NAME: Astrid Stronghold

STATUS: Sidekick - She refused to show her invisibility and intantangibility at Power Placement because she doesn't agree with the system as she believes that as long as someone has powers, they can be dangerous

YEAR: Junior - At the beginning (Same as Lash)

FAMILY: Allison Stronghold - Mother (Human)

- Samuel Stronghold - Father (Superhero / Deceased)

- Steven Stronghold - Uncle (Superhero)

- Josie Stronghold - Aunt (Superhero)

- Will Stronghold - Cousin (Superhero)

POWERS: Invisibility - Ability to render oneself unseen to the human eye

- Intangibility - Ability to pass through solid objects by shifting one's density

- Healing - Ability to heal minor injuries

OTHER INFO: During her Freshman Year, her Father was murdered on a mission by his Sidekick after the Sidekick was corrupted by the Villain

PORTRAYED BY: Halston Sage