Elijah, Rebekah and Niklaus show up at the door of the Dursley's. What they all heard broke their hearts, the little boy they saw earlier was begging his Uncle to stop. Elijah's eyes narrowed and he looked like he was about to knock the door down. Niklaus knocks on the door and the little one opens it and he sees that it's the three people from earlier.

"How can I help you," Harry asks politely. On the inside, Harry is wondering what that would want with a freak like him.

"I would like to adopt you. I saw earlier that you flinched away from your aunt and I knew that you needed help," Elijah admits.

Harry looks behind him and jumps onto Elijah and buries his head in his neck. "Please get me away from here." He begs.

Elijah nods and pulls out his phone to call the police on the Dursley's.

After the police had been called and Elijah got full custody of Harry and the adoption process has begun, Elijah takes Harry to his families place and he gets Harry comfortable. Harry just holds onto his new Dad and doesn't let go. Harry puts out his hand and thinks of lightning in his palm. He sees Elijah jump from being shocked and he giggles.

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