Summary: When Pettigrew escapes from the group at the Whomping Willow, Harry's world is turned upside down. In possession of a new wand, and after a trip to Gringotts, Harry and his two godfathers are sent to a new world. What will happen to our favorite trio? What kind of place is Konoha? And who is the blond with big boobs, that has Sirius drooling like his Animagus form? Read on to find out what happens!

Warning: This will be slash! If you don't like, don't read! Only warning of this that you will get.

** Story suggested by: ShadowLady89! I was asked to write a crossover, and have it be slash, so here it is. :) **

Chapter 1: Betrayal!

Harry turned when he heard Ron and Hermione yell about Pettigrew. The man waved, and turned into a rat before Harry could stun him. Harry couldn't see him anywhere, and so he turned back to where Sirius was holding Remus as Remus turned. Harry could tell right away that Remus wasn't acting like a blood-thirsty animal. He walked over. He ignored the yells from his friends, and held his hands up. "Hey, professor. You don't want to hurt us. I know that. Let's get you and Sirius somewhere safe."

"Harry. There's no where safe for them! Come on, we have to go tell Dumbledore what happened. Sirius needs to leave so that the Dementors don't kiss him." Hermione ran up and grabbed Harry's arm, looking at Remus with fear and a hint of hatred. Not that anyone but Remus saw it.

Harry looked indecisive, but he said, "Let's get them to Professor Dumbledore. He can get them a portkey to a safe location." He ignored the looks that Ron and Hermione shared. He led the others back over to where Ron and Snape were, before leading the way back to the castle, keeping an eye out.

Severus sighed in exasperation. "Mr. Potter, You might want to keep your dogfather save and free, but we are in the presence of a werewolf and an escaped convict. Let me immobilize them just until we get to the Headmaster's office. That way, we can be sure of our safety."

Remus and Sirius looked between the two, worried at first, before Sirius spoke up, "Pup, he's right. We'll be immobilized until we get to the Headmaster's office and then we'll be able to tell our story to Dumbledore. Pettigrew will be captured one day."

Harry sadly nodded, knowing that this was the best way to get them all to the school. He watched as Snape immobilized the two, and he and Hermione both held onto Ron again to help him along. It was slow-going, with Ron having a broken leg, but the group finally made it to Dumbledore's office without anyone stopping them.

Dumbledore sat behind his desk, folding his hands together, as the group walked in. "What can I help you with, my boy?"

"Pettigrew escaped. We all saw him, so maybe we can finally get Sirius cleared. I will happily provide my memories as proof." Harry pleaded his case. He glanced at the now-mobile Sirius and Remus. Maybe they could all live happily from now on.

"I'm sorry, Harry," Dumbledore replied. "Without Pettigrew in custody, Sirius is still under the kiss-on-sight order. I'm afraid that Sirius and Remus will have to go into hiding."

Harry was devastated. Dumbledore was going to just let two innocent men be on the run forever?! He shook his head. "No."

Everyone looked at Harry, before Dumbledore replied, "No, what, my boy?"

"No," Harry responded. "They won't go into hiding. You are Chief Warlock. You can protect them and get justice for Sirius. They're going to be on the run forever if we don't do something."

"Harry, my boy. There is nothing I can do. They must go into hiding."

Harry glared. "There is no way that you can't do something. What's the point of being 'so powerful' if you can't ask for a wrong to be righted?" He was tired of just going along with everything. It was so exhausting...

Dumbledore sighed. "I'm afraid I can't do that. Now, I have to take the memories of this night from you so that Sirius and Remus are out of the way." He raised his wand, and said, "Oblivi-"

"Stop!" Harry commanded, raising his hand. His wand had been lost somewhere during the night. A shield popped up between Harry and Dumbledore, and expanded. It froze the Headmaster, and the elder wizard's wand flew from his hand. From three years of being the Gryffindor Seeker, his ingrained habit of catching things had him catching the white wand that flew at him. He stared at the wand, feeling the power thrum in his hand.

Severus shook himself out of shock and hurriedly whispered to Harry, Sirius, and Remus. "Get out of here. Tomorrow, go to Gringotts. See what else Dumbledore has his fingers in."

Sirius looked warily at Severus, and nodded. He took a hold of Harry, and led the way to the fireplace. Suddenly, Ron and Hermione were blocking the fireplace. "Move," Sirius said. He didn't know why they would stop Harry and not be shocked at the Headmaster's actions. He narrowed his eyes as a thought came to him. Were they really Harry's friends?

"We can't let you take him, Sirius," Hermione replied, refusing to budge.

His 'act first, question later' kicked in, and Harry stunned the two quickly. He then levitated the couple out of the way. "Let's go."

Sirius barked out a laugh, and nodded. "Yes, pup." He stepped forward with Harry, grabbed some floo powder, and into the fire they went. "Grimauld Place!"

Remus watched as the two left. He whined a bit, and a portkey lit up on his wrist. He was pulled by his naval, to the doorstep of a tall building. It was Number 12 Grimauld Place, Sirius' childhood home. Remus stepped inside, quickly.

"Remi," Sirius greeted him. "Come on in. Let's get you settled for the night. Tomorrow, when you change back, we'll go see the Goblins." He led Remus to his room. "You are staying with me. We can explain to Harry tomorrow." He changed into pajama pants, and crawled into bed, before he watched as Remus curled his long and lanky form up on the floor. "Remus..." Sirius sighed, conjuring a blanket for the large werewolf.