hunter to a barber chair," You're so next!", he said placing a white sheet over Elmer's body and running off screen.

" How about a nice close shave? Teach ya whiskers to behave. Lots of lather, lots of soap. Please hold still, don't be a dope", Bugs sang as he sharpened the razor," Now we're ready for the scraping, there's no use to try escaping. Yell and scream and rant and rave. It's no use, you need a shave!".

" Ooh! Ouch! Ouch! Ow! Ooh! Ooh! Ouch!", Elmer screamed as Bugs slashed him with the razor.

Bugs held a mirror to Elmer's face and sang," There, you're nice and clean", he winced and looked away," Although ya face looks like it might've gone through a ma-chine..."

Mal snorted at the comment," That was savage".

" Ooh, wait 'till I get that wabbit", Elmer sang angrily, looking for Bugs." What would you want wit' a wabbit?", Bugs sang, the hare disguised as a Spanish senorita.

Mal burst out in laughter at the sight of the hare draped in a green cloth.

" Oh my g- He's wearing a dress", Mal said between laughs.

Maleficent sighed," Welcome to the Looney Tunes, my dear".

" Can't you see that I'm much sweeter. I'm... ya little seƱoriter", Bugs sang as he danced around Elmer who was fooled by the disguise and blushed.

" Can't the guy see the rabbit is in disguise", Mal asked.

" Nope", Maleficent said.

" And he's not even that pretty", Mal said.

" Some men have... odd tastes", Maleficent said hesistantly.

" You... are my type of guy. Let me straighten your tie", Bugs sang.

Elmer was so distracted that he didn't notice Bugs splitting the barrrels of his gun and tying it in a a knot

Mal's eyes widened in realisation," I think I know what he's trying to do", she whispered.

" -And I shall dance for you", Bugs sang as two pairs of scissors appeaappeared in hands.

He danced around Elmer who was blushing madly, not knowing the rabbit was cutting off his pants' suspenders.

Bugs danced away as the hunter realized his pants were down and his flower-patterned underwear. He blushed a bright shade of scarlet and glared at the rabbit who just shook his tail at him.

Elmer whipped out his gun but because of the knot, the bullet repulsed and sent Elmer flying back into the barber chair.

Mal chuckled, laughed and even snorted at the scenes that progressed afterwards. All the pain of being in the shadows faded away and left her with a warm feeling in her heart.

As soon as the cartoon faded to black, ' That's all folks' took the screen in cursive handwriting, Mal sighed in sadness.

" What's wrong dearie?", Maleficent asked.

" The cartoon finished so soon. I wanted to see more of Bugs", Mal admitted.

" I have more film reels of Bugs and other Looney Tunes characters as well as other cartoons", Maleficent stated.

" Can we watch them now?!", Mal asked excitedly.

" Unfortunately not. I have to meet with Hades in a few minutes", Maleficent said.

" Oh", Mal said trying not to sound disappointed.

" But...", Maleficent started, causing Mal to look at her," I do have something I think you'll like".

Maleficent bent down and rummaged through the box and pulled out a smaller black box.

" Happy Birthday my little dragon", Maleficent said handing Mal the box.

Mal didn't try to contain her squeal when her mother handed her the box. She immediately opened it and looked inside. A black book and a variety of pencils laid inside.

" One of the minions said you liked drawing so I got a book and some pencils. But there's something else", Maleficent said," Just look under the box".

Mal did as she was told and carefully lifted the book and felt the warmth of earlier return.

A plush toy of a familiar gray hare laid in facing Mal, its gray fur was matted but to her, it was perfect.

Mal hugged the plush to her chest and smiled contently.

" Thank you Mom", Mal said, her eyes sparkling, regaining their usual glow.

" Your welcome dear", Maleficent said, getting up from her seat and leaving the room.

Mal was now alone in the room, that was now much darker because the time. She squeezed the plush to her chest and felt the exhaustion of the entire day overtake her as she fell into a foetal position on the couch, her eyes fluttering close.

On the verge of a deep sleep, Mal felt a pair a thin arms cradle her and began walking away. The loud thumping of large feet hit the floorboards.

Mal could tell this mysterious person wasn't her mother or any of her minions. There was something much more... furrier about this creature.

The creaking sound of a door opening alerted Mal but she kept her eyes shut. She couldn't let this person know she was awake.

The fur reminded Mal of her plush, which was surprisingly still in her arms, telling her this isn't a normal islander who would've probably had stolen it. Its fur was matted but soft, like a wool blanket.

She felt it lower her down on a mattress and pulled a familiar thin blanket over her. Mal peeked for a view of the person and nearly gasped when she saw a white glove pull something else over her. It was thick and soft and instantly made her warm.

Mal squirmed a bit until a large gloved hand touched her head.

" Shh... Everythin's okay. Go back to sleep doc"

The oddly familiar yet calm voice lulled Mal to sleep. She opened her eyes one more time to see the person who had placed her in bed.

Mal gasped when she caught the shadow of two long ears leaving her room. Two long ears that reminded her of her new favourite character... her first hero.

" Goodnight Bugs", Mal whispered before slowly falling back into a deep sleep.

End of Chapter 1

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