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Authors note: Hi there! Welcome to the new and improved the Stan 10 story.

This version is very similar to the original version except I have modified and fixed dozens of spelling mistakes and added more talking and in-depth descriptions to the events of this chapter whilst also sticking to a first-person liner style narrative from the characters with third-person descriptions.

The same process will occur for the other Chapters.

Thanks and enjoy reading the new and improved Stan 10.

In this reality, the Omnitrix did not befall Ben Tennyson.

Instead, it fell on the arm of his best friend: Stan Hopkins whose small life would change forever and get bigger as a result...

Italics: Thinking.

Space... Full of many mysteries and wonders of the universe; vast civilizations and more seemingly inhabit the universe as various species flourish throughout it to help learn more about the wonders of the universe.

One such wonder of the universe is a unique and integrating device known as The 'Omnitrix'.

With this device, anyone could turn or transform into a variety of different and unique alien species all with their powers and abilities.

Now the life of one child on the planet 'Earth' will change forever throughout the greatest summer and the beginning of his many adventures...

Chapter One: 'And Then There was 10.'

In space near the inner Solar System next to the Asteroid Belt, everything seemed to be quiet in the empty thick void as it stood lifeless...



Two ships are fighting each other in an epic space battle.

A small green and blue ship was fighting a much more powerful and bigger red ship known as The Chimerian Hammer.

Inside the massive ship lies the most powerful and dangerous conqueror the universe has ever seen.

His name is Vilgax.

He runs a gigantic army with various and mindless robotic drones serving his purpose.

In the main control room, Vilgax is seated watching over as his robotic goons run his ship tasks fighting against the smaller one.

Vilgax is a medium-sized figure about the size of a man who is a green humanoid squid-like alien with tentacles on his face similar to that of an octopus.

He wears no clothing except for some amour that is a mixture of black and red on his chest, feet, legs and arms.

Vilgax is a tenacious and greedy person only caring about himself and the power he wields over others in fear of having running and owning a vast intergalactic empire.

His voice is thick, malicious and evil beyond all comprehension being one of the most feared beings in the Universe.

As the ships continue to fire and destroy each other, one of the robotic soldiers on the ship informs Vilgax of the current situation of the ship's systems as the vessel continued to fall apart and be damaged.

"Hull Damage is twenty percent, but the system's still operational." The robotic drone informed Vilgax.

Vilgax scowled and glared at the drone before he refocused his attention on the small vessel muttering loudly, "I have come too far to be denied. The Omnitrix shall be mine, and there is not a being in the galaxy who dares stands in my way!"

Little did he know: He was wrong. Very wrong.


The homeworld of the human race.

Home to 9.5 billion people all with unique and different personalities and ways along with so much knowledge and culture.

The current time and year? 2.55 pm, June 2005.

The location?

The town of Bellwood, located in the U.S.A.

Bellwood is a small but large town of around 20,000 people that was founded in 1638.

The motto of the town: is the 'Most Normal City in America'.

There are many parts of the city from the swimming baths to the office facilities and more.

But the main location now? Madison Elementary school.

It is here where our young pre-teen hero is currently finishing his last class with his good friend.

Benjamin 'Kirby' Tennyson who is one of the main side characters of the story.

Ben is a young pre-teen male aged ten.

He has thick shaggy brown hair, bright green eyes, and thin pale skin.

He is rather skinny but to compensate he is also known to be rather acrobatic.

His usual clothing normally consists of a black striped white shirt that has short sleeves along with green cargo shorts along with sneakers that have an identical colour scheme to his shirt.

Ben is mostly known to be childish, cocky and arrogant; he also likes to crack jokes a lot.

Despite this, however, he is also known to be kind-hearted and caring of others as well and generally heroic in general.

He does not display this often though joking to hide his fears.

But you've seen this story already haven't you?

Time to meet the new hero of this tale.

Meet Stanley 'Stan' Neil Hopkins, who is currently reading a book about the autobiography of George Washington.

He is a young pre-teen who like Ben is aged ten.

In comparison to Ben: Stan has neatly cut black hair; deep clear blue eyes and a pale skin tone as well although slightly deep.

He is slightly medium-sized but not skinny, however.

His clothing is simple but effective, he wears a simple but plain white t-shirt that has grey buttons on it along with light brown stripes.

He wears a pair of blue jeans that are neatly kept and presented and are not ripped at all, unlike some teens.

To finish the look he wears a pair of trainers that are brown with some green splotches located on either side.

This coincides with a pair of deep brown glasses he wears as well.

He also carries a black Star Wars backpack with white bold writing for the logo to store his items in such as comic books and more.

Stan's personality is unique among other people due to him being slightly autistic which causes his emotions to flux slightly depending on the situation he is in.

Despite this, he is respectful, kind and nice to most people and also tries to stay and be mature but calm as well.

Sometimes however like Ben, he can act giddy and childish when he has one of his 'happy moments' as he describes the sensation.

Like Ben, he is kind-hearted and thinks of the welfare of other people and himself as well.

Stan is also a massive fan of pop culture and technology in general and likes media such as Sumo Slammers, DC comics, and Star Wars.

As the time on the clock nearly went down to 3.30, Ben began to act impatient as he frowned and looking around bored with the teacher continuing her lecture.

Ben then had a brilliant idea as he then decided to throw a paper plane at the teacher and act innocently.

However, Stan noticed this and sighed to himself in annoyance before he slowly whispered, "Why Ben? Why?" as he continued to read the book a bit longer.

Meanwhile Ben looked to the clock desperately in a hurry to get out and enjoy summer as he nervously muttered, "Come on. Come on."

"And I just wanted to remind you all that I will be teaching summer school this year, and it's not too late to sign up!" the Teacher informed the vast majority of bored students in the classroom.

"Yeah right," Ben muttered rolling his eyes in annoyance at such an idiotic statement in his opinion.


The class bell then began to ring loudly as the kids inside the room then cheered before the population of the class began to acquire their belongings and exit the room.

Stan then finished reading his book before he closed it and placed it back on his desk before he grabbed his Star Wars backpack and slung it over his shoulder.

Ben then cheered happily at finally being able to leave the class.

"Yes! Outta here!" Ben yelled as he then quickly grabbed his belongings.

"Everyone has a good vacation and I hope to see you all again in the fall." the Teacher stated as she erased the work of the whiteboard as it squeaked slightly with the text being erased before Stan decided to thank the teacher back.

"Thanks, Miss! Have a good vacation as well." Stan inquired happily as he began to walk out of the room with Ben following him.

"Benjamin, could I have a word with you before you go?" The teacher inquired to Ben.

Stopping in mid-walk, Ben then turned around and spotted the teacher holding the paper plane he had thrown.

Sighing in annoyance, Ben then walked to the teacher as Stan exited the classroom and closed the door.

A few minutes later...

Stan hummed to himself slightly before the door reopened.

An annoyed looking Ben then began to walk forward before Stan followed him.

Soon the two were proceeding down the hallways of Madison Elementary School along with the numerous amount of other school students.

"Ben, why did you throw that plane? Could you not have waited five minutes at least?" Stan asked as he stared at Ben hoping to get an honest answer.

"So? I don't think it was not that big of a deal anyway Stan. Besides school is out now for three long months." Ben replied.

Feeling annoyed, Stan sighed as he briefly thought over the situation like he sometimes did.

"What do I with him? I mean he is a good person and my best friend, but he tends to be immature at times. Ah well." Stan briefly recalled his experiences with Ben.

"Never mind Ben, besides it's the last day. Are you ready for a great road trip?" Stan questioned his friend as he stopped thinking to himself.

"You bet I am! Let's go!" Ben praised feeling excited as both boys then approached the exit of the school.

The two pre-teens then exited the building as the hot humid summer air blasted the two boys before they both continued to walk off the site talking to each other.

At the same time, two other students are seemingly bullying another boy who was terrified as he was backed into a corner by two other boys who were taunting him.

The oldest boy is named Cash Murray.

He has dark skin, black hair and is rather tall.

He wears a grey shirt with a cash register on it and blue shorts.

J.T. is a shorter then Cash but is slightly bigger instead.

He has messy brown hair and a pale skin tone.

Like Stan, he wears glasses to see with silver frames.

He wears a dark olive shirt and a yellow t-shirt with olive pants as well.

The victim Jamie has blue hair and is obese.

He wears a light t-shirt with a greyish blue shirt.

He also has blue rounded glasses along with blue jeans and a watch.

"Normally, we'd take your money and beat you up. But since it's the last day of school, we're gonna give you a break. Now fork over the cash so we can get out of here!" Cash cackled enjoying the humiliation he was delivering only for two voices to be heard yelling.

"Oi! You two! Back off now!" Stan shouted out.

"Leave him alone!" Ben then yelled out.

Cash and J.T. then paused as both boys turned around as Ben and Stan stood there looking annoyed at the bullying situation.

"Back off, shrimps!" J.T. nervously demanded as he tried to ignore the situation from getting worse.

"I said leave him alone!" Ben yelled back as Stan then added, "Yeah, you two should step back before something bad goes down."

Cash mockingly grinned before he said, "Oh, looks like we got ourselves a pair of heroes! Suppose you don't want to back off."

Cash and J.T. then left a terrified Jamie both boys then walked over to Ben and Stan confronting them.

"What are you going to do about it, Hopkins and Tennyson?" Cash questioned loudly before things seemed to go quiet again with the four glaring at each other.

Stan then muttered to the bullies, "Now then if you don't stop this I will… Ben what the?!".

Stan watched in horror before Ben ended up charging at them with a shout rushing in widely as Stan gulped fearing that things would go bad.

A few minutes later...

Ben, Stan and Jamie had ended up being shaken upside-down as both pockets were emptied of money and they were hanging on a tree via wedges near the road as Jamie sarcastically said, "Thanks a lot."

"I was just trying to help..." Ben muttered back in response before Stan then ranted to Ben, "Yeah, nice going, Ben... The next time I say wait, you wait!"

Ben panicked slightly replying, "Sheesh dude, chill out."

Before Stan could reply, an RV parked onto the side of the road near the tree.

The RV is known as the Rust Bucket.

The vehicle features a yellow and grey paint scheme with various antennas present with it being a large and sturdy American RV.

The window then pulled down showing off a middle-aged man smiling slightly.

His name is Maxwell 'Max' Tennyson.

Max is a middle-aged gentleman aged fifty-nine.

Like Ben, he has pale skin, but he has brown eyes however along with thin white hair.

He wears a red Hawaiian shirt with blue pants and brown boots as his main outfit.

His voice is also slightly deep and father-like.

"Come on Ben and Stan, Let's go. We're burning daylight. I want to make it to the campsite by nightfall." Max added on before he looked up at the tree and noticed the three boys hanging up there.

"Oh Grandpa, a little help here?" Ben asked Max.

Max then nodded back as he slowly walked out and assisted the boys.

A few moments later...

Once Max had managed to assist the boys down from the tree as they climbed down, they walked into the Rust Bucket.

Following Max, Ben happily hopped into the Rust Bucket exclaiming, "I've so been looking forward to this!"

Stan responded by smiling politely as he entered the Rust Bucket more calmly, "I must admit, it will be nice to go around the good old U.S.A for a summer vacation!"

Once inside, Stan closed the side door as he looked around and observed his new surroundings.

The inside of the Rust Bucket has all the modern-day amenities one could expect from it.

A bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, a table and some beds at the back as well.

"What are you doing here?!" Ben then suddenly shouted out in shock.

Confused, Stan turned around and noticed Ben glaring a girl who was sat down on the side booth.

This is Gwen Tennyson, Ben's cousin and Max's granddaughter.

Like Ben, Gwen has green eyes and pale skin as she is similar looking to Ben along with the same age as well.

However, Gwen has red hair that is cut in a pixie style cut way.

She wears a long-sleeved blue shirt that is light blue in the centre which also has a cat icon on the chest of it.

She also wears white trousers and white shoes along with a blue hairpin located in her hair and a pair of matching circular blue earings too.

Gwen is smart and mature at times, however, she is stubborn and smart-mouthed when she talks to her brother.

She is a quick thinker as well and does not get distracted, unlike Stan.

However, she is too trusting of others.

Stan then saw Gwen and decided to introduce himself to Gwen, "Nice to meet you, I'm Stan Hopkins."

"Same here, I'm Gwen Tennyson," Gwen replied happily pleased with Stan's positive attitude as Ben continued to plead with Max about his cousin's presence.

"Grandpa, What is she doing here?!" Ben complained to Max.

"Take it easy, dweeb. This wasn't my idea. Somebody convinced my mom camping for the summer would be a good experience for me." Gwen finally replied becoming annoyed with Ben's presence as well.

"Grandpa, please tell me you didn't." pleaded Ben before Stan replied, "I don't know, Ben it would be nice to have more company I guess."

"I thought it would be fun if your cousin came along with us this summer. Is there a problem?" Max inquired Ben who stopped talking.

Ben and Gwen then glared at each other before saying nothing as silence filled the RV.

"Well, this just got awkward real fast," Stan stated as he moved to the front of the vehicle and sat down in the nearby front seat before Max walked to the front of the Rust Bucket and started the engine of the RV.

Rumble... WHOOSH!

As the Rust Bucket began to drive out of Bellwood, Gwen and Ben once again started to argue which annoyed Stan and Max who did their best to ignore it.

"Aw, I can't believe it. I wait all school year to go on this trip and now the queen of cooties is along for the ride. " Ben mocked Gwen who glared and fired back, "Hey, I had my vacation already all planned out, too, you know."

Gwen then pulled out a calendar of schedules and activities before she stated, "Each activity is colour-coded so I never did the same thing two days in a row. Now I'm stuck with my geekazoid cousin going camping for three months."

Ben rolled his eyes before he muttered to Gwen, "Geek."

"Jerk." Gwen fired back in response.

Meanwhile, Stan and Max were having a more pleasant conservation as Max asked, "So sport, how are things? Your mom doing good?"

Stan smiled slightly replying, "Oh yeah, Max, my mom is doing well, but i'm going to stay in touch whilst we go out around the country though."

Stan quickly fumbled around in the right pocket of his trousers before he found a new Nokia 2005 Cell phone in it as Max complimented his idea, "Good thinking, I just hope you enjoy yourself okay?"

"Thanks, Max. I hope we have a good summer as well." Stan responded casually before he looked out the side window watching on as the trees flashed by.

Max nodded before he heard Ben and Gwen taunt each other before Max stated, "Something tells me it's going to be a long summer."

"I think you might be right there," Stan added on as the Rust Bucket finally left the highway behind.

Several hours later...

Stan smiled happily as he looked around at the campsite they had arrived at 9.00 pm with the Rust Bucket parked up nearby.

Ben sat next to him smiling as well whilst Gwen was sat opposite looking hungry.

"Chow time!" Max shouted out as he walked over to the picnic table carrying a large bowl of food.

Stan grinned slightly before he licked his lips as he asked, "What have you got?"

However, Stan froze in horror as Max put the bowl down which had dozens of slimy worms in there that squirmed as the kids recoiled in disgust.

"Okay, I give up. What is that?" Ben asked curiously before Max replied, "Marinated mealworms. Hard to find them fresh in the states. You know they're considered a delicacy in some countries."

"And gross in others." Gwen groaned feeling sick.

One of the worms then ended up squirming out of the bowl as it landed on the table near Stan where he froze in horror before muttering, "You consider this food? I have seen better stuff on TV! No offence or anything Max."

Max smiled slightly as he replied, "Well, If these aren't good, I've got some smocked sheep's tongue in the fridge."

"Ugh. Couldn't we just have a burger or something?" Ben questioned Max who laughed the gesture off saying, Nonsense! This summers gonna be an adventure for your taste buds. I'll grab the tongue."

The kids looked at each other frozen in horror as Max left the table in search for the tongue before Stan whispered in horror, "Oh um... Why is he making us eat this stuff? I don't feel so good."

Ben then informed the other two kids, "Okay. I've got a half-eaten bag of corn chips and a candy bar in my backpack. What have you got, Gwen?"

"Some rice cakes and hard candy. And you Stan?" Gwen said before she asked Stan.

"Some crisps and a fizzy drink," Stan replied before he looked at Ben who said, "Think we can make them last the whole summer?"

There was silence before all the kids groaned disappointedly with the outcome they had.

Meanwhile, back in space...


Both spacecraft continued to fire at each other as both ships began to approach the planet Earth and the Moon.


The Chimerian Hammer ended up blasting the back of the smaller ship crippling the engine as a large red laser blasted it to smithereens in the debris field of metal that had gathered around the ship.

On the ship, Vilgax smiled at the satisfactory victory he had achieved as the robotic drone blared out, "The propulsion systems have been destroyed on the other ship."

"Excellent. Prepare to board. I want the Omnitrix now!" Vilgax demanded as he slowly moved out of his throne.


The smaller ship then fired a massive green laser from the top fin it had before the laser blasted the command centre of the Chimerian Hammer.

This created a huge explosion which destroyed the robotic pilot and severely injured Vilgax.


The Chimerian Hammer then retaliated back by firing a huge red laser beam that destroyed the smaller blue ship.


Slowly metal and debris began to form around the wreck site as the front part of the ship became intact.


A green space capsule was then launched from the ship before it plummeted downwards.

The capsule then broke apart into a black pod that was sent hurtling down to Earth below like an asteroid.

Meanwhile back on Earth...

Back at the campsite, Ben was playing on a Nintendo game boy system whilst Gwen was on her laptop.

Also, Stan was texting on his mobile phone as Max then walked up to the trio of kids as he held onto a medium-sized bag of marshmallows.

"Who wants to roast marshmallows?" Max inquired to the kids, only for the three to ignore him.

Max sighed slightly before he asked, "Okay. How about we tell scary stories?"

"Scarier than having to spend your summer with your reek of a cousin?" Ben said as he laughed before Stan glared at him in annoyance replying, "Ben! Come on man."

Gwen also seemed unhappy as she taunted Ben, "I'd like to, Grandpa, but I'm busy looking up cures for extreme doofuses! Nothing yet Ben, but let's not give up hope!"

"Come on, you two, we're all in this together. Either you can mope around all summer or we can have some fun!" Max pleaded with the kids trying to defuse the situation.

Stan then added, "I say we do something interesting and fun you know?"

"I vote for moping." Gwen snarkily joked back.

Annoyed with the arguments and tension, Stan sighed again before he slowly stood up and placed his backpack on the ground before he yawned out, "Right, I am going for a walk, see you guys shortly okay?"

Stan then began to walk into the forest slowly before Max mused, "I, uh think they are starting to grow on each other."

However Ben and Gwen did not share this statement.

"Yeah, right dweeb." Ben muttered before Gwen fired back, "Shut it, doofus!"


Stan sighed to himself as he continued to walk in the thickly wooded forest, "Ah well, not the best start for a vacation I guess... Hmm, what to do now?"

Stan then stopped thinking before he looked up at the night filled sky.

The Moon was orbiting in the distance, as it's pale white shadow was lighting up the sky amongst hundreds of other stars like Alpha Centauri and Epsilon Eridani which glowed many light-years away from Earth.

"Man what a beautiful evening. It's moments like this that make me wonder are we alone in the universe? Heck, Nasa has only been to the moon." Stan mused happily in joy.

Stan then noticed a bright pinkish shooting star that shot across the night sky.

Frozen in awe at the shooting star, Stan then pondered, "That's a pretty cool shooting star. I wonder where that will end up?"


As if to answer his question, the shooting star ended up changing directions and dived down to where Stan was.

"Oh crap!" A shocked Stan yelled out before he ran for his life.

The shooting star then collided with the ground which caused a huge flash of light from the impact.


Junk and dirt were sent flying into the air causing Stan to blown away from the impact site.


Bracing himself, Stan grunted in pain as he crash-landed on the dirt floor face first before he rolled across the floor finally stopping with his brown glasses rolling off his head whilst a thick cloud of dust slowly rose up from the impact site with dust and smoke rising above in the air.

Groaning, Stan began to cough as he felt an aching pain come over him before he realized that his glasses were misplaced as he began to look for them.

"Ugh..." Stan muttered before his right hand slowly grabbed hold of the pair of brown glasses that were discarded on the dirt floor.

Stan then slowly regained his footing before he looked around and noticed his dirty condition.

"Messy, Messy..." Stan muttered before he quickly used his hands to wipe off any dust on his shirt and trousers.

Once he placed his brown glasses back on his face, A large crater then appeared from his viewpoint.

Stan paused before he slowly began to walk over to the crater and muttered, "What is that thing anyway?"

Approaching the edge of the crater, Stan slowly peeked over and noticed a large black container in the centre of the impact site.


The ground then collapsed above Stan as he grunted sliding down into the crater before he landed on his back.

Groaning again, Stan slowly got back up as he noticed the futuristic container.


The container then hissed open as thick white smoke emerged from the pod revealing a rather odd device inside.

Curious, Stan moved closer to the pod and looked at the glowing green device in closer detail.

The device is some kind of watch that had a green faceplate on it glowing.

It also had black frames with grey supports that snaked around on it along with a green button located on the left side.

"Is that a watch? What's a watch doing in outer space?" Stan questioned to himself.

Confused and intrigued by the device, Stan decided to slowly move his right arm to carefully hold the watch and quietly place it back in the pod once he was done with it.


The watch ended up clamping onto Stan's right arm.

Freaking out in shock and worry, Stan tried to get the watch off as he shook his hand frantically not noticing that it was bonding to his DNA and that he would end up using it and his life would change forever...

Finally, Stan gave up trying to shake the watch off before he panicked mumbling, "Oh dear! I need to get this thing off!"

Moving to the side of the crater, Stan used the rocks to climb out of the crater before he ran off back to the campsite.


Back at the campsite, Max began to wonder where Stan had gone as he muttered, "Hmm... Stan has been gone a while. I guess he can't get into too much trouble out there."

Gwen rolled her eyes and sarcastically replied, "Unless he winds up bear food."

"Gwen! That was a bit harsh." Ben said, condemning Gwen's comment as Max also frowned at her disappointed as well.

Gwen shrugged and replied, "Hey, I can dream, can't I?"

At the same time...

Stan grunted again as he tried to pull the watch off with his left hand for the third time, "Come on... I just need..."


The watch beeped in response before Stan groaned in annoyance and kneeled on the ground.

Looking around, Stan then spotted a wooden branch laying nearby.

Grinning happily, Stan grabbed hold of the branch and slid it under the watch before he began to pry the watch off with the stick.

"Please come off..." Stan pleaded as he forced the stick until...


The stick ended up breaking and falling to the ground in half causing Stan to curse in annoyance, "Ah nuts! This watch has to come off right?!"

Giving up in defeat, Stan sighed and sat down on the dirt ground near an oak tree before his blue eyes glanced towards the Omnitrix.


Stan shrugged before he began to fiddle with the watch on his right arm.

"This has to do something, I mean does it even work or not?" Stan questioned himself before the faceplate of the watch popped up as the watch beeped.


Caught of by surprise, Stan smiled in awe saying, "Whoa! What is this thing up to?"

The X-shaped faceplate then changed to form a diamond shape and the shadow or silhouette of a humanoid flame-headed creature with thick hands appeared on the faceplate.

Stan froze in confusion before thinking, "Hmm… This is interesting. He looks like someone from Star Wars or something like that. Should I or not?"

No longer thinking Stan looked around before he shrugged as his left hand carefully pushed down the faceplate of the watch causing his blue eyes to widen in interest.


Immediately after Stan pressed down the faceplate, a large flash of green light appeared from the watch blinding him slightly causing him to stand up in shock as his mysterious transformation began with his body temperature beginning to get hotter and hotter...

The watch shrank down into Stan's arm vanishing and from where it shrank, brown-orange like rocks began to appear down on his arm slowly covering his body and clothing.

"What is happening to me?!" Stan yelled in horror as his childlike voice slowly got deeper and thicker as he struggled to speak.

The rocks continued to cover his body spreading to his legs and then his eyes as rocks slowly covered Stan's terrified blue eyes.

Next cracks slowly began to form in his rocky skin and the Omnitrix symbol ended up forming on his chest as he grew in size to a young teenager.

Finally, to finish, his head erupted into flames with a face outline as the green light faded away.

Stan had become a Pyronite known as Heatblast.

Groaning, Heatblast slowly felt his eyes reopen as he looked down and noticed his new rocky molten body.

Shocked, Heatblast froze before he realized what had just happened.

He had changed into a fire alien and he was on fire.

"HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I'M ON FIRE!" Heatblast yelled with his voice now being thick and gravelly before he panicked and ran around the area screaming like a child.

Thirty seconds later...

Heatblast slowly stopped running before he looked at himself in awe and confusion, "What did I just do? What... I'm on fire and yet I am not burning?"

The confused Pyronite looked over his body as he continued to observe himself in awe muttering, "How interesting... This creature whatever it is has adopted a fire like a body... But where did it come from and why did I turn into it?"

Heatblast then had a moment of realization before he turned around and noticed a large wooden tree.

Flexing his hand, Heatblast noticed a fireball that seemed to be forming before he murmured in confusion, "Hmm what if I did this?"

Moving his hand out, a fireball then formed from Heatblast's hand before it crashed into the branch of the tree Stan had sat against.


Grinning slightly, Heatblast then moved his hands together and shouted out, "Hmm... Let's try something bigger and better!"

Charging up a bigger fireball, Heatblast then hurled it towards more trees and ignited.


However, Heatblast had misjudged how quickly the fire would spread before a forest fire was created.

One by one each tree was lit up by a massive inferno of flame and heat as Heatblast looked on in embarrassment and shock.

"Uh oh, Maybe I should have thought this out more." A nervous Heatblast muttered to himself.

Back at the campsite...

Ben and Gwen were busy playing until Gwen spotted a nearby column of thick smoke and asked Max, "What's that?"

Max frowned before explaining, "Looks like the start of a forest fire, we should let the ranger station know. Probably some damn fools out there, messing with something he shouldn't."

"Stan! He was out there for a walk remember?!" A panicking Ben then loudly shouted out.

Gwen and Max's eyes widened in shock before Ben pointed out, "Stan could be in trouble. We've got to help him out!"

Max quickly nodded before he reached into a nearby storage container and grabbed hold of three fire extinguishers before he handed two of them to Ben and Gwen.

"You two better use these, Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher anyway?" Max questioned Ben and Gwen who both look determined to help.

"Yeah I do, don't worry Grandpa. Yeah, same here." Ben and Gwen replied before Max smiled stating, "Good, the pair of you be careful and stick next to me. Let's go!"

Max then lead Ben and Gwen towards the forest fire as the situation got worse.

Meanwhile back with Heatblast in the forest...


Heatblast groaned as he attempted to stomp out a branch with his foot only for it to ignite even more as the Pyronite looked around mumbling, "Oh man! This would be so cool if it weren't so... not cool."

At the same time, Gwen was extinguishing various flames around her as she did not notice Heatblast.


Heatblast then bumped into someone only for him to turn around as he saw Gwen who froze in shock clutching her fire extinguisher.

"ARGHHH!" Gwen screamed as Heatblast carefully walked back.

Holding out his hands, Heatblast explained to Gwen, "Now wait! I know I look weird, but there's no reason to be afraid! Look I can explain..."


The next thing Heatblast knew was that Gwen knocked him on his head with the fire extinguisher.

Slightly dazed, Heatblast stumbled back only for Gwen to activate the fire extinguisher spraying foam at Heatblast.


Coughing out foam from his mouth, Heatblast wiped the remaining foam away just before he heard Gwen say, "I don't know what you are, but you'll stay down there if you know what's good for you,"

Annoyed, Heatblast then flicked his fingers and created a small flame on the sole of Gwen's shoe.


"Ow!" Gwen yelled in pain before she aimed the fire extinguisher and blasted the foam on her shoe whilst Heatblast slowly looked at Gwen.

Glaring back, Gwen aimed the fire extinguisher and told Heatblast, "I warned you."

Surprisingly, Heatblast calmly replied, "Don't even think about it Gwen, It's me."

Shocked, Gwen's eyes widened in surprise as she asked, "Stan? Is that you? What happened?"

Feeling worried, Heatblast decided to explain what had occurred to him as the fire continued to rage around the two with Gwen listening in awe and shock.

"Well you see, this meteor fell from the sky and almost munched me, except it was not a meteor or a satellite, but some kind of watch device that latched onto my wrist. I tried to get it off, but next thing I know I ended up turning on fire, except it didn't hurt when I accidentally caused this mega forest fire." Heablast fully explained to Gwen.

As Heatblast finished explaining, Max and Ben both then ran up together, having seen Gwen in the distance talking to Heatblast.

"Gwen, are you alright... What in blazes?" Max said in awe and shock before Ben replied, "Whoa! Some kind of fire monster or freak!" Ben replied just as shocked.

Heatblast then calmly stated, "Chill out. It's me guys, Stan."

Still confused, Max asked, "Stan? What happened to you?!" as Heatblast began to explain, "Well, as I said earlier I was walking when this meteor..."

"Um excuse me, Major forest fire burning out of control, remember?" Gwen interrupted as Heatblast nodded before Ben asked, "So does anyone know how to stop the fire?"

Silence occurred whilst the flames raged around with everyone thinking for a couple of seconds until an idea popped into Max's head who explained, "Backfire. Start a new fire and let it burn into the old fire. They should snuff each out, think you can do it, Stan?"

Heatblast looked around at the raging inferno before he smiled and nodded, "Shooting flames, I can definitely do and get it right."

"Good, Ben, Gwen, I need you two to come with me and let Stan hear put out the fire," Max explained as Ben and Gwen nodded before the Tennyson trio then spilt away from Heatblast who smiled and ran off from the inferno.

A few mins later...

Heatblast smiled as he found a small clearing on a hill.

The Pyronite then focused before he cupped his hands together and charged up a large heat ray.


The massive fire beam fired from Heatblast's hands spread across the empty area as another fire then ignited with the flames quickly spreading until both fires merged into a massive one.

Slowly but surely, the fire began to spread out as the fire finally extinguished itself for good after ten mins passed.

Heatblast looked around before he nodded to himself as the Pyronite then left the wrecked area behind just as a park ranger drove up in a truck to the wrecked site of the fire only to be confused that the fire had gone out quickly.

At the same time back in space...

Onboard the Chimerian Hammer as it floated in space above the planet of Earth, a robotic drone was reporting to Vilgax who was inside of a giant healing tank.

"What do you mean it's not there?! This battle nearly cost me my life and you say the Omnitrix is no longer onboard the transport?!" Vilgax yelled outraged as his voice rasped across the healing tank as the robotic drone watched on emotionless.


The tank then opened revealing a battle-scarred and very injured Vilgax from the explosion earlier.

His left leg was gone, his right arm and leg were ruined and he was hooked up to a breathing tube to keep him alive while his body would slowly regenerate.

"Sensors indicate a probe was jettisoned from the ship just before boarding. It landed on the planet known as Earth below there in the northern quadrant." The robotic drone replied to Vilgax who growled and commanded, "Bring it to me. Now!"

The robotic drone nodded and told him, "As you wish my lord."

A few moments later...


The outside of the ship opened as a large orange probe flew out the ship heading towards the same region the Omnitrix crash-landed in.

At the same time back on Earth...

At the campsite, The Tennyson trio and Heatblast were sat in front of a log fire as Max was questioning Heatblast, "And you say that this watch just clamped on your wrist?"

Heatblast looked solemn and unhappy before he then replied, "Yep that is what happened, and trust me I don't know to get rid of this thing. It's like superglue literally."

"Anyone want marshmallows?" Gwen asked as she handed them out to everyone who was sat down around the log.

Once Heatblast got his marshmallow, the hot heat that Heatblast gave off caused the marshmallow to melt into goop.

In response, the Pyronite sighed unhappily as sadness overwhelmed him, "Yeah, I did not mean for this to happen you know... It was not my fault..."

Heatblast then began to cry slightly as a hot tear of lava fell from his left eye.


The hot tear sizzled on the ground near Heatblast who gloomily looked on at the fire before Ben could not watch the sad Pyronite anymore.

"Yeah, I believe him." Ben explained to everyone as Heatblast froze and smiled slightly at Ben who went on, "If it were me then maybe it would have been my fault, but he is different then me."

To help make Heatblast feel happier, Max added, "I believe you okay Stan?"

Feeling happy with all the support, Heatblast smiled happily as the sadness in him quickly vanished, "Sure, got it, Max."

"Think he is going to stay a monster forever?" Gwen questioned Heatblast in intrigue before Max surprisingly responded with, "He's not a monster, he's an alien."

Heatblast, Ben and Gwen then stared at him suspiciously and confused as Max shrugged back, "I mean, look at him? What else could he be?"

Feeling unhappy again, Heatblast sighed before he gloomily muttered to Max, "I don't want to be fire freak forever. How am I going to make the school education knowledge team if I burn someone or something every time I touch anything?

Max frowned before optimistically stating, "Don't worry Stan. We'll figure this thing out."


Confused everyone stared at Heatblast as the Omnitrix symbol on his chest began to beep a bright red colour until...


A bright red light covered the area and blinded everyone briefly as Heatblast felt his body slowly return to normal with the Pyronite DNA changing back to Human DNA.

Heatblast shrunk in size as the cracks and the rocks vanished with Stan's regular human skin and clothing returning to normal.

Heatblast also shrunk back down to his regular size before Stan felt himself remerge whilst Heatblast vanished back into the Omnitrix.

As the bright red light faded, the Tennyson trio spotted Heatblast who was now back to normal.

Looking over his body, Stan smiled and yelled out, "I don't believe it! I'm me again!"

Stan then couldn't help laugh out happily and giggled in excitement whilst Ben and Max both smiled back.

"Aw! Too bad. I liked you when you were a briquette." Gwen snarkily joked to Stan.

Ben also added on, "Dude, you've got a pretty cool setup, going on with that watch right now."

Once Stan finished laughing he looked at his right arm and noticed that the Omnitrix was now a bright red colour.

Immediately he tried to pull the watch off again with his left arm, but to no avail did it come off.

"I still can't get this blasted thing off my arm," Stan complained in anger.

Max looked on thinking before he stated, "Better not fool with it until we know exactly what we're dealing with. Stay here kids, I'll go check out that crash site."

Max then moved off the log before he began to walk off to the crash site holding onto a flashlight whilst the kids looked around and began to talk again.

Meanwhile back at the crash site, everything was quiet until...


The orange pod crashed onto the ground sending more mud and branches flying everywhere.

The pod then fell apart with smoke flying out of it as a giant robot emerged from the ruined spacecraft.


Slowly, Orange segments sprouted out as three legs that had clawless feet emerged.

Then two giant arms that had claws with no hands appeared before a large bug like head with glowing red eyes popped up.

Scanning the area it was in, the giant robot then noticed the ruined pod that the Omnitrix had crashlanded in.

Aiming out's it large hand, the giant robot destroyed the pod with a bright red laser.


With the pod destroyed, the giant robot moved on before it detached two spider-like drones from its shoulders.


And so all three robots went off searching for the Omnitrix.

At the same time back at the Rust Bucket...

An intrigued Stan stood near the entrance door staring at the Omnitrix on his right arm thinking, "Man this thing must have so many secrets and things inside of it. I don't even know how this thing works. Heck, I am surprised no one made an instruction manual for it. Ah well, time for some Star Wars and DC comics. Geez, I just love those".

Smiling happily, Stan turned around from the Rust Bucket door only for Ben to visible in front of him grinning significantly, "Hey there Stan!"

"ARGHH! GEEZ!" Stan yelled out shocked as he got terrified with his fear overtaking him briefly, "Why did you do that?!"

Ben smiled and said with intrigue, "I wanted to see how that watch of yours works!"

"Ben, I don't think that is such a good idea." Stan said horrified by the idea of using the Omnitrix again before he pointed out, "Besides, Max said not to..."

"Ah, come on." Ben intervened with excitement as his face lit up happily before he asked Stan, "Are you at least a bit interested in how the thing works?"

Stan frowned slightly before he made a decision and whispered to Ben, "Well I mean, maybe... But let's be careful okay?"

"Awesome! Come on you got a great thing there!" Ben exclaimed to Stan who looked on back nervously as both boys then moved behind the Rust Bucket.

Once hidden, Ben checked all was clear and nodded to Stan.

Reluctantly Stan looked down at the Omnitrix and began to twist and fiddle with the dial as Ben watched on looking over slightly.

As Stan focused on trying to get the watch to work, he could not help but ponder, "Hmm I wonder what would happen if I...?"

"Busted!" Gwen then yelled popping out from behind the Rust Bucket as she laughed in amusement.

"ARGH!" Both boys yelled in annoyance as Gwen struggled to talk giggling, "Haha! You should have seen your faces!".

Gwen then stopped laughing before she noticed Stan fiddling with the Omnitrix and glared at them both before Stan replied, "Look I know what Max said..."

"But what's the point of him having that thing if he is not even going to use it?" Ben said interrupting Stan mid-speech as Gwen crossed her arms in reluctance, "You heard what Grandpa said."

Still determined not to give up, Ben retorted back, "Yeah so?" as Gwen fired back, "He shouldn't use it. It could be risky!"

Annoyed, Stan then yelled to get the arguing cousins, "Guys! Chill, look you both are right okay? But I found it so I decide what to do with it. Understand?"

Ben then tried to persuade Gwen adding on, "Come on, Gwen! Don't tell me you are at least a bit curious about what else that thing could do."

"Not in the least." Gwen replied as Ben rolled his eyes retorting, "You sure you're related to me Gwen?"

Gwen froze angry as she glared at Ben, "Why you..."

However, Stan quickly interrupted to prevent things from getting worse, "Okay guys I get it, but look I need to figure out this thing okay? So give me a bit of time and I can tell you what I have found out."

Meanwhile back at the crash site...

Max had arrived at the wreckage site as he looked around and noticed the remnants of the impact craters before Max found a piece of metal.

Kneeling, Max acquired the metal and studied it carefully as he muttered, "I don't like this, not one little bit."

Near the camp...

Stan looked around at the watch and observed its futuristic design before explaining, "Hm, maybe if I can figure out how this thing works then, I can help people you know? I mean help them by doing good things such as stopping a robbery or helping out people in need instead of making things worse."

"So you are saying you could be a superhero?" Ben questioned intrigued as Stan replied, "I guess I could, like Batman or The Flash!"

As Gwen roasted another marshmallow, she inquired, "So what did it feel like going alien and all that?"

Stan cleared his throat explaining, "It freaked me out a lot at first. It was like my mind was transferred into a different body, a different person almost, it was like I was me, but someone else at the same time. If that was not odd enough when I was that fire guy I felt like someone else was next to me."

"Huh cool," Ben stated curiously as Gwen also couldn't help but think, whilst Stan continued to fiddle and look at the Omnitrix sat on his right arm gleaming brightly.


Ben and Gwen then watched Stan as he had pressed the green button on the dial of the watch as the core popped up revealing the silhouette of Heatblast from before.

"I think I've got it! Stan exclaimed happily as he looked on at the exposed core and rambled on, "Seems like you have to press the green button then it works, I wonder what would happen if..."

Carefully, Stan turned the dial slowly with Ben and Gwen watch peering over his shoulder.

As Stan turned the dial three more alien silhouettes appeared.

A medium-sized insectoid alien, a humanoid reptile-like alien and a dog canine-like alien.

"This is interesting, seems like there are different alien species on the watch that I can activate and turn into. The question is how many and why?" Stan muttered as he continued to ramble before Ben suggested, "Why don't you go hero again?"

Gwen froze before asking, "Are you sure Stan? You remember what Grandpa said."

Stan then paused before replying, "Yeah, but it does seem like the right thing to do for the sake of curiosity. Anyway, you guys might want to stand back for this."

Ben and Gwen nodded before they both moved away from Stan as he prepared to activate the exposed core of the watch.

"Wish me, luck guys," Stan muttered before he closed his eyes and slowly taped down the exposed core on the dog-like alien on the watch to transform into.


Stan felt himself changing again as a large flash of green light overtook the area, unlike the roasting temperature change Stan had felt earlier, he seemed to feel a large amount of feral and animalistic behaviour come to him overtake his mind as it flashed rapidly and briefly.

On the outside, Ben and Gwen were blinded by the green light as Stan underwent another metamorphosis.

Like last time the Omnitrix sunk into his wrist with a bright green flash, causing his veins to pulse and expand all over his body as he closed his eyes.

When Stan reopened his eyes, there was bright orange.

At the same time, orange fur began to grow all over his body covering his clothes as he seemingly knelt.

Also, his fresh and clean teeth transformed into sharp glistening fangs.

He then held out his arm as it turned into a three-fingered paw that then grew black claws.

Finally to finish the Omnitrix symbol appeared on a brown shoulder pad that had formed.

Once transformed Stan stood up like a dog before howling and roaring as slime and spit flew out from his mouth.

Stan had become a Vulpimancer known as Wildmutt.

As the green light faded, Ben and Gwen reacted differently while Wildmutt growled slightly and looked at Ben and Gwen.

"Dude, you turned into a dog alien! That looks pretty neat!" Ben praised happily and excited whilst Gwen said in horror, "Ew! This thing is even grosser then you are normally Ben!"

Ben glared back annoyed, "Really dweeb?! Never mind..." Besides Stan looks awesome!"

"That thing needs a flea collar on it." Gwen said, crossing her arms as Wildmutt growled at that remark back in response as the Vulpimancer continued to sniff and search the area with his new senses as Ben and Gwen debated, "And no eyes? What good is this one? It can't even see."

"Huh, that is kind of odd actually," Ben added on as Gwen then looked at the stick she had used to roast the marshmallow as she grinned slightly.

Carefully spitting on her hands, Gwen slowly grasped the stick as she lined her aim bending down near Wildmutt's back as she prepared to strike.

Wildmutt froze in shock before his gills reacted quickly as inside a thermal heat vision responded that showed Gwen about to strike Wildmutt.

Acting on instinct, Wildmutt howled as he jumped up on the roof of the RV before he gave a toothy smile to Gwen who gasped and fell over on the ground.


"Okay so maybe it's not a total loser." Gwen muttered in annoyance standing up while Ben praised Wildmutt, "I knew it! Those alien heroes all must be awesome!"

"ROAR!" Wildmutt growled happily before he leapt from the RV roof and landed on all four paws on the ground as Wildmutt then ran over to Ben and licked him in the face gently.

Ben giggled and laughed happily whilst Gwen smelt Wildmutt and muttered, "Two words: Breath mints."

"ROAR!" Wildmutt growled before he moved over to Gwen and kicked some dirt on her face.

Gwen glared feeling fed up with Wildmutt's antics as Ben laughed enjoying himself as the Vulpimancer roared again and ran off into the forest.

Watching on Gwen shouted, "Stan get back here! Stan! I will tell Grandpa!".

Ben quickly ignored her by yelling, "Go on Stan, get out there and have fun!"

"Stan, if you don't get back I will tell Grandpa you turned into some freaky dog creature that went swinging around the forest!" Gwen ranted before she stopped and muttered, "I swear this has just been one freaky day."

"No need to tell me twice." Ben agreed as Wildmutt was heard howling in the forest nearby.


Wildmutt was swinging through the forest on each of the branches like a monkey as the Vulpimancer enjoyed the feeling and thrill of the rush feeling excited and happy.


Vilgax's probe droids then found Wildmutt swinging as one of the robotic drones aimed its laser at the young Vulpimancer.


Wildmutt quickly dodged the blast as he used his heat vision to carefully swing from one branch to the next before as the probe droids split up.


Wildmutt growled as he narrowly dodged another laser that the probe droid was firing at him creating a large cloud of smoke.

However, Wildmutt climbed to the top of a nearby tree and waited in it as the probe droid searched the area looking for Wildmutt because of the nearby smoke clogging its vision.

"All I have to do it wait for this to get near me. And then I can jump on and crush this Trade Federation Reject!" Wildmutt thought as he grinned slightly.

Wildmutt then watched on as the probe droid moved over to the tree he was in before...

"ROAR!", Wildmutt growled before he jumped onto the probe droid and began to hack it to pieces as the thick claws smashed the circuitry apart.


Wildmutt then grabbed the head of the probe droid and used his strong mouth and teeth to rip the head off as Wildmutt prepared to make the finishing move.


The Omnitrix symbol on Wildmutt's shoulder pad then flashed bright red beeping loudly.

"Oh, dear! I'd better finish this now!" Wildmutt thought before he quickly jumped off the probe droid as the robot collided into a nearby cliff face.


As the drone exploded with Wildmutt landing on the ground, there was a flash of red light as the Vulpimancer slowly transformed back to Stan.

His claws turned back to hands, the orange fur slowly vanishing with Stan's skin and clothing returning along with his posture changing to that of a regular person on two legs instead off all fours as Wildmutt's shoulder pad vanished as well.

The Omnitrix then reappeared on Stan's right arm now bright red instead of green as Wildmutt vanished back into the Omnitrix.

As the green light faded, Stan slowly got up off the ground covered in dirt and leaves before he slowly regained his posture standing up as he brushed his brown glasses and clothing briefly before he froze and smiled happily.

"Man, that was crazy! It seems like each time I turn into an alien I seem to take on their aspects and personalities I guess. Also, I think I know how this watch works now which is good as well, but still, that was a success!" Stan finished rambling on before he sighed in relief.


Turning around, Stan froze in horror as the last probe droid deployed by Vilgax detected the watch on Stan's right arm and prepared to fire when…


A stunned Stan watched on as Ben and Gwen both came charging out from the nearby forest with shovels as both siblings began hacking and thrashing the drone in the air until it could take no more damage as it collapsed onto the ground sparking violently.

"Back off Sparky!" Gwen yelled loudly, as Ben shouted, "Yeah, no flying tree trimmer is going to hurt my best friend!"

No longer stunned, Stan walked forward and stated, "Guys! Thanks for the save!"

Smiling slightly, Gwen replied, "No problem, we should go back. Grandpa is looking for you."

Ben rolled his eyes and stated, "Let's go then!"

The small group of kids then quickly ran from the area back to the campsite just as the probe droid finally sparked into flames.

Back inside the Rust Bucket...

Stan sighed in embarrassment as he braced himself for a long talk with Max as he spoke loudly with authority whilst Ben and Gwen watched from the side, "I was worried you would get popular with that thing on your wrist. That is why I warned you not to use it until we know what it is."

As Max finished talking, Stan nodded and replied, "Sorry about disobeying you Max, but it was a combination of sheer curiosity and Ben convincing me to reuse it. But on the bright side, I figured out how to use this watch."

Stan then gestured to his right arm as he began to explain how the watch worked in a long and in-depth ramble, "Right so for this watch to work correctly, you need to press the green button near the dial first. Then once that has been done you can rotate the dial to choose one of ten different alien species that are on the watch. I also found out that the red mode is a recharging mode of some kind."

"Huh what? I don't get it." Ben said in confusion scratching his head.

Sighing, Stan facepalmed and told Ben, "Okay to put it simply, I choose an alien from the dial and I tap down the core okay?"

Ben froze before his eyes widened in surprise as he said, "Oh I get it now."

"What about staying a super cool alien dude instead of turning back to normal?" Gwen questioned Stan who casually replied, "I'm still working on that and I prefer my regular human self-thank you."

"Hmm, well with a device that powerful on you. We'd better help you learn and fast." Max enthusiastically stated to Stan who answered back, "Well that is nice and all, but I want to chill out now and read some comics. I mean nothing else is going down right?"


The nearby radio then sparked with static blaring from it with a man begging for help in a worried radio transmission, "Mayday! Mayday! Somebody help us! We're under attack by some sort of I don't know if you're not going to believe me but, robot and... Oh, sh.."


The radio then cut off violently as an explosion echoed through the radio that also was heard briefly outside as Stan quickly panicked muttering, "Sounds just like the robots that attacked me earlier, they must be looking for the watch! Those people are in danger because of me."

After he finished panicking, Stan frowned and quickly looked at the others in worry before he froze with his blue eyes widening as he remembered a rather famous quote that he read a while ago.

It was: 'With Great Power comes Great Responsibility'.

And Stan knew what he had to do.

He had to use his newly discovered powers to be a hero.

"Guys I need to go and help those people." Stan stated bluntly, as Gwen questioned his actions, "You? What are you going to do about it?"

Stan merely looked at the Omnitrix on his right arm before he smiled confidently and replied, "The right thing."

A couple of minutes later...

The group was now outside the RV and in a small clearing near the main campsite as thick black smoke along with explosions and screams could be heard in the distance.

Stan looked at the others as Max nodded in approval to use the Omnitrix.

Nodding back, Stan activated the green button and scrolled through the silhouettes starting with the dog alien then changing to a ghost-like alien before settling on a humanoid diamond-like alien.

"Hmm, this alien looks useful. Best stand back from this guys." Stan advised the others as the Tennyson trio stepped back away from Stan as tapped down the exposed core quickly transforming once again.


Stan grunted slightly as he felt himself getting thicker and heavier before his vision got brighter before he blacked out again as he then reopened his eyes have changed from blue to yellow in a flash.

On the outside, the watch sank in his wrist as a green diamond-like substance began to grow and cover over his body starting with his arm and lower area before covering his torso, his other arm and finally his face.

As the diamond-covered his face, his eyes reopened to reveal bright golden eyes.

As he grew in size similar to Heatblast, four spike-like diamonds grew out from his back, the lower pair smaller than the upper pair as the clothes he was wearing morphed into a bodysuit of his shirt colours, brown on the right side and white on the left side.

Finally, the watch symbol appeared forming on his upper-lower shoulder covered by a brown patch as the transformation finished.

Stan had become a Petrosapien known as Diamondhead.

As the green light flashed away, Diamondhead looked over his body and at the others before he noticed Ben and asked in a thick deep voice, "So how do I look?"

"Dude, what are you anyway? You still look cool." Ben complimented with Max adding on, "He seems to be made of rock diamond."

"So what can this guy do anyway?" Gwen questioned Diamondhead who clutched his diamond rock hands, "I don't know, but I bet it's going to be very intriguing."

Meanwhile at the main campsite...


Campsite visitors panicked and screamed for their as Vilgax's giant robot was seen trashing and destroying various tents, motorhomes and more as it caused havoc and mayhem across the site.

As the group arrived on the battle site, feeling sweaty and nervous Diamondhead noticed the giant robot causing havoc before the Petrosapien gritted his teeth in anger.

"That's not good." Ben said loudly, whilst Gwen muttered in shock, "Whoa..."

Frowning, Diamondhead slowly explained, "Looks like the big guy has shown up to finish off what the other ones could not. That thing must be like an Imperial Walker from Star Wars."

Max turned to Diamondhead and asked, "So now what?"

Turning around the Petrosapien explained to the others, "I need you guys to go and clear out the campers from the area, get them to safety if you can. I will go kick this robots metal ass."

The Tennyson trio quickly ran off to help the nearby campers as Diamondhead turned and looked at the robot muttering, "Oh man, I never thought I would have to deal with anything like this in real life. I mean I wanted a good summer, not a giant wrestling match between two freaks in a fight to the death. Ah well... "Time to get to work!"

As Diamondhead sprinted over to the giant robot, he noticed that it was crushing the park ranger in its thick robotic claw. Quickly thinking, He shouted out, "Hey, Looking for me?!"

This caused the giant robot to turn around dropping the park ranger onto the ground as it noticed and scanned Diamondhead before spotting the Omnitrix symbol on his right bicep.

The giant robot stated robotically, "Target acquired. Initiating the main program by lord Vilgax. Secure Device: OMNITRIX at all costs."

The giant robot then slowly opened his left palm as Diamondhead grinned taunting, "That's right! Come on ugly!"


The giant robot then opened its left palm and fired a large red laser at Diamondhead sending him flying back in shock as he crashed into a camper van.


Another laser fired from the giant robot collided with camper van as it exploded sending rubble and debris into the air as the robot slowly watched on.


Diamondhead grunted as he slowly clambered out of the camper van with his hand turned into a diamond-like blade as the Petrosapien hacked and slashed at the debris before he climbed out of the camper van as he muttered in shock, "Oh I get it now! I can manipulate my body like Diamond, wonder what else I can make with this!"


Diamondhead grunted in pain as the giant robot crash-landed on the Petroapien before he was grabbed and thrown into a nearby tree.


The tree imploded in and collapsed in on itself as branches and leaves scattered all over the ground as Diamondhead groaned from the wreckage as he clambered off the floor mumbling in pain, "Hugh… Man, I hope that the giant robot does not break my body with this form..."

Diamondhead then got back up as he glared annoyed at the giant robot who stomped over and gazed at the Petrosapien as the two stared at each other until...

"ARGHH!" Diamondhead yelled morphing his diamond arms into blades before he charged at the robot aiming for the legs attempting to slice and damage them.


Diamondhead attempted to slice the legs attempting to slice and damage the legs of the giant robot; however, the robot ended up jumping into the air using its legs to gain momentum before crashing down on Diamondhead as he grunted in pain and shock yelling out, "Get off me!"

Back with the Tennyson trio, they were assisting various people to get out from the chaos and harm of the fight with some of them in shock watching the fight from afar, whilst some people were looking after children and others were confused such as the park ranger who exclaimed, "What's going on?!"

"Trust me. You wouldn't believe us if we told you", Max stated calmly before he yelled to the park ranger, "Now come on!"


Diamondhead braced himself as the giant robot had thrown him above the members of the group narrowly flying above the head of the Park Ranger before Diamondhead crashed into a car again.


Diamondhead ripped the car roof off as the dazed Petrosapien shook his head quickly before he looked and noticed the giant robot slowly stomping over to him as it moved closer and closer.

Glaring in bravery and anger, Diamondhead slowly muttered, "I don't know why I was given this watch and how it ended up with me. But mark my words I will defeat you and save these innocent people!" he finished yelling loudly before he used his diamond swords to slice the roof of the car off.

Diamondhead yelled loudly before he ran jumping out of the wrecked car and running towards the giant robot.

In response, the giant robot began to fire various laser beams at Diamondhead that the Petrosapien saw coming and quickly began to dodge them.


Diamondhead quickly dodged one as a laser blew up a nearby car and ducked as another one narrowly missed his head as a tree fell crashing on the floor nearly hitting him and Gwen who froze in shock and fear until...


Gwen reopened her eyes only to be greeted by a grinning Diamondhead who had sliced the tree in half by creating a giant diamond spike that formed on his back as it sliced through the tree.

"So does this make us even?" Diamondhead questioned Gwen who replied, "Oh yeah it does."

Diamondhead couldn't help but smile slightly at Gwen who gasped loudly yelling, "Look out!"


The giant robot once again grabbed Diamondhead in its thick claw before it charged up its laser.


The laser arm of the robot ended up falling to the ground as Diamondhead grinned slightly with a diamond sword in his right hand before he taunted, "Not so tough now are you?"

Enraged by this the giant robot shook slightly as it sparked before it threw Diamondhead into a nearby log cabin building.


Diamondhead quickly emerged from the destroyed log cabin as he glared at the giant robot and yelled, "Time to end this for good; give me your best shot tin man!"

The giant robot glared and fired another laser from its wrist determined to finish off the young Petrosapien.


However, Diamondhead held up his arms as the laser was reflected off his hands resulting in a beam explosion as the beam fired all over the place igniting more fires and carnage.

The giant robot then focused more energy into the laser beam as the Petrosapien stood his ground thinking bravely, "Time to finish this once and for all, after all a bit of reflection should win this one for good. If I reflect his beam I should be able to win this!"

The giant robot then fired one last energy beam from his wrist as Diamondhead held up his arms and held onto the beam as he got pushed into the ground, resulting in a struggle until...

"What goes around must come around! See how you like this techno freak!" Diamondhead yelled as he reflected the energy beam at the giant robot with his hands.

The beam was so fast the robot had no time to react.


The force of the beam impact was so fast it sliced the head of the giant robot off as the beam blasted off into space before gravity took hold.

Creak... CRASH!

The giant robot then tilted over before it crashed onto the ground and exploded into rubble and pieces of debris.


The ground shook briefly from the force of the explosion as a small mushroom cloud of smoke rose up from the decaying ruin of the robot until all went quiet.

Diamondhead slowly retracted his hands back to normal as the Petrosapien stood there tired and sweaty before he muttered happily, "I did it... Holy crap that was awesome..."

The shocked campers then looked on as Diamondhead grinned and laughed happily at the victory he had achieved before he heard, "Alright!"

No longer laughing, Diamondhead turned around and noticed Ben, Gwen and Max shouting happily and cheering him on whilst the other campers looked around in shock.

"Way to go Sta! I mean Diamond headed guy!" Max yelled before he corrected himself in embarrassment before Diamondhead looked over at the group of the people.

"The name's Diamondhead!", The Petrosapien yelled out before continuing, "And anyway, now that my work is done! I must go! Um, farewell citizens."

Diamondhead then ran off into the woods, vanishing quickly and awkwardly whilst Max, Ben and Gwen then sneaked off as well from the ruined campsite with the confused crowd watching on before someone questioned, "So what was all that about then?"

Meanwhile back in space...

The Chimerian Hammer was in near moon orbit, as various drones were making repairs on the ship whilst Vilgax was informed of the scout probes destruction raging angrily at the failure of the mission, "Failure?! Unbelievable! The pathetic Terran being that is keeping the Omnitrix from me will soon hang from my trophy wall!"

Back on Earth...

Diamondhead grunted as he leant against the wall of the Rust Bucket feeling tired and exhausted having managed to get away from the main campsite.


The Omnitrix symbol then began to beep before a bright red flash covered Diamondhead as he felt himself changing back to Stan.

His jumpsuit slowly morphed back to Stan's normal clothes as the diamond-covered skin then vanished with Diamondhead's golden eyes returning to Stan's bright blue eyes.

Finally, Stan shrank back down to his normal size with the watch reappearing on his right arm.

As the green light faded away, Stan yawned as he sat down against the side of the Rust Bucket as the young human gazed up at the night sky.

The moon now seemed to be bigger as the stars seemed brighter as Stan then heard footsteps.

Turning around he saw the Tennyson trio walking up to the Rust Bucket away from the burning campsite looking exhausted.

"Kids are you alright?" Max asked the kids whilst he panted slightly with Ben saying, "Yeah, I am fine. Just feeling tired." as Gwen added on, "Same, I am tired as well." with Stan finishing, "You have no idea how shattered I am."

Catching his breath again Max smiled stating, "Alright, let's go put out the fire and then get some sleep, okay?"

The kids all nodded as everyone got to work packing up the belongings around the campsite with trash being gathered too.

Whilst Stan was gathering up his books and comics on the table, Gwen ended up walking over to him, "Hey do you have a minute?" she asked.

Stan froze before he turned around as his cheeks blushed red sightly as he nervously asked, "What, Um... What is it, Gwen?"

Gwen chuckled at Stan's reaction as she complimented, "Thanks for saving me, Stan. And don't be so nervous, when you're getting thanked okay?"

Stan grinned slightly rubbing the back of his head as his blushing vanished, "You are welcome Gwen. And I can't help it when I get nervous, to be honest."

Gwen then smiled as she walked off carrying her laptop and several other items before Stan gathered his belongings in his backpack as he placed his backpack and began walking towards the Rust Bucket.

Inside as Stan entered, Ben was heard yelling, "I call dibs on the top bunk!" before Gwen shouted back, "No, I do doofus!" as Max intervened, "Benjamin, Gwendolyn, Stop arguing now!"

Ben and Gwen both stopped arguing and apologised, "Sorry Grandpa."

Max sighed and stated, "Look it does not matter who gets what bed okay? Now let's get some sleep okay?"

The next morning...

Ben, Gwen and Max were continuing to pack up any remaining luggage that was located around the campsite as well as cleaning up any more trash leftover from last night as Max then noticed that Stan was missing, "Where did Stan go this morning?"

Gwen frowned and replied, "I haven't seen him since breakfast." with Ben adding on, "Same, Grandpa, wait do you hear that?"

Ben then turned around as Gwen and Max saw a large mysterious dust cloud on the horizon that got bigger and closer until it arrived near the group before stopping as the air was covered in dust.


Once the dust cleared away, a new alien was present.

Stan had become a Kineceleran known as XLR8.

It was a humanoid blue-skinned velociraptor-like alien that had black skin on his arms and legs.

It also had a long prehensile like tail with blue and black stripes waving slightly to the side and three-fingered hands with scissor-like claws.

The most noticeable feature was that instead of feet; the alien had blue wheel-like spheres were present on the bottom of his legs.

A blue and black mask also covered his face that then retraced upwards showcasing off a blue face with bright green eyes with black markings located to the side.

Also, the alien was wearing a jumpsuit that was white in the middle and was also brown on each side of the armour along with the watch symbol being present in the middle of his chest.

Ben froze before questioning, "Stan is that you?"

XLR8 then responded with his voice being light and quick, "Yeah it is me, Ben. Meet XLR8!"

XLR8's mask then retraced back upwards before XLR8 ran off.


XLR8 quickly grabbed the remaining luggage and zipped to the Rust Bucket before placing them in and stating, "Pretty fast huh?"


The watch symbol on XLR8's chest then began beeping bright red as a large red flash covered him.


XLR8 quickly morphed back to Stan's normal form as he shrunk down in size with his blue skin vanishing as Stan's brown glasses and clothing reappeared with the Omnitrix forming on his right arm as the right light faded away, revealing Stan back to normal who smiled happily, "I have a feeling this is going to be the best summer ever."

"Absolutely." Max said agreeing as Gwen added on, "It's certainly going to be interesting." with Ben proclaiming, "Yeah! This is going to be so fun!"

"By the way where did you go off to anyway?" Gwen asked Stan with intrigue as Stan giggled and replied, "Oh I just had to take care of a few errands before we got the vacation rolling..."

Meanwhile in Bellwood...

Cash and J.T. were confused. How had they ended up in their underwear in the tree as Cash asked, "Dude how did we get up here?!"

"I'm not sure!" J.T. responded, "It all happened so fast..."

Cash rolled his eyes before he began to call out for help, "Hey somebody! Anybody! A little help here please!"

However, no one seemingly offered to help them considering the reputation they previously had as cars continued to drive by on the road.

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