Othello but Othello's Not an Idiot and They're All a Little Dank

Scene I

Setting: Interior, dark room

Time: Afternoon

Othello: Doodly doodly doo, just cleaning my weapons, doodly doodly doo…

Trivago©: Sir, I must discuss something with you. This is the perfect opportunity to hatch my plan!

Othello: What could be going on here? Ah, yes, my servant, what is it?

Trivago©: I do not want to bother you with my dark thoughts, but I have some terrible suspicions about Desdemona. Mwahahaha!

Othello: Wait, what? Tell me what's going on here!

Trivago©: I have a suspicion that your lieutenant, Casserole, is cheating with yo girl, Desdemona.

Othello: WAT? I will go interrogate him about this at once!

Trivago©: Boi I finna yeet on em!

Scene II

Setting: interior, bedroom

Time: Morning

Desdemona exits

Emilia: M'lady, you dropped your-

Trivago©: Hah! It's Desdemona's handkerchief! With this, I can frame Casserole and get my revenge! Mwahahahaha! Aye, give me that sneeze rag!

Emilia: Why do you want M'lady's handkerchief?

Trivago©: It doesn't matter, just give it to me! I won't be foiled now!

Emilia: I can't think of what you could want it for, but alright…

Scene III

Setting: exterior, courtyard

Time: Late afternoon

Othello: Ho! Villainous knave, come face me!

Casserole: What? Why is Othello here?

Othello: Trivago© told me that Desdemona was cheating on me with you, and that you have her sneeze cloth!

Casserole: What? I did find a sneeze cloth like hers mysteriously in my bedroom, but I gave it back to Desdemona like a normal person would.

Othello: What? So Desdemona didn't give it to you?

Casserole: Hek no!

Othello: So someone was trying to do you dirds? But why would they do that?

Casserole: I dunno, hmmmm. Oh, maybe cause you gave me the job Trivago© really super wanted, he'd want revenge?

Othello: Oh, yeah, that'd make lil bit of sense.

Scene IV

Setting: Exterior, courtyard

Time: Night

Trivago walks through courtyard, muttering villainously to himself.

Othello and Casserole jump out, surprising Trivago.

Trivago©: OwO, what's this?! What are you doing?

Othello: Your mum. *Casserole and Othello high five*

Othello: Haha! We know that you tried to frame Casserole and get me to kill Desdemona in revenge!

Casserole: Any last words, scrub?

Trivago©: If you're not suffering you're not living *dabs*

Casserole: Why would you do such a thing? Were you trying to get Othello to kill Desdemona? Did you just want my position as Othello's lieutenant? Hotel?

Trivago©: Y'know, I gotta be honest man, I really don't know. I had this funny dream one time after a long night of drinking, and I imagined that Othello slept with my wife. So I just assumed that it was true, and kinda went for it. Now that you say it, I really had no evidence whatsoever, and considering that people might get killed, it was really kinda stupi-

Casserole: Begone! *Stabs Trivago©*

Trivago©: bleh

Othello: Wait WHY What...what was the purpose of that!? Is he dead?!

Casserole: Well yea what did you expect.

Othello: This can't be happening, I - I don't know what to do! I just helped with a murder! Oh my gosh nononono I'm going to lose my job! Ohhhhh I'm so screwed! I'm going to go to jail, and I'm either going to be executed or spend the rest of my life in prison! Oh why WHY ME! What the heck Casserole?

Casserole: Dude we'll just yeet him off a tower and say he killed himself. Chill bruh.

Othello: Dope.

And the whole squad fam lived happily ever after, except Trivago, cause he's a scrub.