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'Cartagena is a peaceful city ' the outsider would say, but it`s far from the truth and the people who live here know it; The city may look alive and peaceful on the day light, But when that light dies out, city shows it`s true nature. The White Tiger was looking at the prime example right now, currently there was a meeting taking place in the 19th street, a depopulated part of the Cartagena. Usually people who sell drugs in clubs and streets weren`t this hideous because they weren`t afraid of police, since the whole police department was bribed by drug dealers themselves. Thus, seeing them being so careful and secretive meant there was something big going on.

The place was dark, making it hard to observe the figures, at least for a normal person. Ava had good visibility in dark thanks to her amulet. Street`s most parts were covered in wild green trees, bushes and mosses, giving her many good options for a hiding spot. Currently she was hiding in bushes, mixing herself with darkness while listening to people in front of her. There was nine individuals on the 'playground'. She recognized the other five by their unusual taste in clothes, they were 12th street`s thugs A.K.A 'Fire Dogs '.The criminal world in Carthage was divided into streets, each street had its own criminal gang.

Most of them weren`t considered as a serious threat, since all they usually did was: rob markets, smoke weed, sell illegal stuff and commit other typical criminal activities. However among them also were Groups that represented more threat than those typical thugs.

Such groups, aside the 12th street, were: 14th street`s '' Snake eaters '', 19th`s '' Demon Dogs'' and 20th`s '' Diamond Seekers ''. The last one was lees famous, but more Dangerous than the other groups. They prefer to work in Shadows, far away from eye`s reach, sell Drugs to kids, Blackmail people and get profit out of it. Those Bustards once manipulated the other Crime lords into a gang war. The whole city was at the edge of the civil war, but luckily the previous white tiger took out their leaders, putting an end to the conflict. Ava had encountered them before, they once sold a Methamphetamine in her school, at time she was at the beginning stage of her career as the white tiger, thus, she was lost and didn`t know what to do, until one of her classmates died from using overdose of those drugs. His death forced her to put on the mask and take down the ones responsible. At the time, everyone thought the white tiger was dead, so, seeing the familiar tiger themed local hero back, was unexpected for everyone including the diamond seekers. She was successful in capturing D'Seek`s drug dealer, but the next day she found out the guy was killed in his prison cell. Those bustards were everywhere. She then did 'at the time good but in whole stupid move' she went after Seekers all by herself, but, by the time she arrived at 20th street, they were all gone.

'' Ya` got the shit we came for? '' White tiger was brought back to reality when Fire dogs started a conversation with strangers. One of Strangers, possibly leader, chuckled temptingly at the Fire dog`s 'wannabe tough' attitude '' Of course dear customers, here it is ''

The men that were behind the Stranger then took a big weird looking case from car`s trunk and handed it to him. '' And here is our long awaited product, let me introduce you RKF-01, a plasma gun '' opening the case, the guy showed fire dogs a weird shaped rifle. '' Are you kiddin` me? Homie, we were promised powerful weapon, not a fuckin` water pistol! '' one of FD said, the stranger shook his head

'' Now, now, don`t be so salty, you didn`t let me finish, this isn`t any type of gun you have used before, to put it simply for your Illiterated minds, this gun can melt white tiger before she even dares to move. Here, let me demonstrate '' the guy then took the gun from the case and aimed it at one of FD members '' Wait! What are you ding!? '' ignoring men`s shouts, Stranger pulled the trigger, shooting the man with green beam. Man let out small yelp of fear right before his body turned into dust.

'Oh... my... god 'Ava winced in her mind, the guy just literally turned in to the freaking dust! There was no screams, no pain, just a quick death, 'those guys aren`t fucking around anymore! I have to stop them before it`s too late, with a fire power like this, they can destroy the whole city and kill everyone! Where the hell did they get those things?! '

'' What the fuck?! ''

'' Holy shit! ''

The Rest of FD shouted in horror once witnessing their member's death '' so, are you interested now? '' The stranger asked with counterfeit friendly smile. FD members quickly nodded, feeling themselves falling into the panic and terror '' Good, once you sent money, this baby will be yours ''.

The FD group leader nodded again and glanced at his man '' Marcus! '' the man named Marcus snapped out of shock and took out his tablet quickly.

'' Accounts number is 097-008-2345-22 '' Stranger dictated, Marcus taped his fingers against his tablet, ignoring the sweat running down on his forehead, he finished typing and nodded to his leader.

Now it was Stranger`s turn to look at his men '' 670,000 Euro was enrolled in our account '' his henchman said.

Stranger hummed as if he was waiting for something to happen,

'' is there something wrong? '' FD leader asked once he noticed his face. Stranger instead of giving an answer chose to beat around the bush '' you could say that... ''

FD slowly greeted his teeth in impatience '' what? What is it?! We did our part of the deal! Now it`s your turn! ''

'' Not exactly a truth,' Dog ' '' Stranger replied clicking his tongue at the Dog part, making it sound as an insult. FD leader`s face was now showing sights of anger on his face, but he managed to hold himself, much to Stranger`s disappointment.

'' The other half of the green paper is missing, Dog… Where is it? ''

'Dog' now had hint of confusion on his face, '' what do you mean?! We agreed on 670 grants! ''

*tsk*tsk* Stranger wavedhispointy finger at him in disapproval '' No, Dog, The price was 1340,000 Grants, and you gave me-''

''Bullshit! We agreed on 670, Seeker! (Ava`s ears prickled) Don`t play games with me bustard! We held our part of the Deal! '' Dog Shouted at the stranger. The last, lazy rubbed his head and hummed again '' Hmmm… Guess we forgot to call and warn? What a shame, Anyway '' Stanger and his men pointed their strange-shaped hand guns at them and the Fire Dogs did the same. Ava stood up on her hands and legs, readying herself for the worst. Stranger rather really amused, let out a good heartful laugh and stared at the Leader in eyes '' Dog, I didn`t though you were Dumb, too. Our guns can shoot at the speed of light, you think you stand a chance? ''

Dog narrowed his eye at him, if their guns were as fast as that water gun, Stranger was holding, then their chances to survive was really below a five. Stranger sure as hell didn`t had super powers but he sure read out what was dog thinking from his eyes. '' Give us the money, Dog… and this discomfort stops, real simple ''

Dog greeted his teeth in anger, he glanced at his men, panic and fear was written all over their faces, sighing in defeat, he gestured his men to put down guns, he then looked Marcus in the eyes. Marcus caught what he meant by that look and quickly started typing in his tablet again.

'' We got 1400,000 Euro, Sir '' stranger`s henchman said. Feeling satisfied he turned his grin to the Fire Dogs '' See, Dog? Was this hard now? It`s a pleasure to have a bussines with you, geltemen, Now all is left to say is:... farewell '' Dog coughed his breath in his throat when he realized what he meant '' You MotherF-''

Ava watched as the stranger`s group turned the Fire Dogs into dust.

''Idiots '' one of Stranger`s men said in mocking laugh, Stranger waved his hand at him '' get in the car''.

'' Whatever you say, boss '' they chuckled, the driver turned on the engine and drove the car away from the scene. 'I can`t let them escape! 'Ava snared as she jumped from the bushes and chased after the car. The stranger sighed tiredly, he rest his head on his right hand and stared at the road ahead of him, he was so sick of doing this. Sure he was an asshole, and was giving vibe of an asshole but he didn`t wanted to… do THIS.

'' Good job, Nicolas, Boss will be pleased, you have passed your test, and your mother will be safe now '' one of men whispered in his ear from the back sit. '' Who knew little Nico had such a great acting talent? Even I almost believed we were his side bitches! '' second man next to the first one laughed mockingly. Nicolas gritted his teeth inside his mouth, but said nothing, men kept laughing at him until one of them glanced at the car`s side mirror and caught glimpse of a full sprinting white tiger coming closer and closer at them.

'' Shit! We got Tiger on our tale! '' crew quickly glanced behind and noticed her, too, panicking, crew quickly drove their weapons. They broke side windows of the car, slipping their heads through broken windows, they sat on car`s doors and started shooting tiger.

White tiger dodged beams without losing her momentum. Thugs kept shooting at her and she kept flexibly manoeuvring and dodging the plasma beams '' Fuckin` freak! '' second man snared as he aimed his gun at her face and held his breath, once having his target in his iron sights, he pulled the trigger. White tiger`s green eyes winded as she quickly slide on the ground, missing the beam that almost hit her in face, while sliding she quickly grabbed one of rocks and did a 360 turn in mid-air, giving her momentum to a rock, before throwing it at the shooter.

The rock connected with second man`s face, losing his balance, Second shooter fell from the car and crashed down on the ground, broking his neck in process. Nicolas and driver winced at the picture, ''oh, Shit!'' first shooter shouted as he returned inside the car '' that bitched killed him! Shit! '' The driver clearly was getting a panic attack. The Other man wrinkled his nose at the man`s behaviour and hit the driver in head '' Get your shit together and keep driving! I will kill that—''' he choked on his words when white hand grabbed him from the window and dragged him out of the car.

'' oh, shit! Oh shit! '' Driver shouted in fear, Nicolas gritting his teeth, grabbed the case under his feet, while 8 sharp claws dig through the car`s ceiling. white tiger used all of her strength to tore it off, and when she looked down she was met with an angry looking 'Stranger' who was pointing the same gun, from earlier '' bye-bye '' Nicolas whispered but he suddenly lost his aim as the car shook, he hit his head on the side window and shot in point blank. The shot of course missed white tiger but it did cost her to lose her balance and fall back, luckily she was fast enough to dig her clawed nails into the backside of the car, she grunted as she adjusted her figure in the new pose.

'' Did you hit her?! '' Driver asked, instantly hoping they got rid of the threat. Nicolas picked himself up, rubbing his head in pain he let out small painful grunt '' I would had if you suddenly hadn`t forgotten how to drive! ''

'' Shit, sorry okay!? I`m-''

Their conversation quickly ended when they heard small blast and the car started shaking, white tiger had dug her claws inside one of wheels, completely destroying it in process, the car started shaking on the road in bad way and driver was now having a hard time controlling it, satisfied with her actions, she jumped of the car

'' Shit! Shit! Shit! '' Driver shouted as he desperately tried to keep car steady, Nicolas braced himself on the seat, grabbing one of handlebars on the side window '' Don`t you fuckin` crash, right now! '' he shouted

'' I`m trying, I'm trying" despite man`s shouts, Nicolas knew it would still happen and it happened when one of wheels twisted in wrong way, forcing car to start making a 360 * turns on the road, before it finally crashed down on the side way of the Cartagena wood`s entrance.

The next time Nicolas opened his eyes, he found himself on the ground all bloodied. He tried to get up but failed once the pain took hold of his body, he turned his head around and took in his surroundings, and the car he supposed to be in was now on fire, few feet away from him, he focused his gaze on the flaming transport, noticing a burning fresh that had a shape of a human, Turning his head away in disgust he caught a glimpse of the Plasma gun, three feet away from him. He cough up more blood and decided to lay down on the ground and rest a little but his plans were ruined once he heard foot steps behind him, gritting his teeth he inhaled a sharp breath that dig into his lungs like a dagger, and started crawling towards the gun.

When he was few inches away of grabbing it, he felt a grip on his leg, damn nails cut through his fresh like it was beaten steak '' too slow '' voice behind him snared and yanked him away from the gun, Nicolas let out grunt once he landed on the ground, now he felt his broken bones, no wonder he was in such a pain.

Sitting himself up on the near tree he gazed behind at the growing figure of the white tiger, laughing ironically he rest his head back on the tree '' Fucking… Cat... '' he spat out at her.

'' Tell me what I want, and I won`t harm you more then you already are '' she proposed a deal, making Nicolas look sideway irritated with one eye closed '' Sounds… Like a deal… '' he agreed much to tiger`s surprise, but she didn`t showed it, instead she started interrogating him

'' Who are you working for? '' Man then turned and gazed at her again, the blood was running down on his face all the way down to his clothes, his chest looked deformed which suggested he had broken ribs, he was breathing heavily and slowly what meant his lungs were damaged as well, if that was a case then he had few more minutes left, more than enough for Ava to get her answers.

'' Does... T-The- Last name… 'Seekers 'bring any bells? '' he laughed tiredly before coughing up more blood, Ava caught her breath in her throat at the familiar name, Nicolas noticed her mask`s change in face, laughing ironically again he lift up his jacket, showing her a diamond shaped skull

'' Diamond Seekers… '' Ava whispered under her breath,

'' Wow... World`s greatest detective, huh..? '' Ignoring his sarcastic laugh, Ava kneeled down on his level, more and more questions were rising up in her mind by each passing seconds '' How did Diamond Seekers get such dangerous weapons? Who gave it to them?! ''

'' I... Don`t know... They never told me... '' coughing up more blood he gritted his teeth and looked right into her eyes. Sensing his time was finally coming Ava decided to ask one final question ''Where is your crime-lord hiding? Where is Diamond Seeker`s hide out?! '' Opening his eyes heavily, Nicolas stared at White tiger`s face with a blank expression

'' what are you going to do if I tell you? '' White tiger narrowed her eyes at her dying prey

'' I`m going to stop them and-''

'' And what will you gain from doing this? '' he cut her off, making white tiger feeling more irritated '' I`m not going to gain anything from it but I sure save few lives by stopping your friends '' she snared in his face, unimpressed by the dangerous glare, to her annoyance he started laughing, it took him few seconds to stop. He looked straight at her face with a hint of sadness dancing on his face

'' So, it`s about saving lives, huh? '' White tiger was getting tired with those unwanted, irritated questions but she answered it anyway '' I am Avatar of the tiger God, and the defender of Cartagena, it`s my job to defend innocent from the scumbags like you '' she grunted.

'' Is that so? '' Asked Nicolas '' then tell me, oh great white tiger…2 years ago, Where were you when I was an innocent victim? '' This sudden question caught her off guard '' where were you when they t-tore me away from my parents? W-Where were you when they killed my little si-sister? '' the look in his water eyes changed to honest so quickly, it made white tiger sick in her gut.

'' where were you when I was asking for your help? When I was praying to god to let the white tiger come and rescue me? All of this...- '' he pointed at his broken body '' -is your fault… If-If you had just come to our call, you could have saved my family… And I wouldn`t and up like this… like a 'scumbag' '' he coughed again and grunted in pain as more blood started pouring down from his mouth and wounds.

'' I… '' what could she said? She has been white tiger for 4 years now, and this happened under her watch… Nicolas slowly turned his head aside, a feeling of his cold blood running down on his body, sent shivers down on his spine, breathing was getting harder and harder by each second , and the colours in his eyes were slowly fading '' but.. It d-doesn`t matters-Now… Soon I will see them again, my o-only regret is… Being Fo-Forced to... L-leave my mom- Behind...'' he smiled bitterly, white tiger just stood there and watched him die slowly … Nicolas took another sharp inhale however '' you… want the location…? Check the west- par-t o-of 5th street… T-there has to-to be a small house with a tower… Next to beach…'' he briefly make out his words but white tiger understood every sentence.

Feeling… A little guilty she looked at him again '' I'm... Sorry for failing you... ''

Nicolas smiled weakly '' T-take that apology… A-And Stick It u-up… In… You-r… '' the light finally left his eyes as he lose himself into the darkness. White tiger kept looking at lifeless body for few more seconds, she sighed and got up on her feet afterwards. It wasn`t really FIRST time she failed someone.

She took the plasma gun that was laying on the ground the whole time and observed it 'what am I going to do with this thing? 'letting her eyes run up and down on the gun, she shrunk her face back from the smell that was coming out of it. She wanted to see what was inside the rifle, but then her ears prickled a sound, from the woods, letting out another animalistic snare and dropping the gun, she tense up her muscles and readied herself for another battle.

'' Playing with a toys like those can be dangerous '' Black widow said as she crossed her arms and stood across White tiger.

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