Chapter 1: Light

A whiff of the nostalgic scent made him glance over to the ramen shop.

That was the first time. When Shisui saw that long blonde hair with the sunlight making it glow from behind, he was all negative because he just activated his Mangekyou Sharingan and he was drowning in his despair.

Inexplicably, he felt something inside him stir when he looked at the surreal color. He felt the unique feeling of the chakra that surrounded the hair and the owner.

Light. Hope. Contentment.

He felt those emotions swirling as he felt his body went relax.

He smiled lightly and ran to the Hokage tower, ready to report his disaster of a mission.

Oddly, he found peace at that moment.

Naruto glanced behind her, pausing from finishing her bowl of miso ramen. She had noticed a chakra signature of someone looking at her without any fear or anger or hatred, or any negative emotions for that matter. She was intrigued that the person looking at her was feeling too positive towards her that she had almost broken her chopsticks and her stomach clenched with excitement.

It was hope and contentment she guessed. She recognized those emotions because she herself had those when she was given her own apartment, away from the matron's cold looks and mean treatments.

Because aside from Hokage no Jiichan, Teuchi-san, and Ayame-no-Neechan, she never felt those positive emotions. Moreover, she didn't feel the pity that Teuchi-san always had when he served her, the guilt the Hokage Jiichan have when he walked along with her in the village, or the doubt that Ayame no Neechan sometimes have.

Naruto wanted to know that person right away.

Yet, she didn't want to in fear that was a fluke. Even though she was sure that was not.

But that didn't stop her from memorizing that chakra signature and remembering the day's date.

She didn't want to break the illusion of someone caring for her from a distance.

It's not stalking.

Naruto reasoned to herself that she was just curious when she felt guilty of checking in an unknown person with her mind's eye. She just wanted to know the well-being of the person that made her feel... she was a decent human person. The feeling of his presence in her life was different from the people that had already acknowledged her existence because she had never met face to face with her 'observer'.

She was on her way to the nearest grocery store. Naruto was sure now that person was watching her a minute or so after she was out from her apartment.

No, that's not ANBU that Jii-chan made to watch her movements a few years ago. She was certain that the ANBU guys never felt that deeply for her.

Naruto was fairly certain that the person that seldom around her proximity was not a stalker though. Because that person never watched her longer than a minute, and she herself never looked at the chakra longer than five minutes... mostly.

Really, she wanted to approach that person. But no because that person is a ninja, and when she, while bored, comparing this person chakra to Jii-chan, she was left utterly shocked.

That person could become a Hokage with that much chakra, she concluded after comparing his chakra reserves to Hokage-jiichan. In addition to that, she knew now that the person was a male because no female was that tall in this village, she concluded when she accidentally zoomed in too close when comparing that chakra to Jiichan.

So that was her motivation to starts training earlier than her fellow orphans and she started to visit the library almost every day and exercising every day until her body collapsed. Now that she was an academy student, she felt her goal closer than ever.

Naruto's dream was to become Hokage, which she had decided upon when she was three. For the reason that she wanted to be acknowledged by people, not ignored or looked at like she was a scum. Hokage-Jiichan was always being noticed by people whenever he was walking out on the street. She wanted that.

She didn't train or anything before because she didn't have the drive before, or she was too busy searching for at least one person that made her feel content with herself.

She had found it and the result was; she trained to the best of her ability for the past two years.

"Watch out, Konoha!" she shouted, not really thinking that she was in the middle of a busy street. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, your future Hokage dattebayo!" Naruto grinned brightly while pointing at that person's chakra signature. It didn't even register her mind that she might have exposed her skill in sensing chakra when she looked at the direction the person was sitting.

Well, she never considered her skill in sensing a special ability anyway.

She cackled loudly afterward, not acknowledging the ridiculous stares that the villagers now gave her. Knowing that the person was watching her now and she wanted to tell that person of her dream, she didn't care that she embarrassed herself to death by shouting it in the middle of the village while walking to the academy.

Naruto never noticed that she walked a little too fast after that.

It had been two years since Shisui noticed her. Although noticing that she was the village's Jinchuuriki, he didn't stop his somewhat irrational attachment to her.

Frankly, he didn't want to stop.

Even when he counted that it had been only seven years now since the Kyuubi attacked, and that made her eight years younger than him. Her appearance deceived him because she actually looked like a 10-year-old from a distance, with her long hair and all.

He swears to himself, yet again, that he isn't a lolicon or anything that Itachi had suggested to him. He is just attracted to her hair color, that's all. He idolized the Yondaime when he was a kid, after all.

Shisui was fifteen and a newly made ANBU. He had never put his interest in getting a girlfriend because the only thing in his mind was his village's wellbeing. He had never kissed anyone (and didn't plan to) and he had never planned to like someone.

'Because for long as I could remember, the safety of the village and my clan are always my top priority,' he mused to himself.

Ever since he spotted her, without him noticing, he was drawn to her calming and bright chakra that he started following her when he was distracted from thoughts that frankly made him want to lurch forward and vomit.

When the pressure was too much, he remembered her hair, that smile and that bright calming chakra that was the symbol of peace for him.

He badly wanted to hear her talk to him, smile at him. But that was absurd. She was the Jinchuuriki and he was an Uchiha. They couldn't be seen together, that would make the village restless and could possibly make the Uchiha use her for the plan if he was acquainted with her.

Because he had the Mangekyou Sharingan that their ancestor, Uchiha Madara, had used to control the Kyuubi.

He was content with knowing that if, no, when the coup's plan stopped he can see her every time he wanted.

"Watch out, Konoha! I'm Uzumaki Naruto, your future Hokage dattebayo!"

Shisui frowned when he heard her. That reminded him, he didn't even know her name for two years for Shodaime's sake. Not everyone knew her name, her whisker marks were the sign that she was the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki, but he should have known. He's an ANBU member so he could gather information with ease, especially with his skill in using Shunshin undetected; so why wouldn't he, after all this time, not searching for her name or any information of her?

He didn't know, or he didn't want to know. Somewhere deep inside, he wanted these feelings to be like a fan admiring an idol and not something deeper than that. But he wasn't the type to lie to himself, so he admitted―to himself― that he felt something about her.

But... Naruto, huh. Definitely not a feminine name that the Uchiha Clan would give to their daughters, but it's unique in his opinion. And just now, future Hokage? Wow, he knew her dream or ambition now.

That made him grin and his stomach bubbled with an unknown feeling.

... wait.

She was pointing towards his direction... and her eyes stared directly at his eyes when she said that.

Shisui badly wanted that to be a coincidence.

Because for the past two years he never suppressed his chakra when watching her and if she was a sensor, a skilled one or not, she might notice him watching her and and and-

Shisui's brain couldn't compute anymore so he used a quick shunshin to go to his apartment.

'Stupid,' he reprimanded himself. 'You're a freaking jounin! Get a hold of yourself!'

Shisui collapsed to his bed when he arrived. He buried his face on his pillow, seriously feeling like he wanted to crawl to the deepest hole the Iwagakure made in the last war.

Suddenly, he felt a disturbance of chakra in his room. Shisui stood up abruptly with narrowed eyes when he saw the mask the person wore.

'Ne's ANBU?'

"Uchiha Shisui, Danzō-sama requested your presence at the old Amaterasu temple."

Shisui nodded. The ANBU disappeared thereafter.

Shisui squeezed his eyes shut.

'It's time.'

He opened his eyes and used his personal Shunshin to reach his destination.

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