Still third Person

They were all still sitting around the table when she decided to ask the question. Breakfast had been over for awhile now but no one had left the table. "So why was all the food blue? Is it just because that's your favorite color?" She asked looking at Percy. The smile on his face faded a little bit.

"It has to do with a little fight I had with my ex-husband back when we were still married," Sally said but wouldn't tell her anymore. Annabeth decided to drop it. The question Annabeth had asked was enough to send Percy back to that day, night really.

It started in the morning before his mom went to work though. Just a silly argument over whether or not food could be blue. So later that night when his mom got back from work she brought with her a whole bunch of blue food. "You smug little bitch!" Percy had heard Gabe roar from in his room. He made it to the entrance just in time to see Gabe crack his hand gainst his mother's face. Gabe had his his coming back down toward her when his hand was grabbed from behind. Rage was pulsing through Percy giving him a strength he didn't know that he had. He flung his step-father against the wall and hissed in his face, "You touch my mom again and I'll break your wrist got it!?"

Gabe laughed at Percy. "Aw look at the brave boy standing up for his mommy. Well alright then I guess I'll just have to hurt you instead! It's a lot more fun when they fight back anyway." From that night on whenever Gabe was mad he'd go in and fight Percy. Percy always lost but still in a way the new arrangement benefitted everyone. Gabe got a thrill off of beating up on someone who would fight back, Sally wasn't getting beat anymore (even if she did beg Gabe to leave Percy alone instead of her), and Percy got two things. He had a nice not-so-healthy way to take out all his pent up frustration and anger everyday and he got to feel like he was finally doing something to help out his mom instead of just causing more trouble with his issues at school (which coincidentally ended soon after the incident) and bad grades.

"PERCY!" Annabeth's voice snapped him out of the past and back into the here and now. He looked down and stared at his fists as he unfurled them. They had been balled up so tight that his fingernails had drawn blood. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine," His voice was barely above a whisper and he was clearly lying. "I'm just gonna go take care of this and then go for a walk ok?" Sally looked at him and nodded sadly. So Percy got up and washed up his hand. The cuts weren't that deep so he decided not to put anything over them. Than he left. He didn't get back until about two hours later.

"Long walk. You okay now?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Where's Annabeth?" He asked looking around. Sally told him that she was in the shower so Percy went to his room to grab his phone and wait for her. It was already like eleven and Percy figured he should probably take her home. Of course he had to tell Grover that him and Annabeth were dating and Grover, more excited by the news than expected, forced him to tell all his other friends from back home. Silena had to know everything of course and he was so busy trying to dodge questions without making it seem to obvious that he didn't even notice when Annabeth came in until she sat down next to him.

"Who are you talking to?"

"Just a friend," Percy replied. A small smile came across his face as soon as he looked at her and he pushed the thoughts of another time, a bad time, to the back of his head. He thought he was past thinking about those days but all it took to make the memories come flooding back was one innocent little question. Annabeth liked how Percy made her feel but she was wondering honestly how long it would last. Her brain told her that she and Percy were to different to work well together. He was energetic, happy, fun-loving, and didn't really seem to care about grades, just his friends. She on the other hand was a work-a-holic who often gave up hanging out with friends for an extra day to study. She was quite, cautious, and- to put it simply- boring. It's why she hadn't wanted this to happen in the first place. Of course she also didn't want to be just another 'wierd girl crushing on him' as he commonly said about girls who asked him out. And if things didn't work out there only seemed one other way for it to end... heartbreak. They weren't compatible. At all.

Annabeth was shaken out of her gloomy thoughts on a supposedly not so distant future by a hand on her shoulder. "Hey let's get you home now." Then waving the phone in her face he continued, "You need to rest up. Thalia and Jason's rich daddy decided he wanted to have them come to his place so he rented out an entire beach house for them and told them to invite however many friends they want. It's for a week and they are also being given a hole bunch of money to 'treat themselves' with. If you ask me it's just Zeus trying to make up for not being a big part of their lives and bribe his way back into their good graces after the fight him and Thalia had. Actually with how prideful and stubborn Thalia is I'm surprised she's even going but hey whatever,"

"So who's all coming? Annabeth asked.

"Everyone. I mean... the house is HUGE. It'll be a lil' crowded but not to much," Annabeth said goodbye to sally and the two talked excitedly about the vacation the whole ride to her house (and for like half an hour in the car just sitting in front of the house because Annabeth didn't want to get out.