* Story suggested by: ShadowLady89! I was asked to write a crossover, and have it be slash, so here it is. :) *

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Last time:

Three figures walked the unfamiliar land, following a path in the woods. The youngest, a boy of thirteen, wiped his brow. "We've been walking for ages!"

One of the older males laughed. "Pup, you need to work on your stamina." Although he was getting out of breath too.

"You're one to talk, Sirius," laughed Remus. Soon, they made it to a tall gate where two men sat guard. Remus stepped forward. "Hello," he said kindly. "We would like to see the Hokage, and see about living here in Konoha."


Harry looked around the office. It was oval in shape with a desk towards the back of the room. The window was open, letting in a nice breeze. Harry turned back to the figure behind the desk in time to hear his Godfather choke. A quick glance at Sirius showed that he was alright and that Remus was rolling his eyes while rubbing Sirius' back. Harry looked back at the female behind the desk, and had to do a double take. Merlin, were her boobs huge! He stared for a moment before she cleared her throat. He blushed and glanced at her eyes, seeing her smirk at his embarrassment.

"Konnichiwa. I am Tsunade. I'm the fifth Hokage of Konoha. I was told you are interested in living here?" She raised a blond eyebrow.

"Yes," said Remus. "That's correct. My name is Remus Lupin, or Lupin Remus as you would say. This is Sirius Black, and this is Harry Potter. I believe that you would call them Black Sirius and Potter Harry."

Harry wondered how Remus could understand the foreign language, and then he remembered that the former Professor had cast a translating spell on them during their long journey. 'Stupid!' he thought...

Tsunade 'hmmed'. "We will probably slip and call you 'Kuro-san', Mr. Black." She turned to Harry. "Your last name will most likely come out as 'Potta', due to the pronunciation differences. And," she turned to Remus. "I'm sorry, but we can't differentiate between R and L sometimes."

"That's ok," Remus replied, and the two other Englishmen nodded their agreement.

"So," asked the blond. "Why have you come to Konoha?"

Harry stepped forward, ignoring the worried looks that Sirius and Remus gave him and the slight movement from outside of the window. "We come from the outside world. I recently found out that my Headmaster was stealing from me, raising me to be a lamb for slaughter, and setting up my future marriage without my permission. I also found out that my supposed 'friends' were not really friends and also stealing from me. They are being dealt with. I realized that I didn't want to live there anymore, so my godfathers and I have traveled here. We are looking for somewhere to belong, where we won't be discriminated against just for being ourselves. We can even help the community, if you so wish."

Tsunade thought about it. "What can the three of you bring to Konoha?"

Harry glanced at the two older men. "Sorry guys, but I must tell her." He turned back to the fifth Hokage, and saw her look of suspicion. "We have magic. We can conjure items, transfigure a tree into a table, levitate desks, brew potions, heal bones, and some of us can even turn into animals." He saw her eyes widen in shock and he grinned. "Padfoot, would you like to demonstrate?" A second later, a big black dog stood in Sirius' place. "This is why we call Sirius 'Padfoot'," Harry explained.

Tsunade was shocked, to say the least. "This magic, you say, can it do anything?"

"It can't bring back the dead," Harry replied sadly, "Or make someone fall in love with you... although there is a potion that can create artificial love."