I have read so many fanfics here, and it inspired me to write my own. I don't have all the time in the world, as I am still in high school, so don't expect updates every day. I will try to update it once a week.I like to get feedback, to see if you have any suggestions/ideas to make my story better. I also would like to thank Queen Flara for being my first Monster Falls fanfic read! You go girl! Just to let you know, until the story is finished, this may get a ton of chapter revisions. I sometimes look back on something and decide I don't like it. This is my first public fanfic, so please don't hate on me. I also would like no cursing in the comments. I want this to be a story with positive feedback, not negative. Thank you. The story will now begin!


I lit the match carefully. The candles lit up the dark in my basement. I was going to try to break the dimension barrier, to get to the universe of my favorite show. I had nothing to lose. My favorite things were in a small backpack, including a bracelet of the Zodiac with the pine tree and shooting star charms engraved with the names Dipper and Mabel Pines. I didn't care anymore. The universe had taken away my family, and I was only 11. I needed to get into this universe. I was hoping that using this summoning star, I would be able to erase my memory after getting through. I didn't need nightmares of that guy, who tried to kill me. He had taken away everything else. I hoped that by being in another universe, I would finally be free.

One thing led to another, and the incantations worked. The show's universe was now mine. The second I went through, I lost my memory, just like I'd hoped. I went to find the Pines family. They were my only clue now...