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Chapter 4:

(General POV)

(Meanwhile, not that far up in the sky, where a small one-manned white shuttle hovered inconspicuously in the front nest of a cloud, unaware that his silver sheen was reflective in the sun …)

Click-click-click, a four fingered hand expertly tried to type across his computer's tiny keyboard as he accidently chunked it shut on his big thumb.

"Ouch!" He yelled, trying to nurse it as he shook it off. Sighing, the lone driver looked to his side where the reflective glass revealed his concerned smile and his double set of eyes as they all four slipped shut in thought. "Coming to this planet, I thought this would be easy. The white hamster's directions on where I could find Jumba were very specific … And now, I admit it: I'm lost."

However, opening his four eyes once more, the easy-admiring gaze returned to his face as he found himself enjoying the feel of the sun on his peached skin. "On Kweltikwan, we never got this much sun."

Pressing a button next to the auto-pilot option of his space shuttle, he allowed the top of his space shuttle to pull up as he stretched his arms and shook out his blonde shaggy locks. Remembering what happened a day ago, he pulled his arms back in as he sheepishly added, "Mother always said to never fly with the top of the cruiser off, and now … Jumba's going to kill me."

Heeding his computer to send his message faster, his fingers flew copiously and rapidly across his shimmering keyboard as he attached a complicated file to his message and pressed the button to record his words as he recited, "Hey, Jumbs, it me! Look, I'm not in trouble or anything. I heard about what happened on that asteroid planet. I just wanted to make sure you're ok, and … Look, I've got something to tell you, alright? So listen close …"

Outside, unaware of the situation behind him, an ominous hum vibrated just outside just as Gantu moved his sky cruiser closer to its target and readied his ship's blaster.

" … Look at the data stream closely. It'll tell you everything." He continued to say as he muttered a few choice last words as his fingers encoded a couple of more directions across the data board. Now aware of a strange hum happening around him, one of his smaller eyes caught sight of Gantu's ship's plasma blast, which exploded just behind the outer shell of his small cruiser with a giant wham!

"I'm sorry," he whispered into the last seconds of the stream as he smashed his computer with a giant fist, bravely throwing it aside as he fought to keep his ship from spiraling out of control as a giant splash swallowed his ship as it fell smack-dap in the mouth of the reef.

(Akira POV)

(Meanwhile, back at Lilo and Stitch's house …)

"Jumba!" Lilo called, right as Stitch pushed the front door open, carrying the sack of pods in one of his extra hands. In the kitchen, Pleakley poked his head in from out of the kitchen as he walked out to meet them in his orange and white floral sleeveless "housewife" dress disguise. I followed in after Trinity after Lilo side-stepped us and called for Jumba, again.

"Ah, Lilo?" Pleakley started to say before Stitch ran past him with Lilo hot in tow as he yelled out, "Ah!"

Over her shoulder, she called back, "Sorry Pleakley. We got to get these pods to Jumba!"

"Oh ok. Wait, more little monsters?!" Pleakley exclaimed, seeing Trinity and me next to the door with Shadow, who stood close and right beside me as he came forward to sniff at the air. "Wait, what is he doing?" Still not sure about Shadow, Pleakley tittered as he observed Shadow sniffing his surroundings with a strong urge as he broke away from me and phased right through a wall.

"Ahh!" Pleakley said, backing away from the scene as I just smiled in amusement and giggled as Trinity grinned in amusement. Bringing out a pad and pencil out of my back pocket, I wrote a quick message and held it out for Pleakley to read.

"He doesn't mean any harm?" Pleakley read and asked as I nodded, pointing ahead to where Shadow went into the other room. Fixing to follow Shadow, I paused to go in with Trinity as she saw Pleakley following us into the kitchen.

"You should have seen Shadow in action!" Trinity laughed as I beamed in pride as she recounted the short battle scene to Lilo's aunt. Meanwhile, Shadow helped himself to one of Pleakley's lemon blobs from the kitchen table. 'He was awesome!' I had also written as Pleakley passed both of us a pastry.

"Yes, I'm sure he was," Pleakley said, side-watching him as he turned to see Shadow still sniffing the air as Pleakley noticed Trinity's sigh.

Placing a hand on Trinity's hand, I was curious to see what Trinity was thinking about before she looked up to hear Pleakley say, "It's enough when I get asked to babysit one of the little monsters, but this one of yours, Trinity, is quite polite."

'Yours?' I wrote in question and showed it to Trinity, who blushed with a small smile.

"I didn't get to say anything before the spat with Gantu, but …" Trinity started to say before both girls jumped up when they heard a shrill feminine scream yell out, "Naga! Meega-o-itume!"

"Aurora!" Trinity called out, jumping off her chair and ran out the west entryway into the hall, to which to her surprise she saw Shadow cornering a small, magenta-furred puppy-like 'cousin' up against the laundry door. As her two fluffy long furry 'ears' raised up and curled around her head antennae protectively , Trinity felt me skitter in next to her as she tried to gain Shadow's attention. "Shadow, it's ok. Please, don't …"

Due to Shadow's close proximity, 'Aurora' decided that he was too close for comfort as she flashed her purple outer-aqua eyes and let loose a high-infrared auroral gleam from the top of her head that caused Shadow to back away in pain and surprise. As a response, I felt Trinity shield my eyes as she turned briefly to see the little 'pup' shakily turned away and curled up into a tiny ball as it cried.

Pointing a hand out to the 'cousin' that Trinity had called Aurora, I was wanting to know what it was as I paused to comfort Shadow down at my left side as he turned away from the creature with a mild glare. We both watched as Trinity picked up the little experiment in her arms as it started to cry.

Nodding to my inquisitive expression, Trinity finally explained, "I found her a few days ago. In fact, she's how I came to meet Lilo and Stitch, a little shortly before you did, after they were chasing a rather … unusual experiment, I guess, they called her. It took a shine to me and I guess she calmed down for Stitch to suddenly dub her a 'cousin'. All we know is that she can emit these strong pulses of light, which … Ah …"

She didn't have to explain as Shadow leaned further into Akira's shadow to hide in case she did it again.

"Sorry about that, Shadow," Trinity said, cuddling the little mysterious 'cousin' close as it sighed in her arms as Shadow eyed it, seeing it stick its tongue out in playful spite as I just giggled at Shadow's annoyance. "Now, Aurora, you mind your manners."

"There you guys are," Lilo said from the doorway of Jumba and Pleakley's bunk room as Lilo invited us to join them both upstairs. "We didn't find Jumba, but Stitch found …"

"Lilo!" Stitch called urgently as she ran back into the room, signaling for everyone to join her. As Shadow flew me upstairs and Trinity carried in Aurora right behind Pleakley, we all assembled into the tiny room after Lilo as we watched as Stitch clicked a few buttons more on Jumba's computer. Turning it towards us to see, he pointed to the screen … but there was nothing.

"What is it, Stitch?" Lilo said, as Stitch growled and gibbered nonsense and turned to see Shadow joining him as they both calculated some cryptic instructions into Jumba's computer.

"It?" Pleakley asked, confused.

"When we couldn't find Jumba, we were trying to look at the experiment files to see if it matched with anything on Trinity's friend there. But, there was some sort of video message that popped up during our search," Lilo said, turning to face the others as Pleakley turned slightly at the sound of the turned latch on the door.

"Some sort of email?" Trinity asked, seeing me look impressed at Shadow's computer expertise as he and Stitch each shared a couple of seconds of chatter.

"6-2-6? Little girl? Did I hear you calling for me?" Jumba asked, coming inside and seeing the whole crowd in the room. "What is going on?"

Grabbing Shadow's wrist to pull him away, Stitch yelled "Jumba!" and backed away from the computer as the computerized screen said, "Incoming transmission … from Kalevin Jookiba."

Looking at Jumba, Aurora, and Stitch's concerned and shocked faces, I ominously felt the whole room grow almost as immensely silent as my world as I and Trinity backed up to give them all some space to see the screen fairly. Sighing, Jumba took a breath and clicked a button on the screen to play the full transmission in front of us all.

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