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Running was Barry's happiness. Bottled and shipped in its most concentrated form. Wind tearing through the soft tissue of his lungs and rejuvenating his wet cheeks. The speed force coursing through his veins and finally, finally, finally letting him forget.

Lightning cracked and Iris was dead. He saw it and felt it and lived it. And he was destined to live it again and again in an endless loop. Destined to watch her die right in front of him because he wasn't fast enough. His beautiful sister with caramel skin and chocolate eyes.

He ran faster but it wasn't enough. Reality shifted in front of him like a rainbow with only two colors.

Zaffre light and crimson blood.

She is strontium.

Barry collapsed onto her rug in tears, sobs clinging to his chest. His entire being burned with humiliation, but he trusted her impossible strength and tight-lipped winks.

Nothing can break strontium.

She smiled sadly and curled her legs underneath her, with the grace of a newborn fairy. Quiet humming danced through the air, inviting him closer.

Earth 38... 38...

She looked so feminine, wearing no makeup and enormous sweats that engulfed her elegant frame.

It's naturally so stable.

She tilted her head and her hair fell loosely around her neck, complimenting her pale pink sweatshirt. Her skin glowed like she just took a hot shower.

It's an alkaline earth metal. But it doesn't react.

He expected her to push him away, because that's all anyone has ever done. But she didn't.


She smiled and patted the couch beside her. Her lips moved but he was beyond language, vibrating in overload too quickly to understand. The sound was soothing though, warm and light and calm.


He was a burden that she could carry with ease. Because she was strontium. Confident and full and strong enough to hold him up when he couldn't.


Her house smelled like flowers and freshly baked bread. His head rested on her lap and she placed a gentle hand on his head. Her finger tips massaged his skull while she scrolled through her phone, nails clicking steadily against the glass.


Three phone calls later her head rested exhausted on the couch's arm rest and the television buzzed lowly in front of them.


Her breathing evened out long before he could even consider sleep, disturbing the air in waves of beautiful cinnamon innocence.


Barry might of been the fastest man alive, but she was definitely the fastest woman. And where he could run, she could fly.

Her laugh cut through any worries he had, better than running ever could. She spun through the air above him, reflecting the evening light so brightly it looked like she was glowing.

He slowed for a moment, eyes wandering upward as she vanished into the clouds, reappearing moments later in a spray of blue crystals. Droplets shimmered on her skin like diamonds, accenting her golden tan.

She slowed too, beaming contentedly. Their eyes met for a moment, and the world froze as they synced. Time was theirs; blue and green morphed into the color of a pounding heart.

She laughed again. He smiled.

And they raced.

Her eyes were rounder than the moon, crystal clear marbles of blue and gray that swirled in the infinite curiosity of everything that was her.

He saw himself reflected in them, but better.

They aren't capable of processing something as awkward as he is; his smile looks personable and his limbs shorten. His sweater is softer and his eyes less muddy.

Her eyes smile when she does, crinkling at the edges and rounding at the top. It's exaggerated to an almost cartoon-like extent.

And when she's upset- angry or sad or scared- tears film over their surface. Emotions are vivid and raw, overflowing into her glistening eyes.

But he has never ever once seen them get any further than that.

Strontium doesn't react.

Her eyes were rounder than the moon. They were brighter than the stars and softer than the clouds. Rainbows of their own, spectrums of blue that even a shrimp couldn't perceive.

Barry knew he loved her the instant he laid eyes on her.

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