This has not been abandoned! It was just a side project for other stuff and I had a lot of stuff to write lately. But yeah, we're back.

This chapter is called: I never thought it would go this far

This is Harrison's story

It wasn't exactly an accident. Harrison knew this, knew that he had kind of meant to do it. But not like this! Not so...

Not so Jackson would never come back.

To be fair, his brother was a right shit, annoying to Harrison, disrespectful to his parents, an eight year old Harrison thought he was doing them a favour.

"Hey Jackson, can you help with this trick I'm working on?"

"Sure thing. It'll probably go wrong anyway."

And it did. He made his brother disappear. After so much practise on rabbits and cats, he managed it!

Harrison had told his brother that would be for a few minutes, but as revenge for all the annoying things his brother did, Harrison left his brother in limbo for an hour or so, had dinner and played candy crush for a bit, before going to get Jackson back.

"And presto!" Harrison said smoothly, whisking the cloth aside.

Jackson wasn't there.

"No, wait, um, presto! Presto! PRESTO! JACKSON!"

But nothing made it work.

"How's the magic going boys?" His mother called up to him. She realised what Harrison had done, screamed and ran from him. That moment forward, Harrison's life changed forever.

His mother always jumped around him, wouldn't be in the same room as he was for any reasonable amount of time. His father barely spoke to him. Desperately, Harrison desperately tried to make his brother reappear so that it would all stop. He read through the spell book he'd gotten the method from. And then he saw it. A little box in the corner of the page that he had barely skimmed over when reading.

If this spell is active for more than an hour, it will be permeant.

"WHAT!" Harrison gasped. "No, no, no way!" He dropped the book from his shaking hands. How had he missed it! Why had he kept his brother there, in limbo?! All to beat his high score? And he's ruined it forever, everything was ruined forever!

"It was just a prank!" Harrison cried, already feeling tears come down his cheeks. He put his head in his hands as the horrible realisation dawned on him.

Jackson was gone. Forever. His parents hated/feared him. Permanently. His life was pretty much over at eight!

From that moment on, Harrison slaved through his bleak existence, rarely being happy at anything. No parents showed up at school plays, prizegivings, and if he had played football, they probably wouldn't have attended the matches. Nobody ever recovered. It was as if his annoying brother had left a hole that could never be filled. An incomplete jigsaw. An act gone wrong.

And all his fault. It was always his fault, Harrison seemed to ruin everything. His parents obviously thought so. He could always hear his father cursing his name every time he dropped a plate or something downstairs. And his mother quickly shushing him, in case 'he' heard.

Harrison had stopped joking around with his magic a while ago. He just sat and watched it all go by. Over and over again, every day was the same, rejection, being feared, left out. No more magic kids. No friends.

With a sigh, Harrison reflected on it all yet again. His life sucked.

If only he hadn't been so stupid! Now it had all spiralled out of his control, and he knew he had fucked it up good. There was no chance he would ever be less miserable than this again.