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Italics: Thinking.

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Previously on Stan 10: During a group trip to Cape Canaveral, a shocking plot was uncovered.

Three monster aliens were lurking their planning a nefarious scheme which ended up with the Tennyson trio launched into space.

Whilst Stan was stranded on Earth with Zs'Sakyr resurrected from the dead seeking revenge...

Chapter Forty: 'Be Afraid of the Dark'.

In the ruins of the Graveyard inside the Cape Canaveral complex...

"This is like a nightmare... It's all a nightmare... it's been one long nightmare where I've been chased down by psychotic criminals and alien monsters for over two months! How I'm still alive and coping well is way beyond me." A terrified and fed up Stan darkly thought to himself as he ran through the decaying rocket structure.

"You can't hide from me this time Stanley! I came back just like I said I would!" Zs'Sakyr goaded Stan somewhere in the complex.

"Leave me alone!" Stan tearfully shouted back in response before he ran onto a metallic catwalk and skidded left.

"Need to find some cover... Find an exit." Stan frantically thought to himself on the catwalk.


Zs'Sakyr then emerged from below the catwalk and confronted Stan again.

"ARGH!" Stan screamed before he turned around and ran the opposite way only for Dr Viktor to confront him.


The catwalk shuddered violently before Stan gulped and stepped back as Dr Viktor and Zs'Sakyr trapped him.

"Going somewhere boy? I don't think so." Dr Viktor mocked Stan who then turned his head sidewards and noticed a steel cable dangling from a roof.

Not taking any chances, Stan then jumped off the balcony and swung onto the chain.

"WOAH!" Stan screamed out swinging on the rope feeling his hands get friction burn.

Glaring from the catwalk, Dr Viktor then aimed his hands and fired out a bolt of purple electrical energy directly towards Stan.


"NO!" Zs'Sakyr yelled to Dr Viktor grabbing hold of his hands and aiming the laser blast upwards to the rope which Stan was on.

"ARGH! WHY ME?!" Stan screamed out right before he directly landed on a pipe directly below him.


Feeling wheezy on the pipe, Stan slowly stumbled forward before he fell off and landed on the floor below him.


After landing painfully on the floor, Stan ended up losing his brown glasses from the impact which tumbled onto the floor below him.

"Ugh... Gah..." Stan grunted in pain as he gritted his teeth and slowly got up from the ground grabbing hold of his brown glasses in the process.

"He must be alive when I merge with him if I am to have control of the Omnitrix!" Zs'Sakyr criticized Dr Viktor who told him, "Yes, Master. We won't let him escape."

Zs'Sakyr then floated down towards Stan who had placed his brown glasses back over his blue eyes and was now crouched down and hiding.

"Huh... Huh... Huh..." A tired Stan panted out before he sighed and sat down against a wooden barrel catching his breath.

"Okay... Now, what should I do?" Stan muttered under his breath feeling his hands go numb in shock.

"What's the matter, Stanley? Aren't you glad to see me?" Zs'Sakyr questioned Stan who immediately froze in shock and didn't say anything.

Instead, Stan quietly chose to sneak off only for Zs'Sakyr to appear behind him again.


"Haven't you learned by now, nothing can stop me?!" Zs'Sakyr taunted Stan who jumped up and ran off again in fear.

A few moments later...

After evading capture from Zs'Sakyr and Dr Viktor, Stan was currently hiding inside an old storage cupboard sat down against the wall.

"Okay... Let's recap what just happened. Dr Viktor brought Zs'Sakyr back from the dead and the Tennyson trio has probably been sent into space. Good grief... How can I get out of this mess?" Stan nervously thought to himself trying to think of a plan.

Glancing around him, Stan then remembered what Max had told him way back at the start of the summer.

"Remember to think out there Stan, Don't try and muscle it. Might is not always right." Max's voice echoed throughout Stan's head.

"Eureka! I could just use Grey Matter and outsmart those two instead of fighting them head-on." Stan whispered to himself before he muttered out, "But then I'll just end up draining the energy of the Omnitrix and change back to normal later."

Slowly thinking about what to do, Stan then heard Dr Viktor and Zs'Sakyr approaching him.

Thunk! WHAM!

"We must find Stanley before he transforms! I won't be able to possess him if that happens!" Zs'Sakyr ordered Dr Viktor who blurted out, "Yes, Master. We will find him."

Panicking, Stan quickly looked at the Omnitrix and noticed it had fully recharged and was ready to be used again.

"Okay... Okay... Here goes nothing." Stan whispered before he activated the Omnitrix again.


Stan then gently taped down the Omnitrix core and transformed into Grey Matter via the flash of bright green light.


As the transformation began, Stan felt his skin turn bright grey as his hands and feet morphed forming smaller webbed frog-like hands and feet.

The Omnitrix symbol then appeared on his back with his clothing morphing into a jumpsuit that was white whilst a thin vertical brown stripe was going down the jumpsuit along with being brown on the feet and hands area.

Finally, Stan's hair vanished as a black stripe went over in between his green eyes as he shrank down to four inches tall as the transformation finished.


As the transformation ended, Grey Matter slowly looked around his small body and smiled before he declared, "Excellent. Time to contact my allies and come up with a plan."

THUNK! CRASH! Crumble...

The storage door roof was then ripped off as Dr Viktor found Grey Matter.

"Found you!" Dr Viktor blared out causing Grey Matter to run off and dive into a nearby hole vanishing from the cupboard.

Immediately, Dr Viktor tried to find Grey Matter in the hole, but the Galvan was long gone.

Under the floor, Grey Matter clambered over a metallic pipe before he sprinted off right as Zs'Sakyr peered his head under the floorboard missing Grey Matter.


Annoyed, Zs'Sakyr floated out of the floor and raged to Dr Viktor, "Find him! I can't merge with him in his alien form. But it's merely a matter of time before he turns Terran again."

Zs'Sakyr then floated away from Dr Viktor who couldn't help but sigh in annoyance under his breath.

Having heard Zs'Sakyr ranting to Dr Viktor, Grey Matter couldn't help but smirk and mutter, "I ain't turning back to normal anytime soon."

Meanwhile up in space at the same time...

WHOOSH! KA-Rumble...

The Novas spacecraft continued it's upward descent past the planet Earth heading towards a large Space Station that was orbiting around the planet in Near-Earth Orbit.

"Where are we even going, Grandpa?" Ben questioned Max noticing the Space Station they were approaching from a porthole on the space shuttle.

"It's called the New Frontier Space Station. After the success of the International Space Station in the early 1990s, NASA decided to build a bigger model that was twice the size for the new Millenium." Max fully explained to the kids.

"Terrans sure love showing off their work," Nibbler muttered under his breath.

"Anyway, shouldn't we be looking for the Corrodium?" Gwen then reminded Max.

"Easier to bring the entire kit and caboodle back to Earth then waste time searching for a few rocks in a whole rocket ship," Max remarked back to the kids.

"Guess we know where I got my brains from," Gwen remarked back to Max as the group entered the cockpit of the shuttle which had four seats available.

"But are you sure you remember how to fly this thing, Grandpa?" Ben questioned Max who sat down in the control booth with Gwen getting the other front one with Ben occupying a back seat.

Sitting down in the control seat, Max observed the controls for the space ship before he flicked a button.


"Can't be too hard. Just like riding a bicycle... Except it's a one hundred ton, twenty thousand mile-an-hour high tech bicycle." Max fully explained to the kids.

"Well, that sounds comforting." Ben nervously muttered as he stared out at the vast void of space noticing glowing stars thousands of light-years away.

"It's hard to believe that only two months ago, we were still just regular kids. Now look at us, we've become astronauts with our Grandpa." Gwen then mused to Ben and Max.

Curious by what Gwen said, Ben then looked out the window and asked Nibbler, "Where's your home planet from here?"

"My home planet? Well, I don't exactly know how to get back." Nibbler fully admitted to Ben before he muttered, "I don't even know where Klyntar is."

"Klyntar is located in the Andromeda Galaxy which is the closet major galaxy to Earth. You're a long way from home Nibbler." Max fully informed Nibbler.

Nibbler couldn't help but grunt back before he muttered, "Not like I'd want to go back anyway. I've got a new home with you now Ben."

"That means a lot to me. Thanks, Nibbler." Ben told his Symbiote partner who truthfully told him back, "Same here Benjamin."

"There's still a couple of things I don't understand." Gwen then told the group before she asked, "Who created the Omnitrix and why was it even made in the first place?"

"Well, that's a good question, Gwen. We know how he found it, but even I don't know who created the Omnitrix and why it was made." Max admitted before he muttered, "I'd bet it make for one great adventure."

As the group continued talking to each other, they didn't notice the bandages of the Mummy float upwards nearby...

At the same time back on Earth in the Graveyard...

Whoosh... SMASH! CRASH! WHAM! Whoosh...

Zs'Sakyr and Dr Viktor struggled to find Grey Matter right before Dr Viktor then bluntly asked Zs'Sakyr, "Why are we chasing this little pest when the master plan is so close to becoming reality?"

Zs'Sakyr turned his head before he flew directly towards Dr Viktor who placed his hands out and yelled, "Master, no!"


With Zs'Sakyr now possessing him, Dr Viktor's body was slammed against a nearby wall before being smacked up against the ground numerous times.


Zs'Sakyr them morphed out of Dr Viktor's body before he fully rasped out, "You fool! That little pest could ruin everything we've planned! Now you will do as I say or you shall feel the focus of my wrath! Is that understood?!"

"Yes, Master! I won't disobey your orders again." Dr Viktor shouted out pleading for mercy.

"Good..." Zs'Sakyr rasped out to Dr Viktor before he floated off searching for Stan.


After climbing off a wall, Grey Matter then landed on the floor before he smartly muttered, "Hmm... That Master Plan Viktor was talking about doesn't sound good. I need to figure out what their end goal is. Hopefully, I won't revert to normal after a while."

Grey Matter then jumped onto a nearby wire and slid down it heading deeper into the ancient rocket that was buried underground.


Once at the bottom of the ground, Grey Matter moved away from the wire and noticed a communications monitor with various screens showcasing the New Frontier Space Station and the NASA relay in New Mexico.

"And that doesn't look good at all." Grey Matter muttered before he grinned and pointed out, "I should be able to use my knowledge of computers to communicate with Max, Ben, Gwen and Nibbler."

Jumping onto the control panel, Grey Matter inputted some commands into the keyboard before the monitor screen activated showcasing the Tennyson trio in the rocket.

"Earth to Max, Come in Max!" Grey Matter spoke through the computer screen in the radio on the space shuttle.

"Stan?" Max muttered out before Gwen leaned forward and told him, "If you're here to check up on us, don't bother. We're handling things up here."

"Okay fine... Guess I won't call you about how the entire Earth could be blanketed in darkness for Two Billion Years." Grey Matter sarcastically told the group.

"Two Billion years?! Okay, we're listening." Ben nervously told Grey Matter right before Max said, "Please, go ahead Stan."

Glancing at the monitor showcasing Dr Viktor's plan, Grey Matter fully explained to the group, "I've figured out what Dr Viktor is up to. He plans to use the New Frontier space station as a homing beacon for a Corrodium beam which will transmit from the station towards a NASA Satellite Transceiver in New Mexico."

"Which will then spread it over the entire Earth!" Max muttered to the group in shock and horror.

"If that happens, then Earth will become a planet shrouded in darkness forever." Nibbler then warned the group.

Agreeing with Nibbler, Grey Matter glance at the equipment in New Mexico before Gwen began, "New Mexico? Like where we first took on the Werewolf?"

"Affirmative. That's why the Werewolf was stealing all that NASA equipment back then." Grey Matter informed the group.

"A beam of Corrodium like that will mutate all Human and Animal life on Earth." Max stated right before Ben nervously muttered, "Oh man! This is the toughest challenge of our lives huh?"

"It gets worse I'm afraid, Ben. One of the side effect's is that with the Sun blocked out and not providing energy to Earth, Zs'Sakyr would be at full power." Grey Matter explained to the group.

"ZS'SAKYR?!" "ZS'SAKYR?!" The shocked group questioned Grey Matter.

"Yeah. Dr Viktor somehow brought Zs'Sakyr back to life. He's been behind all this stuff with the Werewolf, the Mummy and everything!" Grey Matter told everyone.

"Then the discussion we had about the Monster aliens all makes sense now. Everything was connected this entire time." Nibbler then bluntly realized the truth.

Beep... Flick! Whirrr...

The Corrodium scanner that Max was carrying then started beeping before Max held it out and muttered, "Hold on a second guys. That's strange. According to this, the Corrodium inside this ship is moving!"

"How could it be moving?" Gwen muttered before she froze and whispered, "Unless..."

"IT'S THE MUMMY!" Ben then yelled out right before bandages appeared and grabbed hold of Max, Ben and Gwen.


"RURGH!" The Mummy groaned out to the group right before Max realized, "It's inside the Mummy! ARGH!"

The Mummy then dragged Gwen and Max back right before Ben tightly clung onto the nearby seat and yelled to Stan with Nibbler taking over at the end, "You've got to get up here and help us! ARGH!"

Ben was then dragged off right before Grey Matter shouted out, "Ben, Gwen, Max, Nibbler! No!"

Click... Thunk! Whirrr! Hiss!

The circular platform in the centre of the old rocket then came down with Dr Viktor and Zs'Sakyr having ridden the structure downwards.

Zs'Sakyr then floated forward and noticed that Grey Matter wasn't present on the console.

Inside the control panel for the machine, Grey Mater slid down before he fully rambled out, Oh good grief... I'm going to need to figure out a way to get up into space... First things first. I need to make a Sungun using all this technology down here against Zs'Sakyr before I utilize another alien form against Dr Viktor."

Knowing what he had to do, Grey Matter then began scavenging for parts inside the computer as he gathered the materials together for the Sungun.

Unfortunately, the Omnitrix had other ideas.


The Omnitrix symbol on Grey Matter's back then beeped out right before Grey Matter cursed in annoyance, "Oh, for crying out loud!"


A flash of bright red light erupted from underneath the console as Grey Matter transformed back into Stan who ended up cramped under the console.

"Warning! Omni-Energy supply is low! Recharge Mode activated." The Omnitrix then beeped out to Stan who complained back, "Safe day?! More like malfunctioning half the time!"

Meanwhile up in space at the same time...


Max held on tightly to Ben and Gwen with his left arm whilst his right arm gripped on tightly to a metallic pillar as the floating Mummy tried to drag them down its bandages.

"Urgh..." The Mummy eagerly groaned out towards the group whilst Max grunted out, "I can't keep this up much longer!"

"And we can't use our powers to help out!" Ben shouted out trying to pull the bandages off him.

Immediately Gwen then grinned before she yelled out, "Hang on guys!"

"Gwen wait! Your spells don't work inside your Hazmat suit remember?!" Max warned Gwen who bluntly told him, "Yes they do! Just not like they're supposed to! Emochia Objectia!"


Just like last time, the Hazmat Suit that Gwen was wearing then inflated up like a balloon before it crashed directly into the shocked Mummy that was sent flying by Gwen.


As Max and Ben floated down, Nibbler then remarked out, "How come Gwen can still be awesome in that suit? So not cool."

Gwen's Hazmat Suit then crashed back into Ben and Max as the two ended up being flung inside an airlock which sealed shut.


"GAH!" Ben screamed out in shock as he faceplanted a nearby wall thanks to Gwen bouncing directly against him.

As Gwen's Hazmat Suit deflated, Max, peeled Ben off the wall right before the group floated in the airlock.

"At least I brought us some time to regroup in this closet. Who needs Stan and his alien heroes all the time?" Gwen then informed the group.

"Well, you flattened us like a pancake dweeb." Ben angrily stated before he ranted on, "You really should..."

"Gwen! Ben! This isn't a closet! It's an airlock!" Max warned the kids in shock.

Immediately, Ben floated over to the airlock seal as Nibbler tried using his strength to pull the airlock door open with Max and Gwen helping him out.

"PUSH!" Nibbler ordered the group only for the Mummy to show up at the dome window and groaned out, "Urgh..." Right before using a bandage to pull the airlock hatch open.

"Warning! Airlock hatch now opening!" An automated announcer then spoke out through the tannoy system right before a red alarm blared out.


Shocked by what was going to happen, Ben then told Gwen and Max, "No matter what happens next and for what I've done in the past... I love you guys."

Gwen then immediately floated over and hugged Ben before telling him, "Same here doofus."

The airlock hatch then twisted sidewards before it opened up with the Oxygen being blasted out into space with Max, Gwen and Ben plunging out into space.

"ARGH!" Both Ben and Gwen screamed out together as the Mummy watched the Tennyson trio float out into space.

Satisfied with its job completed, the Mummy then floated back into the space shuttle which then docked with the transition hatch for the New Frontier space station.

"Exterior airlock closed. Repressurising." The automated announcer in the space station spoke out.

On the outside of the space station, Max who was clutching onto the outside of the space station held onto Gwen and Ben's hands with the kids narrowly avoiding floating off.

Max then gently placed Ben and Gwen onto the metallic structure as the magnetic coupling for the Hazmat Suits activated.

Zap! Thunk! Zap! Thunk!

"Holy crap... Let's never do that again." Ben muttered under his breath before Nibbler stated, "We agree!"

Whilst Ben calmed down, Gwen looked at the magnetic gloves on her hands and commented, "Not very stylish, but you've got to love these Plumber suits."

"Yeah, but they won't last long in zero-atmosphere without Oxygen. We have to find another way back inside the station and fast!" Max fully explained to the kids.

The Tennyson trio then slowly walked across the outside hull of the space station whilst the blue glow of the Earth and white glow of the Moon glowed in the pitch-black sky of Space.

At the same time back on Earth in the Graveyard...

Cramped inside the machine, Stan was unable to move, and stretch his arms at all.

"Stupid Omnitrix... Not working half the time when I want it to." Stan angrily complained under his breath.


Dr Viktor then peeled open the control panel and glared down at Stan before he declared, "Found you, boy."

Stan immediately grabbed hold of a small device Grey Matter had put together and pocketed it before he questioned Dr Viktor, "Um... Don't suppose you'd ever consider joining the Plumbers as a good alien?"

"No." Dr Viktor told Stan before he leant down and grabbed hold of Stan's right arm where the Omnitrix was as Dr Viktor's arm brushed against the red faceplate.

Immediately, the Omnitrix glowed bright yellow and beeped out, "Warning! Unknown DNA Sample detected. Scan Mode activated!"


Dr Viktor then hurled Stan across the ground right as the faceplate, button and straps all glowed yellow with the dial twisting clockwise.

WHOOSH! Thunk!

"Urgh!" Stan grunted out as he slowly recovered and kneeled upwards right as the Omnitrix beeped out, "Transylian DNA Sample now acquired and ready for use."

"The Omnitrix entered Scan Mode? I'll have to check it out later." Stan thought to himself before he looked up and saw Zs'Sakyr watching him.

"Soon the Earth will be mine! But first, the Omnitrix, Stanley!" Zs'Sakyr rasped out to him.

Glancing down at the yellow Omnitrix, Stan then slowly reached for his front pocket and stood up before he told Zs'Sakyr, "You want to be in the spotlight? How about this, freak?!"

Stan then held up the contraption Grey Matter had made before Zs'Sakyr laughed and declared, "HAHAHAHAHA! Is that going to tickle me?"

"Nope. Fry your body by sunlight." Stan remarked right he pulled the trigger of the weapon as a beam of Sunlight blasted Zs'Sakyr's body.


"ARGHH!" Zs'Sakyr hissed before he flew off as Stan grinned and muttered, "Sun gun. A little present from my smartest alien, Grey Matter."

"Master, no!" Dr Viktor boomed out before he yelled, "You will pay for your insolence, child!"

Dr Viktor then slammed the ground with purple electrical energy which caused the ground around Stan to crack and fracture.

Crack... Crumble...

"ARGH!" Stan screamed out as he plummeted downwards into the abyss with Dr Viktor thinking he had been beaten.

However, Stan then clambered up on the catwalk on the other side right behind Dr Viktor.

"What an idiot," Stan whispered under his breath before he noticed a nearby control panel that was connected to an industrial crane which had a giant weight on it.

Grinning, Stan then reached for the control panel and flicked down the lever before the crane activated crashlanding the huge weight into Dr Viktor.


Dr Viktor ended up being imploded onto the electrical generator trapped and twitching in pain with purple electricity zapping off his body.

"GRAGHHH! NOOOOOO!" Dr Viktor howled in pain before the electrical energy slowly zapped him of his strength before he was knocked out as a result.

Looking upwards, Stan grinned before he sighed and muttered in relief and reminded himself, "Phew... Glad he's down for now. Now I just need to figure out a way to get into space and help out the rest of the Protectors."

Walking around and peering over the balcony, Stan then noticed dozens of old machinery parts along with an old rocket that had long since been abandoned within the huge structure.

"Yes! I should be able to use that rocket and get into space... So can I now use Upgrade?" Stan muttered under his breath before he glanced down at the Omnitrix which then flashed bright green from the red recharging mode.


"Bingo! It's Upgrade time again!" Stan shouted out before he muttered under his breath, "Upgrade!"


Appearing from the flash of bright green light, Upgrade smirked before he declared, "Now that's what I'm talking about! Alons-y!"

Upgrade then leapt off the balcony and jumped onto the ground before he landed next to the old rocket and observed the structure.

"Hmm... This rocket should be able to get me into space... The question is, I am going to be able to modify this and get it working as Upgrade?" Upgrade musued to himself before he muttered out, "I don't have much of a choice. So here goes nothing."

Placing his hands on the old machine, Upgrade then began merging with it creating his biggest Upgrade morph ever.

Splat! ZAP! SPARK! Slither... SPARK! WHIRRR... Rumble...

Slowly but surely, green digital lines covered the outside of the rocket which gained a black texture with Upgrade's eye and the Omnitrix symbol morphing in the centre of the rocket before two large rocket boosters appeared at the top of the vehicle.

"Nice! I guess months of practice with Upgrade has finally paid off." Upgrade muttered out before he giggled happily and blared out a horn sound just for fun.


Dr Viktor then pulled himself free from the wreckage of the generator with a huge piece of wreckage now glued to his back.

Glaring at Upgrade, Dr Viktor then boomed out, "You're not going anywhere, boy! GRARHH!"

Dr Viktor then charged directly towards Upgrade who quickly yelled out, "Sorry! Your space flight ticket is cancelled."

Upgrade then activated the flight boosters for the rocket which emitted bright blue energy with dust and smoke being generated from the rocket right before it took off blasting through the metallic structure of the decaying building.


Once the Upgrade boosted rocket broke through the last layer of the junkyard, the rocket quickly entered the cloud level of the sky before Upgrade noticed something.

Dr Viktor was dangling on the rocket at the bottom before Upgrade groaned and muttered out, "Why couldn't you just stay grounded like your master?!"

"GRAGH!" Dr Viktor roared out back before he climbed onto the structure more generating purple electrical energy that zapped Upgrade briefly.


In response, Upgrade charged up his eye and fired a green laser beam right towards Dr Viktor's face.


Stunned by the laser blast, Dr Viktor rubbed his eyes right before an Upgrade enhanced punch flew directly towards his big eye.


Meanwhile back in space at the same time...

The Tennyson trio continued their epic climb across the outside hull of the New Frontier space station.

As Max climbed ahead with Gwen and Ben following on, Ben couldn't help but glance back down at the Earth.

"Man... It's crazy to think Earth is so small compared to everything else in the universe." Ben muttered under his breath before Nibbler told him, "Agreed. The universe seems to go on forever."

Max then told the kids, "There should be some kind of manual access override panel around here somewhere."

"You know for a guy who never went up into space, you seem to know an awful lot about it." Gwen then remarked to Max.

Glancing down at Ben and Gwen, Max then told them both, "I never said I went into space. I said I never went into space with NASA."

"Let us guess. The Plumbers right?" Ben informed Max who nodded back and told him, "After all this is over, I'll have to tell you kids about some of my earlier adventures. There are quite a few interesting stories."

Max then came to a halt before he noticed a door that led inside the space station along with a manual access override.

"Here we are. Now let's get inside." Max advised the kids.

At the same time inside the New Frontier Space Station...

The structure was devoid and empty of life except for one lone undead alien Mummy which crawled towards the reactor door and opened it up.

Flick! Hiss...

As the door opened up, the Mummy opened up its chest revealing the glowing Corrodium inside, before it placed the crystals inside the reactor for the New Frontier Space Station.

"Warning! Unknown element detected in reactor core." The automated announcer then blared out to The Mummy as the reactor core then glowed purple and observed the crystals in the reactor.

ZAP! SPARK! Rumble...

Glancing up, The Mummy watched as the Corrodium powered up the New Frontier Space Station with the central satellite array on the outside of the station being targeted towards New Mexico.

Whirrr... Rumble... KA-ZAP! KA-SPARK!

"Target in range. Beginning Transmission in five, four, three, two..." The automated announcer informed the Mummy who aimed the satellite array downwards on the control panel.

"I don't think so!" Max then called out causing the Mummy to turn around and be kicked in the face by Max.


The Mummy's hand flew off the control panel causing the automated announcer to say, "Transmission aborted."

Annoyed with what happened, the Mummy then punched Max into the wall and groaned out, "Urgh..."


"Ooof!" Max grunted out in pain feeling the kick as the Mummy proceeded to move to him right before Ben and Gwen hurled some bricks at the Mummy's head.


The Mummy then turned around before it aimed its bandages towards Ben and Gwen trapping them both.


Meanwhile at the same time...


The rocket that Upgrade had taken off then blasted into outer space along Dr Viktor who was riding on it as well.


"Why don't you just give up? Were already in space!" Upgrade bluntly asked Dr Viktor who told him, "I cannot let you ruin the master plan!"

Upgrade and Dr Viktor then exchanged fists and grabbed hold of them before the rocket arrived near the New Frontier Space Station.

Grinning, Upgrade then demorphed his body back to his humanoid form and stood upright.

Splat! Slither... WHIRRR...

"Well, this is my stop. See you around Frankenstein." Upgrade mocked Dr Viktor before he jumped off the rocket and landed on the outside of the New Frontier Space Station.


Turning around, Upgrade then glanced back at Dr Viktor and waved to him before saying, "Thank you for flying Air Upgrade. Next stop: Pluto where it's freezing solid. Buh-bye!"

"NOOOOOOOO!" Dr Viktor then boomed out back to Upgrade as the rocket blasted off into the depths of the Solar System leaving Dr Viktor stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Once Dr Viktor vanished from sight, Upgrade then turned around and noticed the planet of Earth directly below him.

Slowly standing upright, Upgrade slowly glanced down at the glowing blue planet.

"Wow... I've done it... Made it to space all on my own... And yet... I don't think I'll ever get used to how beautiful Earth can be..." Upgrade thought to himself before he realized, "Right... Better get a move on."

Upgrade then demorphed into his blob form and merged inside the interior of the New Frontier Space Station.

Splat! Slither... WHIRRR...

Inside the space station, Upgrade morphed from one of the walls before he stood up and confronted the Mummy.

"Stan?" Each member of the Tennyson trio asked Upgrade before he grinned and told them both, "I'm back!" Before he fired out a green energy beam directly towards the Mummy.


"GURGH!" The Mummy groaned out as the Tennyson trio were then freed right before Upgrade suggested to them, "Get the Mummy in the airlock! We'll flush him out into space."

Agreeing, Max then dived over to the airlock and activated it.


The Mummy briefly stood upright again only for Ben and Gwen to come and kick the alien together into the airlock.


The Mummy attempted to get outside only for Max to slam the airlock door shut with his fist trapping the Mummy inside.

Everyone then regrouped together floating in zero-g space before Upgrade asked the group, "Is everyone okay?"

"Were fine, thanks for helping us out," Nibbler admitted to Upgrade right before the Omnitrix symbol on his chest began flashing red.


"Warning! Omni-Energy supply is low! Recharge Mode activated." The Omnitrix then beeped out to Stan who was now floating in mid-air right before he shook his head and muttered out, "Woah... Zero-G space is kinda cool, but I want to stay on the ground."

"Anyway, It's good to see you again Stan. But we were doing okay without you." Gwen then informed Stan.

"Hey, it seemed like you handled yourselves just fine." Stan truthfully told her before he then told the group, "I'm just glad to see you all again. Things got messy back down there on my own."

Ben then placed his hand on Stan's back before remarking with Nibbler taking over at the end, "Don't worry about that. Were not going to be separated again. That's a promise."

Nodding back, Stan then high fived Ben before he high fived Gwen as well.

The New Frontier Space Station then began shaking before Max turned around and muttered, "Wait! Something's not right."

The central satellite array then glowed purple with Corrodium energy again before the automated announcer told the group, "Target re-acquired."

Whirrr... Rumble... KA-ZAP! KA-SPARK!

Turning around, Stan noticed the control lever moving right before Zs'Sakyr emerged from thin air.


"Zs'Sakyr! How did you even get up here?!" Stan questioned Zs'Sakyr.

Chuckling, Zs'Sakyr rasped back to Stan, "You aren't the only one who can hitch a ride on a rocket!"

Frowning, Stan then warned Zs'Sakyr, "You don't have to threaten the innocent people of Earth. You can simply end this crazed scheme of yours and leave."

"Leave? No, I don't think so, Stanley!" Zs'Sakyr bluntly rasped out to Stan.

Furious, Stan then angrily muttered out, "Big mistake, Zs'Sakyr. I've stopped you once before and I can easily do it again."

"You're too late! Behold my Master Plan!" Zs'Sakyr dramatically told the group right before the purple Corrodium beam was launched directly towards Earth.


As the purple beam flew towards Earth, it hit the Satellite Reciever in New Mexico where the Werewolf was.

The Werewolf then tapped a series of buttons on the machine which caused the purple beam to split into two and fire back up into space before each beam hit a Satellite and reflected at the New Frontier Space Station.


The huge energy beam then reflected down to Earth having a catastrophic effect on the planet.

As the purple beams of Corrodium spread, the sunlight across the planet was reflected off with the clear blue sky slowly becoming obscured and replaced with a thick purple haze based cloud system.

As the Corrodium cloud spread, the Werewolf in New Mexico observed what was happening before it growled, "AROOOO!" Celebrating the Master Plan working.

And so the effects across the planet began.

The effects of the Corrodium spread quickly across the planet with no one being spared from Zs'Sakyr's mad plan.

Earth's ecosystem was thrown into chaos with the Corroidum throwing the wildlife populations into mayhem with dozens of plants struggling to survive across the world.

In various cities across the globe such as Bellwood, New York, London, Beijing, Syndey, Berlin and Tokyo, the Corrodium blast affected the Human populations as they painfully mutated into mindless Mutant Humans which began spreading across the planet in droves.

In addition, some of the familiar faces that Stan had encountered ended suffering from the Corrodium mutation along with people Stan would soon encounter.

And in the deepest pit's of the Earth itself, an ancient guardian awoke for the first time in decades.

As the Corrodium spread across the planet, Earth was soon obscured and became dark purple planet that eerily glowed from space.

Chuckling slightly, Zs'Sakyr held out his hands and declared, "Darkness falls! Terran's are extinct! And Earth is now my new domain! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The shocked group could barley say anything as they all grouped around the control panel.

"Oh, man... We can't believe Zs'Sakyr just did that!" Ben blurted out right before Gwen remarked, "He's turned the entire planet into a Corrodium mutated wasteland."

"It's not entirely hopeless. If I can deactivate the Corrodium beam, the Earth should be restored to normal." Max explained to the kids as he frantically tried to do that.

As the group gathered around the control panel, Zs'Sakyr pressed the button on the airlock which freed the Mummy from within.


"Gruhh..." The Mummy groaned out before Zs'Sakyr ordered him, "Make sure they do not escape!"

The Mummy nodded back before it used it's bandages and grabbed hold of the group trapping them together.


Ben, Gwen and Max all attempted to escape whilst Stan simply remained silent trying to comprehend the situation he was in.

"Now how shall I dispose of you four?" Zs'Sakyr questioned the group.

Before Gwen could say anything, Stan then angrily told Zs'Sakyr, "Leave them alone. Zs'Sakyr. This is between you and me."

Zs'Sakyr then floated face to face with Stan before he rasped out, "Really? I thought that was obvious by now Stanley."

"Gloat all you want. But I'm not afraid of you anymore." Stan bluntly informed Zs'Sakyr.

"What? How can you not be afraid of me?" Zs'Sakyr questioned Stan in confusion before he muttered, "You were scared to death when I was reborn earlier."

"True, but I've learned a lot about myself and I've been through a lot since we first met." Stan bluntly told Zs'Sakyr before he muttered out, "Not that you'd care."

"Enough! I will deal with you later." Zs'Sakyr muttered out before he faced the Tennyson trio and told them, "Now how shall I dispose of you three?"

"Oh whatever you do, don't toss us out into space!" Gwen then remarked to Zs'Sakyr and the Mummy.

"Excellent idea! Remover their suits!" Zs'Sakyr then ordered the Mummy who did just that with its bandages.


Knowing what Gwen had planned, Stan simply nodded back to her whilst Ben grinned darkly with Nibbler ready to fight.

"Oh no, whatever shall we do? We are at your mercy." Ben then mocked Zs'Sakyr who rasped out back, "Silence boy! You shall... Wait... What is that smell?"

With Zs'Sakyr distracted by Ben, Gwen's spellbook floated out of her pocket using a Telekinesis spell she had previously learnt.

Bzzzt... Whoosh...

As Gwen's spellbook flew open and glowed pink, she then boomed out, "Appendaga Regoria!"

The bandages around the group then untangled themselves right before the Mummy became paralyzed and crash-landed on the ground unable to move.


"You've learned some new tricks since we last met, girl!" Zs'Sakyr informed Gwen who smirked back.

"She's not the only one!" Stan declared before he grinned and yelled out, "Ben, Nibbler! You two know what to do!"

"Copy boss!" Nibbler boomed out before he overtook Ben and transformed.

Splat... Slither... Squelch...

Once Nibbler emerged, the Symbiote toothily grinned to Zs'Sakyr who then rasped out, "A Symbiote in this part of the Galaxy?! Impossible!"

Nibbler merely chuckled back before he held out his right hand before it changed and morphed into a large pulsing sword similar to the Frenzy previously used.

"Awesome! We can form weapons now!" Ben then eagerly shouted out to Nibbler who boomed back and stated, "True. Now, believe it Ectonurite! RARRGHH!"

Nibbler then charged towards Zs'Sakyr and began attacking him.


As Nibbler and Zs'Sakyr began fighting each other, Stan then asked Max, "Can you disable the Corrodium beam if possible?"

"I'll try, but we can only do so much." Max remarked back to Stan who nodded back and told Gwen, "Can you keep Uncle Max safe?"

"Got it. Me and Grandpa will stick together." Gwen told Stan before he smirked muttered, "Time to see what that new alien I've gotten can do."

Floating in the air, Stan then activated the Omnitrix as the green dial activated.


Scrolling past the Upgrade silhouette, Stan soon spotted the silhouette of Dr Viktor's DNA Sample and eagerly tapped down the exposed core before he was engulfed in a flash of bright green light.


As the Omnitrix shrank down into his wrist, light green skin slowly grew up and covered Stan's right arm before he closed his eyes before they reopened now a bright blue colour.

Then Stan's body grew in size as two giant electrical pylons grew on his back as his shoes and hands morphed into thick black boots and humanoid black gauntlets whilst his black spikey hair morphed into that of a thick heavy mullet which funnily enough caused Stan to gain black sideburns as a result on his face.

Then, the bottom of Stan's body morphed into a brown trouser waist which had a white line running around his torso before various green electrical probes appeared on his body along with two rips running down each of his arms.

Finally, the Omnitrix symbol appeared in the centre of the belt as the alien grinned and slammed his hands together generating green electrical energy just like Shocksquatch.


Stan had become a Transylian known as Frankenstrike.


As the flash of bright green light faded away, Frankenstrike's feet automatically landed on the ground before the new alien boomed out with Frankenstein style voice, "Electromagnetic feet? Fantastic!"

Zap! Thunk!

"The Omnitrix absorbed Dr Viktor's DNA as well? That could be useful." Max remarked back to Frankenstrike who was observing his new body before Nibbler then floated over to join him.

"I know right?" Frankenstrike began before he then realized, "I've got sideburns! Lovely long sideburns..."

Gwen facepalmed in response to that statement.

"So what's this one called?" Nibbler questioned Frankenstrike who told him "Frankenstrike and this alien is number twenty one."

"Enough! I won't allow you to disrupt my plans!" Zs'Sakyr then rasped out with the Mummy joining him.

Frankenstrike and Nibbler then nodded at each other before they charged back into the fight together as a team.

Charging towards the Mummy, Nibbler then morphed the sword before he began slicing at the bandages off the Mummy which attempted to tackle Nibbler into the wall.


Nibbler simply grabbed hold of the Mummy, opened his mouth and crunched down his sharp teeth on the Mummy's neck causing it to groan out, "URGH!"


Whilst that fight happened, Zs'Sakyr sliced his claws towards Frankenstrike who guarded the attack with a cross before he ducked down and attempted to punch the rouge Ectonurite.

However, Zs'Sakyr simply turned invisible before Frankenstrike smirked and muttered out, "Zappity Zap Zap!"

Whoosh... SPARK! ZAP! PUNCH!

"ARGH!" Zs'Sakyr howled in pain before he was sent flying back into a nearby wall with the Mummy sprawled out nearby as well.

"Thanks, Shocksquatch," Frankenstrike mumbled under his breath thinking about the other electrical alien within the Omnitrix Stan had unlocked.

"The controls are locked out! I can't turn off the Corrodium beam!" Max then called out nearby.

Turning around, Frankesntrike them remarked, "No problem! A little bit of lighting from Frankenstrike will zap that panel out!"

However, Zs'Sakyr then emerged from behind Frankenstrike and grabbed hold of him before they both became intangible and were dragged slowly outside through the floor.

Whoosh! Grab! Whoosh...

"Oh, you want to fight? Because I'm going to kick your ass." Frankenstrike warned Zs'Sakyr.

Both aliens then emerged on the outside of the New Frontier Space Station as Frankenstrike's electromagnetic boots kicked in.

Zap! Thunk!

Holding out his arms, Zs'Sakyr then mocked Frankenstrike by declaring, "Here in the darkness of Space, I am at my full potential!"

Zs'Sakyr's body then mutated and grew bigger as Frankestrike watched on in shock.


Zs'Sakyr's claws grew sharper whilst his tentacles extended bigger with his shoulders gaining large spikes.

"RARGH!" Zs'Sakyr roared out before he punched Frankenstrike directly in his face.


"UGH!" Frankenstrike grunted out in pain before he crash-landed into a nearby wall and landed on the ground.


Shaking his head, Frankenstrike looked upwards and saw Zs'Sakyr's single purple eye glancing down causing Frankenstrike to think, "I can beat Zs'Sakyr without having to use the Master Control! I know I can!"

"Any last words before I possess your body once the Omnitrix times out, Stanley?" Zs'Sakyr arrogantly taunted him.

"You're going to pay for everything you've done since coming back to life. And this time you're going to stay dead." Frankenstrike taunted Zs'Sakyr before he glanced at the transmitter and the purple glowing Earth.

"Stay away from that transmitter, Hopkins!" Zs'Sakyr taunted Frankenstrike who coldly replied, "This is for everyone on Earth. HAH!"

Aiming out his hands, a massive blast of green lighting was shot directly towards Zs'Sakyr who then retaliated back with a purple energy beam attack of his own.


Both energy beams then collided as the battle between Zs'Sakyr and Frankenstrike continued.

At the same time on the outside of the New Frontier Space Station...

WHOOSH! Thunk!

The clamps holding the Novas rocket off the transition hatch for the New Frontier Space Station deactivated before the rocket took off.


Inside the rocket, Max piloted the Novas Space Shuttle, past the New Frontier Space Station on his own.

"Yeah! I've still got the right stuff!" Max praised himself before he noticed something bleep on the radar.

Beep! WHOOSH! CRAKA-Rumble...

"What in the world?!" A shocked Max muttered under his breath noticing a ruined space ship flying towards him.

Glancing at the space ship, Max noticed Dr Viktor having merged his body to the structure entangled in the cables.

"Oh, this isn't good!" Max shouted out in panic right before the two space ships crashed into each other.


Struggling to get Dr Viktor off the Novas Space Shuttle, Max then snarkily remarked, "Bet Neil Armstrong never had to deal with this!"

Both rockets then pulled and pushed against each other right as Frankenstrike and Zs'Sakyr smashed their hands together at the same time.


Both monster aliens then gritted their teeth and pushed each other back as the battle outside continued.

At the same time back inside the New Frontier Space Station...


As Nibbler smashed the Mummy's head in with the back of his morphed sword limb, Gwen was trying to deactivate the control panel for the Corrodium Beam.

Flipping through the spellbook pages, Gwen then glanced down at one spell and muttered out, "Let's see... Reanima Verdanica!"

ZAP! SPARK! BZZTT! Rumble...

Flowers and vines then emerged from the control panel before Gwen frowned and mumbled, "Ugh! Wrong spell! Okay... How about... Reanima Dynamica!"


The control panel then sparked with electrical energy before Gwen was blown back directly into the Mummy.

"Look out Gwen!" "Look out, Gwen!" Nibbler and Ben then boomed out to Gwen who quickly turned around and kicked the Mummy directly in its face with her martial arts skills.


"URGH!" The Mummy groaned back taking the damage like it was nothing as Gwen and Nibbler regrouped.

"Any bright ideas?" Nibbler questioned Gwen who glanced around and noticed a door before remarking, "Maybe. Just hold the Mummy off!"


The Mummy's bandages then wrapped around Nibbler before the Symbiote was dragged off again.

Gwen then opened up the door and noticed that it was a toilet before she had a bright idea.

"I've uh gotta go," Gwen remarked to the Mummy before she floated inside the toilet.

Annoyed, the Mummy then let go of a now back to normal Ben and floated after Gwen who closed the toilet door.


Gwen then leapt forward right before the door was peeled off trapping Gwen.

"GRUGH!" The Mummy groaned out to Gwen right before she snarkily taunted the Mummy, "Doesn't occupied mean anything to you?!"

The Mummy then attempted to grab Gwen, but she then slid underneath the confused Mummy which turned around only for Gwen to yell out, "Now Ben!"

Gwen and Ben then both jumped up together and directly kicked the Mummy square in its face using their powers to enhance the dual kick move.


The Mummy was then sent back before it's back bandages became stuck in the toilet causing it to be sucked down into space.


The Mummy barely had time to react before it fully vanished with Ben and Gwen snarkily telling the Mummy, "Don't forget to put the seat down the way out!"

"GRARGH!" The Mummy groaned out right before it was flushed into space.

Ben and Gwen then high-fived each other after the Mummy was beaten by them.

At the same time back outside...


Frankenstrike stomped backwards and dodged an energy blast from Zs'Sakyr before hurling a green energy bolt back towards Zs'Sakyr in response.


As another energy beam duel commenced, Zs'Sakyr then rasped out to Frankenstrike, "Every minute you spend brings you closer to becoming Terran again! It will be a pleasure to watch your head explode in the vacuum of space!"

Knowing that he couldn't change forms via the Master Control function since it would drain the watch, Stan had no choice but to remain as Frankenstrike.

"That's not going to happen!" Frankenstrike shouted out right before the energy beams exploded.

KA-BLAM! Rumble...

As Frankenstrike was tossed back by the explosion, the Mummy then appeared from behind Frankenstrike, grabbed hold of him and smashed him directly into the hull of the Space Station.


"ARGH!" Frankenstrike screamed in pain as blood flew out of his mouth from the impact injuring him with the Mummy restraining him.

Zs'Sakyr then floated in front of Frankenstrike who then bluntly declared, "Now we finish this!"

Zs'Sakyr's energy beam in his chest then grew bigger right before the Novas Space Shuttle rocketed past the station with Max and Dr Viktor continuing their space battle.


On the rocket, Dr Viktor was dangling on, He activated his purple electrical powers and fired out some purple lighting towards Max.


"Don't know what you're doing! But I don't like the look of it!" Max remarked back before he twisted the shuttle around to face the satellite transmitter.

Grinning inside the cockpit, Max then flicked a lever which deactivated the Novas Space Shuttle rocket thrusters.

Whoosh! Rumble...

Once the Novas Space Shuttle deactivated, Dr Viktor's rocket then rammed both spacecraft onto the satellite transmitter which then exploded.

CRAKA-BOOM! Rumble...

The New Frontier Space Station then began shaking as Zs'Sakyr then turned around and screamed out, "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

"No way! Uncle Max destroyed the transmitter which means Earth is back to normal!" Frankesntrike them muttered under his breath before he smirked.

As rubble and debris floated off the New Frontier Space Station, the transmitter deactivated with the Corrodium beam now shut down.


With the Corrodium beam now deactivated, the Corrodium cloud slowly vanished off the planet with the clear blue sky returning.

As Earth returned to normal, the Corrodium beam vanished across the planet with the rays from the Sun beaming back to Earth.

Immediately Earth's ecosystem returned to normal with dozens of plants quickly regaining sunlight to thrive off with the animal population returning to normal.

In various cities across the globe such as Bellwood, New York, London, Beijing, Syndey, Berlin and Tokyo, the Corrodium beam vanishing slowly caused the Mutant Humans to mutate back into normal Humans with no idea of what just happened.

The same process occurred for the familiar faces Stan had met along with people Stan would soon encounter.

And in the deepest pit's of the Earth itself, the ancient guardian sensed what had happened and vanished back into the depths of the Earth.

As the purple beam flew back towards Earth, it hit the Satellite Reciever in New Mexico where the Werewolf was.

"Whimper..." The Werewolf muttered out before the Satellite Receiver exploded killing the Werewolf.

CRAKA-BOOM! Rumble...

Once the Satellite Receiver exploded, junk and debris from the explosion landed in the surrounding area in the aftermath.

At the same time back in space...

"How does it feel to lose again?" Frankenstrike cockily questioned Zs'Sakyr who angrily rasped out, "You will pay dearly for that!" And fired out a purple energy beam directly towards Frankenstrike.


Frankenstrike quickly activated his electrical powers which caused the Mummy to be shocked right before Frankenstrike jumped upwards and punched Zs'Sakyr directly in his face.


"GAH!" Zs'Sakyr howled in pain right before Frankenstrike boomed out, "Give up! You've lost!"

"Never!" Zs'Sakyr rasped back before he morphed underneath Frakenstrike and emerged near the Mummy before Dr Viktor walked over from the front.

"We won't stop until you and your allies are dead!" Dr Viktor boomed out before he kneeled down and activated the portal generator on his back.


"Ah, nuts!" Frankenstrike muttered out before he dived down and avoided the energy blast which then formed a portal directly towards the Null Void.

"The Null Void!" Zs'Sakyr then rasped out before the various monsters aliens were slowly dragged in.

First was the Mummy which tried to hold onto the superstructure with its arms before it was sucked in.

"URGH!" The Mummy groaned out in shock before it was dragged inside.


Next, Frankenstrike was slowly dragged across before he muttered out, "I'm not going back in there with Vilgax!"

Dr Viktor was then dragged across upwards before he clutched onto a nearby rubble object and blared out in protest, "How can this happen!? The Master Plan was meant to succeed!"

Clutching onto a nearby object, Frankenstrike then aimed out his right hand towards Dr Viktor before he yelled out, "Because good always wins against evil! Say hi to Frenzy would you?!"

Right before Frankenstrike blasted Dr Viktor with green electrical energy.


"DAMN YOU AND THIS PLANET!" Dr Viktor screamed out before he was dragged into the Null Void portal which then sealed shut.


Once the portal closed, Frankenstrike sighed in relief before he looked around and pointed out, "Phew... Glad that's over... Now two down, one to go."

Looking around, Frankenstrike noticed Zs'Sakyr was nowhere to be seen before he muttered, "Where did he go?!"

CRAKA-BOOM! Rumble...

A massive explosion then shook the New Frontier Space Station with several more explosions following suit.


"Warning! Hull interiority comprised! This facility will explode in T-Minus Sixty Seconds." The automated announcer blared out.

"BEN, NIBBLER, GWEN!" Frankenstrike boomed out before he ran across the side of the space station and entered the airlock.

Once inside, Frankenstrike noticed the interior was now blood red with Ben and Gwen floating in mid-air amongst rubble and debris.

"We've got to get out of here!" Frankenstrike told the kids before Ben shouted out back, "We know! But we can't contact Grandpa!"


The Omnitrix symbol on Frankenstrike's belt then flashed red right before Frankenstrike muttered out, "Oh not now!"

Frankenstrike was then engulfed in a flash of bright red light.


As Stan slowly emerged from the flash of bright red light, the Omnitrix then beeped out, "Warning! Omni-Energy supply is low! Recharge Mode activated."

CRAKA-BOOM! Rumble...

Panicking, Stan then freaked out and yelled, "OH CRAP! WE'RE SCREWED NOW! WE'RE GOING TO DIE IN THE INFERNO OF THIS STATION!"

Ben and Stan then began screaming before Gwen told them both, "QUIT FREAKING OUT! WE ARE GOING TO GET OUT OF HERE!"

"HOW GWEN!? WE HAVE NO MEANS OF ESCAPE!" Nibbler furiously roared out to Gwen.

"This module is about to depressurize! So hold on!" Gwen told Stan and Ben before she grabbed hold of a floating Hazmat Suit disk and jumped over to Ben and Stan.

"What are you doing?!" Ben questioned Gwen who told him, "Saving your lives! Now hang on!"

The Hazard Suit then stretched out and engulfed the three kids with Stan in the middle, Ben on the left and Gwen on the right.

The New Frontier Space Station's wall then cracked as the kids ended up being sent out into space.


"Why us?!" Stan shouted out right before the New Frontier Space Station then blew up in a gigantic explosion which was visible from Earth.


In the aftermath of the New Frontier Space Station exploding, huge chunks of rubble and debris from the space station began floating out into space and in Earth's orbit whilst some of the rubble and debris plunged down towards Earth crashing down towards Florida and the Atlantic Ocean in the aftermath of the incident.

Following the explosion, the Hazmat suit that Ben, Gwen and Stan were currently occupying was floating away from Earth.

"Oh great! Now we get to float around in space forever with space cooties!" Ben snarkily taunted Gwen with Nibbler taking over at the end.

"This is no picnic for us either! Shower much?" Gwen snarkily taunted Ben back.

"Oh for crying out loud... I like you guys, but being forced to float in space forever is a rather cruel fate." Stan then commented under his breath.

Thankfully, the Novas Space Shuttle then appeared behind the floating Hazmat suit before Max called out to them, "You kids need a lift?"

"Yes please!" The kids shouted back in response.

Ten minutes later onboard the Novas Spacecraft...

As the Novas Spacecraft flew back to Earth, the group were all sat down wearing Hazmat Suits on each of the four seats.

Gwen and Max were sat at the front whilst Stan and Ben were sat at the back.

"Mission Accomplished! I guess saving the Earth beats a Moonwalk." Max told the kids.

"Same! We became Astronauts and saved the world from Zs'Sakyr and his undead cronies!" Ben then shouted out in excitement.

"Agreed. I've got to be honest Uncle Max. If you hadn't rammed the transmitter on the Space Station, we would have lost. So thanks for saving us." Stan truthfully told him.

"I was just doing my job as always. Besides what matters is that the Earth is saved again." Max replied back before he muttered, "Although I'm not sure how long it will be before a new threat appears."

"We'll always be there to save the world." Gwen then informed Max who nodded back.

"Not this time!" Zs'Sakyr then rasped out from behind Stan.


Using his intangibility and tentacles, Zs'Sakyr then grabbed hold of Stan and dragged him off.

"ARGH! HELP ME!" Stan screamed out in fear before Zs'Sakyr cackled faded through the wall heading to the back of the ship.


"STAN!" "STAN!" Everyone called out to him back.

Struggling to get out of Zs'Sakyr's grip, Stan angrily glared at the enraged Ectonurite who then ranted out, "You have only delayed my plans, Hopkins! Once I have control over the Omnitrix, Earth's defences will be powerless against me!"

Feeling his emotions fluctuating, Stan then thought to himself, "No... He can't win... I won't let him! Not now!"

Immediately, Stan's body glowed green with Omni-Energy before his black hair rose up in a flame-like pattern with the aura surrounding his body.


"What is this?!" Zs'Sakyr then rasped out in shock right before the Omnitrix beeped out, "Warning! Extreme-Omni Energy surge detected!"

Stan was about to transform into his Omni-Evolution Form where his glowing dark green eyes then noticed Ben and Gwen float into the backroom behind Zs'Sakyr.

Gwen then spotted a lever and nodded to Stan to calm down and not change.

Immediately, Stan morphed back to normal with the Omni-Energy aura vanishing as his eyes changed back from dark green to bright blue.


"What was that stunt you pulled there?!" Zs'Sakyr rasped out to Stan who simply smirked back in response.

"Stan, Sunny Side up!" Nibbler then informed Stan who nodded back.

"Smiling at your demise Stanley? I admire that." Zs'Sakyr rasped out to Stan.

Now back to normal and in control of himself, Stan then bluntly told Zs'Sakyr, "Actually I'm not smiling at my demise... I'm smiling at your's Zs'Sakyr!"

"WHAT?!" Zs'Sakyr rasped out when Gwen then flicked the lever for the cargo hatch opening it up.

Flick! WHIRRR!

"Grandpa, now!" Ben yelled out right before the Novas Spacecraft flew upside down.

"Foolish children! You cannot stop me!" Zs'Sakyr remarked right before the light of the Sun emerged in the spacecraft.

Confused, Zs'Sakyr turned around and then noticed the blinding yellow gaze of the Sun which began melting his skin and cell structure.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT AGAIN! ARGHghhrrr..." Zs'Sakyr screamed out in pain before the extreme temperature of the Sun disintegrated Zs'Sakyr body into ash and debris.

Once Zs'Sakyr was killed again, the decaying remnants of the Ectonurite were then blasted out into space before the cargo hatch was sealed shut.

"And stay dead this time..." Stan muttered out before he whispered, "Phew... Thanks for the help!"

"So have we made our point about teamwork yet?" Gwen then questioned Stan who eagerly told her back, "Already did Gwen."

CRAKA-BOOM! Rumble...

"ARGHH!" The kids screamed out before the gravity was reactivated within the Space Shuttle.

"System Error! All Systems failing! Prepare for emergency landing!" The automated announcer blared out from within the Novas Spacecraft as the kids ran into the cockpit.

As the Novas Spacecraft plunged directly towards Earth, the metal began peeling off from the front.

"We took on too much damage when I rammed the Transmitter! The ship is breaking up!" Max shouted out in fear and shock.

"Can't you do something Grandpa?!" Ben questioned Max who turned around and told him, "I'm sorry. But I can't!"

"ARGHHH!" Ben and Gwen screamed out as they began panicking right before the glass window began cracking and failing.

"EVERYONE GET AROUND ME NOW!" Stan ordered the group who did just that right before the Novas Spacecraft fell apart.


As the Novas Spacecraft disintegrated into huge rubble and chunks of debris which plunged towards Earth, Cannonbolt then appeared from within the smoke and fell down to Earth like a meteorite.

As Cannonbolt fell down towards Earth with no idea of what would happen, the group soon entered the Earth's atmosphere right before they rapidly approached the ground.


Breaking through the cloud level, Cannonbolt then crash-landed in an empty field outside of a mansion creating a massive explosion from the impact.

CRAKA-BOOM! Rumble...

A massive smoke cloud of debris and rubble erupted from the nearby area which slowly cleared up.

Inside the huge circular crater, Cannonbolt slowly unmorphed from his ball form with Ben, Gwen and Max lying on top of him...


"Oww..." Cannonbolt groaned in pain with steam and smoke hissing off his body before the Tennyson trio recovered and got up.

"Holy crap... Good thing we survived that." Ben began before Nibbler declared, "Were done with being Astronauts."


Cannonbolt then transformed back to Stan in a flash of bright red light.

"Warning! Omni-Energy is low. Recharge Mode Activated." The Omnitrix beeped out before Stan slowly got upwards and coughed in pain.

"Ugh... I don't think I can do anything else..." Stan coughed out before he questioned Max, "Did we win?"

"Yes. We're home and safe." Max promised back to Stan.

"Oh thank god were alright." Stan began before he then told Max, "You know, I couldn't have done this without you guys."

Max was about to say something before Stan blurted out and told him, "No wait... Let me say this... Before I found the Omnitrix or went on this Summer Vacation, I had no idea what to expect. But you know what my life used to be like? I just stayed at home and read books whilst keeping quiet to myself. Nobody tried to murder me or change me into an elf or be possessed by a rogue ghost alien. I enjoyed it all."

"So what are you trying to say?" Gwen then questioned Stan who told her back, "Simply put, I've changed a lot over two months. But you know what? I wouldn't miss anything that I've been through."

Nodding back Max then held out his hand in the middle before Ben, Gwen and Stan placed their hands together and declared, "Team."

"So where exactly are we?" Nibbler then questioned the group only for a flashlight to activate.


Two more flashlights then shined on the group as three male individuals then appeared on the side of the crater.

The first was a male figure who had Caucasian Skin with Blue eyes and Red hair and seemed to be Eleven years old and was wearing a pair of casual jeans, Nike trainers, and a t-shirt with an African theme to it.

Standing next to the male figure in the middle was two men.

The first was muscular with Blonde hair and Blue eyes. He was wearing thick mercenary armour and was standing proud and tall.

The last person had a deep skin tone with Balding hair and Hazel eyes. He was wearing a pair of brown trousers, wore smart shoes and was wearing a shirt with an African style theme to it.

Also, both Ramsey and D'Sifso seemed to be wearing beaded bracelets on their arms respectively.

"Who are you?" Ben then questioned the male group before the redhead greeted them by saying, "My name is Ramsey and this is my Grandfather D'Sifso. And my bodyguard Darrell. Now how did you end up here and why?"

Max's eyes widened in shock before he smiled and glanced at D'Sifso who then said to Max in a thick Wakandan accent, "It is good to see you again Max."

"Wasn't exactly expecting to meet up like this D'Sifso." Max jokingly remarked back to D'Sifso.

Feeling like a cliffhanger was about to occur, Stan then muttered out, "Oh boy... Here we go again."

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