Steven Stronghold tried to hold in the tears as he escorted his niece down the aisle but when he saw the pure happiness in her eyes, her father's eyes, he couldn't help but let a few slip. This was something her father was doing but he was overjoyed to be given the privilege. Allison Stronghold had passed two years back, the alcohol had shut down her organs and she wasn't strong enough to fight back. It had taken Astrid a week to accept her mother's passing but they had been estranged for many years. However, it still hurt the girl from time to time. Especially now when her mother wasn't there to see her get married.

"I want to thank you." Astrid whispered to her uncle as they made their slow descent down the long aisle.

"For what?" Steven whispered back.

"Being there for me. No matter what."
"Anything for you, my dear." Steven patted Astrid's hand gently. "Oh look, your aunt and cousin are off."

The two of them started laughing at Josie and Will who were sobbing into handkerchiefs. Will looked dashing in a blue suit whilst Josie donned a red dress. Stronghold colours.

Smiling at the man waiting at the altar, Astrid tried not to let out a tear herself. He looked dashing and he was hers.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The Minister announced.

Placing his hand gently on her cheek, his thumb traced her jawline before he tilted her head and closed the distance between their lips.

"I present to you Mr and Mrs Jason Livingston."

As Lash and Astrid walked down the aisle, their guests threw confetti at them. Hand in hand, they burst out of the church and climbed into the car that would take the newlyweds to the reception.

"It's so weird hearing people call you Jason." Astrid chuckled, her head resting on her husband's shoulder.

"That's because you, Speed and Natalia are the only ones who still call me Lash."

"Old habits die hard, sweetheart." Astrid smiled and placed a kiss on Lash's lips.

"You look beautiful, Mrs Livingston."
Astrid blushed at the loving gaze in her husband's eyes and patted him affectionately on the cheek.

"You clean up nicely, Mr Livingston." She teased.

As the car came to a stop, the bride and groom gave each other one last kiss and Astrid grabbed her bouquet

"Are you ready for this?" Lash chuckled.

"I'm ready for anything." Astrid laughed. "We are Supers after all."

Speed was halfway through his best Man speech when the bracelet on Astrid's wrist beeped loud enough for people on the high table to hear.

Sharing a look with Lash, the bride and groom were suddenly in their Superhero outfits.

"Well, duty calls. Shouldn't be too long. Feel free to carry on without us." Lash smiled at his guests before Speed shot off with Astrid and Lash in hand. The Superheroes were off to save the day, as usual.

Grumbling about not being able to help, Natalia waddled over to Josie, Steven and Will where they all waited for the Bride, Groom and Best Man to return.

After an hour or so, the three Heroes zoomed back into the room, their wedding attire returned.

"Who's ready for some cake?!" Astrid smiled as if nothing had happened.

Two weeks later, Astrid and Lash had just returned from their honeymoon when Astrid's phone started to ring.

"Hello? Whoa, Speed, calm down. What?! We're on our way!" Astrid shrieked into the phone.

Ignoring Lash's questions, Astrid dragged her husband into the car before driving towards the hospital. Rushing down the hallway like a mad woman, she knocked quickly on the door in front of her and barrelled in as soon as the door was open.

Lying in the bed, Natalia looked exhausted and there was still sweat running down her forehead.

"Hey you. How you feeling?" Astrid smiled at her long-time best friend.

"Sore but I'm doing good. Would you two like to meet your god-daughter?" Natalia smiled.

A beaming smile spread on the Livingston's faces as they stared down at the tiny baby girl that was placed in Astrid's arms. She let out a small yawn but continued to stay asleep.

"She's gorgeous. Well done, Nat." Lash praised as he smiled at the tiny human.

"Babe." He whispered in Astrid's ear. "We should have one."

"Maybe we are." Astrid responded, not looking at her husband but knowing he was beaming.

Eight years later, Natalia and Astrid were sat on the deck chairs smiling as their husbands were entertaining their children with their powers.

Speed was running after the ball that his little girl threw for him and Lash was lifting his little boy high in the air.

"Everything worked out in the end, didn't it?" Natalia stated, taking a sip of her drink.

"That it did. We got our happily ever after's."

Astrid locked eyes with Lash and knew that everything was as it should be. This man was her Hero, just as he had always wanted to be. Lash locked eyes with Astrid and knew that everything was as it should be. This woman was his saviour, just as he had always wanted to be. In the end, they always saved each other.