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Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack:

"Ford, do you know where the kids are?" Stan asked.

"I thought they were with you," Ford said.

"Aw look at good old clueless Sixer" A voice said from out of nowhere.

"Bill! What have you done with the kids. And how are you back?" Ford asked as they entered the Mindscape.

"Well Sixer, it was that stupid Axolotl. Though he did bring me back, he took away my powers. Now all I can do is bring people to the Mindscape and have tea," Bill replied.

"Well that's good, but where are the kids?" Stan yelled at the demon.

"Well Fez, their currently in my brother's dimension. An alternate reality where you two are evil," Bill said.

"Wait. You have a brother?" Ford said confused.

"Spoken like you didn't know. Will Cipher, he's a powerful demon, but he acts like an angel and is too meek and shy to stand up for himself. I didn't send Pine Tree, Shooting Star, Butterfly, and Llama there, he did it without realizing. Remember I don't have powers anymore, but he does," Bill said.

"So you mean to tell me that your brother is responsible for the kids going missing! Is he behind this monster thing too!" Stan yelled.

"Whoa Stan, who are you yelling at?" Wendy nonchalantly strolled right into the room, her wolf ears and tail being the only noticeable werewolf aspect.

"Bill," Ford replied.

"Wait that overgrown Dorito Chip is still around! I thought that Stan defeated him at Weirdmageddon," Wendy replied in shock.

"At least I don't throw insults like confetti, Ice," Bill said bitterly, taking Wendy into the Mindscape as well.

"Well I guess that happened," she said.

"Bill, tell us how to get the kids," Stan demanded.

"You'd have to ask my brother for that one, Fez. Remember: I DONT HAVE POWERS!" Bill yelled, with Zombified Agent Powers going through the shack. Wendy cracked up.

"Okay that's too funny!" She wheezed.

"Bill, talk to your brother, and GET THE KIDS BACK," Ford yelled.

"Wait, the kids are gone?!" Wendy looked confused.

"Yes, and as you put it, this 'Overgrown Dorito' is responsible," Ford said.

"Fine. I'll talk with my brother, but know this: the place where their at is tricky. You could be mistaken for a villain or a monster from the forest," Bill said,


"Do you think he's going to do what he says?" Wendy said.

In the Mindscape:

"Will. Come out pussy. (I'm sorry I had to) I need to talk with you," Bill chanted

"What do you want this time Bill" Will sighed.

"Just some people who are worried about the kids we sent over. They want you to send them over," Bill said.

"Why can't you do it?" Will asked not knowing.

"Have you forgotten I DoNt HaVe PoWeRs," Bill's voice distorted.

"Oh right. On it," Will said, snapping his fingers.

Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack:

The portal came out of nowhere. They were all shocked Bill did what he asked. Maybe there was goodness in the demon's heart.

Reverse Falls: Reverse Mystery Shack:

"Mabel, look at this," Raven said, shaking the poor girl awake.

"What do you want?" Mabel said

"Look. This package had my name on it, but there is no way anyone could know about me. I'm from another dimension!" Raven exclaimed.

"I wonder if this world's Bill had something to do with it," Dipper said.

"Well our world's Bill is a demon, so maybe this world's Bill is an angel," Mabel wondered.

"Well I'm checking out whats on this phone so see ya!" Raven said as she walked toward the extra room in the attic.

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I don't own this rhyme, I just wanted to add it.

Vlawb ghjuhhv wkdw frph lq wkuhhv,

Zdwfkhv iurp zlwklq elufk wuhhv.

Vdz klv rzq glphqvlrq exuq,

Plvvhv krph dqg fdq'w uhwxuq.

Vdbv kh'v kdssb, Kh'v d olhu.

Eodph wkh duvrq iru wkh iluh.

Li kh zdqwv wr vklun wkh eodph,

Kh'oo kdyh wr lqyrnh pb qdph.

Rqh zdb wr devroyh klv fulph,

D gliihuhqw irup, d gliihuhqw wlph.