Just so you know, Stan and Ford never left Gravity Falls. Enjoy!

The return to Gravity Falls was amazing. Dipper, Mabel, and Raven were famous in town for defeating Bill Ciper and stopping Weirdmageddon. The trio had headed back to the Mystery Shack, and Stan and Ford were waiting for them.

"Welcome back, kids" they said.

"Hello Grunkle Ford, Grunkle Stan" Dipper said

"I'm beat. That bus ride wiped me out. I think I'm going to head up to the attic and take a nap," Raven exclaimed.

"Ah, kids. Go head up and change. I'll help you put your stuff away," Ford announced.

"Thanks! I'm going to get my side of the room ready, and start knitting! Peace out!" Mabel exclaimed, running into the shack with her bag.

They all started to get the trio's stuff inside, as Stan did on the first day. He didn't admit it, but Stan missed the kids. The house was just a little too quiet without them.

The day ended too quickly, due to the fact that they had gotten there two hours before sunset. Raven ended up falling asleep for the night, and Dipper was asking Ford if he made any new discoveries while they were away. Mabel started knitting a pink sweater with a fish on it, wondering if Mermando would come back for the summer. She missed him, but didn't let anyone know it.

The next day started as if the trio had never left. Mabel announced that she would be watching a Ducktective marathon on TV, and that Dipper should join her. He said no, but he said that he might watch it later. Dipper and Raven hung out in the attic, with the theme from Ducktective in the background. Dipper was reading the Journal, the first one, and Raven was reading the fanfics to a show that Dipper had never heard of.

"Hey Dipstick" Raven said into the blue.

"What?" He replied

"Do you want to go exploring. I'm getting bored. Plus Ducktective is starting to get on my nerves," She said, while getting up to change out of her pajama pants.

"Sure. Do you want to put on one of Mabel's sweaters? It's a little cold outside" he replied enthusiastically.

"Let's do it. I made my own sweater, remember? The light blue one with the sort of long sleeves," she said.

"Oh right. I forgot Mabel was teaching you how to knit. I'll grab my bag, and let's go," he said while Raven finished putting on her sweater.

"Let's do this"

They came down the stairs so find Mabel waiting with her backpack slung across he shoulder.

"I thought you were watching Ducktective," Dipper said.

"I was, but then I realized it's boring without Candy or Grenda to watch it with me," she replied casually, "plus I heard you talking. You never go adventuring without Mabel!"

"Let's go then. I thought I saw a nice little stream on the way in, but I couldn't tell for sure. Want to find it?" Raven said.

"Duh!" Dipper and Mabel said at the same time.

"Let's bounce!" Raven cried.

They soon were wandering through the forest, completely, utterly, hopelessly lost. The forest was bigger than they had anticipated, and Raven apologized for getting them lost. But almost five minutes after she did that, they found the stream. They all were thirsty, and the water was crystal clear.

"LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG!" Raven yelled, running towards the stream.

"OH NO YOU DONT!" Mabel replied.

"Girls. Always racing to things," Dipper said under his breath.

"I WIN!" Raven announced.

"Darn. I thought I finally beat you," Mabel said.

The girls then started to splash each other and Dipper. Raven soon got out of the creek and took a nap under a tree. The twins kept splashing each other. They didn't notice the weather getting dark and stormy. Raven was still fast asleep, but she was sleep talking. She was saying thing like: Bonsai!, The spirit cobra is mine!, and Those idiots better not mess with me!. The twins payed no attention to that, because she often sleep talked.

Thunder roared overhead, and Dipper said that they should be getting back soon. Mabel agreed, and they started out of the creek. Mabel was on the bank when the river started flooding. The suddenly fast current swept Dipper off his feat and downstream. Mabel quickly woke Raven, and the two ran to try to save him. Mabel dived into the river, thinking she could swim against the current and back to shore with her brother, but she failed and needed saving too. Raven ran as fast as she could on the banks, but couldn't keep up with the flowing water. She hoped they would be okay. She then saw the overhang Dipper was clinging to, but the blacked out before she could get to it.

Stan noticed the trio hadn't come back. He had started to worry when the rain started falling. He then went against his better judgment, and went out into the storm to find them. Mud puddles were everywhere, and his shoes and pants were soaked through. He saw Mabel's shoe dangling from a tree branch, but he didn't know why. He then started to panic. The kids could be anywhere, and he was stupid enough to have let them go outside when the forecast had called for rain. He made it to the creek's overflowed banks before passing out.