I can't believe I let Piper talk me into this. I knew it was a really bad idea when we made it to the beach.

"Um Pipes don't you think the school will notice a quarter of the 9th grade isn't there," I asked as I looked around at all the people.

"You worry to much! It's not like we do this everyday. Summers so close none of the teachers are doing anything anyways," she said to me

Frank and his girlfriend Hazel where there, Nico and Will had come, Luke and my other best friend Thalia had decided to skip too. Piper's boyfriend had been waiting for us at a table on the beach we were going to spend the day at and he also looked worried.

"This is so many people," he said looking up the hill at another bunch of people arriving. Calypso was laughing at something Leo had said and Rachel was there unpacking a canvas and some paint supplies from their car so she must have rode with them. I looked around for the one person who was missing.

Percy had only been at school for a year but he had quickly settled into our group. With his stupid jokes he made everyone laugh and Piper said with his good looks he should get a girlfriend but he didn't seem to want one.

I agreed he could get one easily. He was funny and smart when he tried to be, stuck up for other people, and made friends quickly. Not that I noticed any of that that's just what my friends told me.


I walked down to the beach where everyone else does. I didn't really know who to talk to. They were all mostly people I was friends with, except Luke, but they also pretty much all had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

To bad Grover and Tyson couldn't be here I thought thinking about my best friends from my old school. I didn't have any friends like that here. The closest friends I had here would have to be Thalia, Frank, and Hazel but they were all with the person they were dating and I decided not to interrupt them.

Instead I decided to go sit at the table. Piper and Jason where there but Piper ignored me. She'd been mad at me since I told her to stop trying to hook me up with people. Jason shot me an apologetic look and ignored me to because she had told him to ignore me until I got a girlfriend. I rolled my eyes and turned to talk to the other person at the table.

Annabeth. She was the only one who didn't seem to like me very much. Or maybe she was just to busy being a perfect student to care either way about the sort of new kid.

"Hi," I said to her.

She looked up at me,"Hi"

"Where's your book?" I asked. She always had a book with her.

" I had been planning on going to school today so I left it in my locker," She said back.

"So what are you doing?" I asked trying to make some small talk till someone else who would talk to me arrived.

She looked at me like I was stupid "sitting here talking to an idiot.'

Piper looked up at Annabeth confused and Annabeth stated at me as if dating me to respond. I was saved from having to say anything else by Rachel. I turned away from Annabeth's grey eyed glare to look at Rachel as she slid onto the bench next to me.

Rachel didn't hate me. So I was hoping she would be in one of her super chatty moods instead of her quiet one.

"So you guys enjoying the party? I hope I brought the right paint for the water. I'm really hoping to get to paint the sunset today but I never end up doing it. Hey Percy I heard you tried out for the summer swim team and did really well so did you want to race? Did you make the team? You guys have any plans for the summer?"

Yep she's in a talkative mood.

"I made the team and sure I'll race you but don't be upset when you lose" I told her cockily.

"You mean if," Rachel said with a smile.

"No I mean when!"

"Don't worry Rachel if you don't beat him I will," Annabeth chimed in.

" Hey guys! Their gonna race!" Piper shouted getgettkng 3veryp es attention.

Everyone gathered around to watch as we hopped into the water and took off across the water. I noticed the gleam in the girls eyes as we started but ignored it. It wasn't even a real race at the begining. I mean they were so slow. Then when I was only seconds away from the beach I heard someone shout Rachel's name.

I turned around and saw why. She was drowning! She was still all the way back at the buoy that was our turn around point. I watched incredulously as Annabeth swam right passed her and kept going. I swam so fast I already had my arms around her before I knew what I was doing.

I dragged her back to shore as fast as I could (which was way faster than I had been swimming) and made it to shore only a little bit behind her. I leaned over Rachel to see if she was breathing and she yelled "YOU LOSE!"

Everyone started laughing. I was a little embarrassed but I laughed to. I'm just glad she hadn't waited till I tried doing mouth to mouth to let me know she'd been faking it. Well I told myself I was.