This should be a wrap up my first comeback story! So, thanks for the comments and love it was your encouragement that helped me get through this. (the mad bunny strikes again **insert maniacal laughter**)

Amari's chatter reminded Bucky of his sister, Rebecca. That girl talked enough for two and her laughter was infectious. Silently Bucky watches Hermione and Amari dance between the many dignitaries and their families socializing, making contacts and most importantly staying within his sight. The usual twitchiness he felt in large crowds was absent. Her cool magic just under his skin, hums, coursing within. It was an intimacy he didn't know existed, it humbled him knowing it was the most she could do to ensure his protect and show of loyalty to him. He in turn swore a blood oath, even without his own magic, words sealed in blood was just as powerful.

Hermione looks up with a smile.

Amari should be, pivoting back then to the right Bucky brings her to his side, wrapping his arm around her waist, without breaking eye contact with his now smirking wife. In a pouting Amari hits, him, "Primo!"

All watch the exchange with a slight smirk Natasha nudges Clint, "He seems to be alright."

Sam looks on as Clint waves away Nat, "It could be a ruse, when do you know, 'The one-armed wonder' to be playful?"

Chuckling, Steve walks into their group, "If it involves females, Bucky has plenty of charm. Now what you guys talking about?"

Sam points to Bucky who now has two armfuls of giggling females. Steve rolls his eyes as he made his way over to them, resign in pulling his friend from his skirt chasin' trouble.

"Hey Bucky, care to introduce us to the ladies?" Nudging Bucky, Amari nearly purrs looking in Sam's direction, "¿Quién es ese primo?" (Cousin, who is that?)

Both Bucky and Hermione cringe at Amari's open interest, sighing he looks to Hermione, "Really?" Hermione glares at her cousin. Shaking his head, in disbelief, Bucky makes a quick introduction to his teammates to his wife and cousin-in-law.

Breaking away, Amari walks past Steve, Clint and Nat to Sam with a sly smile, Hermione groans, "Didn't you say his moniker is "Red Falcon?"

Steve gives Bucky a knowing look from hearing Hermione's accent.

Taking Sam's arm Amari directs him towards the food court, in a soft Spanish accented purr "So you are a friend of my cousin-in-law? Sí? Why don't you tell me all you know of him over lunch?" Instantly smitten Sam looks over his shoulder as he absently waves goodbye.

All nod at Hermione's inquiry. "Well that explains it, Amari has been a Falconer since she was seven. She loves birds."

It took a moment before Steve understood resulting in a blush as the others chuckle. Bucky drapes his arm around Hermione's back as his hand rests on her hip.

Shaking off any images of his new cousin and team mate together, Bucky turns, "I didn't know you were invited."

Steve shrugs, "Shuri, said I needed to be here so, here I am. Now what trouble did you get yourself into?"

Cockily Bucky smiles "Well punk, I met some interesting people. Put some in line and found my girl. Got married blessed by magic. Recognized by the Queen mother and the royal family."

Speechless, Steve look between them "Wha?" Both Natalie and Clint became quiet at his omission.

Hermione murmurs "I think you broke them love."