one day the teno was chillin in his beach chair in his spaceship sippin a lemonade. he was usin frost cause mag is the bad guy from x men so he didnt want to use mag. and he was listenin to metalica and playin air guitar on his fragger, on his back he had a braten called bratenoby dark'ness radiaton proc skywalker and it has long ebony black hair with purple streaks (excep no it dosent cause its a gun duh) and had an icy blue muzzle like a limpid tear, a limpid tear of destruction and murder that shot bullets for killin grinners and robos and the flood from halo that was in warfarme for some reason but not oculisks cause their op cheaters, remove oculisks!

he also had a pistl but who cares about that lol

Sudenly, the tenos cell phone rang and he picked it up. "teno here," he said.

the guy on the other end shouted "THE GRINNERS ARE KILLIN EVERYBODY!" so teno said "yo dont worry im gonna pwn those noobs" and then he hangs up the phone

and then as teno was shapening his fregor he got a text from some1. It was...ordis!

"hey operater b4 u go pwn the grinner noobs i just wana say something"

"what?" said teno?

"KILL THE **** OUT OF THEM and b safe" ordis says

"ok dude =|" teno sad back.


vay heck was sitting on his new super robo suit that was also flying 10000 namometers! in the air, shooting at the steel merdins dudes. the still meridins were fightn back but sadly they were npc so they were forced to be dum.

"Councilor, I know you aren't particularly fond of the Steel Meridian, but I must ask," til wreckor said on the radio, "Weren't you supposed to be on the complete opposite end of the system? It seems like a waste of resources to chase them down personally."

"SHUT UP TELL WREXOR, I CAN DO WHAT I WNAT! NO1 CAN BEET ME, NOW GO BACK TO YURANUS AND BE A DUMB CHEAP BOSS THERE TILL REGGIE!" vay heck shot missle bombs at the stall midori again, ignoring tall ragnar.

"onoz!" said the stel merdinian dudes and then they got blown up except some were live because all grinners get armor, even the ones that are good guys.

vay heck laughed. his laugh was a stupid loud laugh like politicans i dont like, cause its classy to put polticks in warfram fic. "AWGHURGHURGHURGHURGHURGHURGHURRHURG! AND NOW IM GOIN TO FINISH U!"

"Not if i finish u first!"

the still mordenkainens said yaaaaay! cause the teno showd up finaly! But vay heck was too high up, a whole 10000 manmeters! "holy **** the teno said, how do i jump that hi

"teno, use the arch bunker." lotus shouted

"nah i dont wana" and the teno just bulle jumped into vey hecks foot. but then vay heck kicked him over a mountn like a football.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhA! FIELD GOAL FOR THE GRINNERS!" vay heck reveld in his new 3 points but it was not to last much longer!

cause teno pulls out bratenoby and shot at him, also the pistl except secondarys suck so he switch back lol

"today u die vay heck!" teno mutters.

"WAT NOOOOO!" vay hack shouted as his face got shot in the face. "NOW I WILL USE MY SECRET WEAPON!"

vay heck puts on a helmet. "LOL NOW U CANT HIT ME! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!"

it was a helmet! bratenobys only weakness! wat would teno do? then vay heck shoot missle bombs at him and teno have to run around to dodge them.

sudenly, in the distant he saw...john prodman!

"hi john prodman" said teno. "hi teno how are you today" said john prodman. "im ok except vay heck is shootin missle bombs at me"

john prodman was not afraid of missle bombs. he is not afraid of anything. he just charges in unafraid of scary things. a true american hero. except he is corpos so hes not american, unless maybe he imigrated from america to the corpos so he could pwn the infested flood boss. ok acutally thats my new headcanon, u don't like, deal with it

so the stell morderins said "is that a corpos?" but then another stahl meridin says "dude thats john prodman, he is a cool manly dude! we need to help him and the teno beat up vay heck!"

vay heck turned his robo suit toward john prodman. "YOU MAY BE JOHN PRODMAN BUT I AM A GRINNER AND WERE BETTER THAN YOU! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

"shut up vay heck" john prodman said and tried to bulet jump only he couldnt jump a whole 10000 nanametars. even teno couldnt jump that high and the arch bunker was dumb so he didnt level it. thats why uranus sux. u have to bring the arch bunker there and sometimes it makes you swim, this is warfarame not swimfarame. also tyl reger is cheap.

so steel merdian dudes grabbed the gas thing that was in vay hecks arena while he was busy shooting at john prodman, who was punching the missle bombs away with his manly punching fists of manlyness. they said "hey john prodman! use this to jump up!" but it only got him up 9900 namoneters and he still couldnt reach!

then teno saw vision like obi wan kenobi in star wars was tellin him some wise mentor thing, only it was teshin insted of obi wan. "teno... you have to use your warfarame power..."

"wat power to use teshin?"

"your frost... you only have one power anyone cares about..."

so frost used snow globe 4 times to make ladder and steel meridas climbed up on snow globs with gas thing, and said "okay john prodman try again!" so john prodman used the gas and reached 9999 nanometes! then the last 1, he threw his prod at vay hecks helmet and it zapped the helmet off vay hecks face!

under his breath, vay heck quietly says, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"today you eat justice vay heck!" then teno pulled out bratenoby an shoot his limpid tears of face murdering at vay hecks ugly face. srsly hes ugly, how did he get votes when hes that ugly? oh wait grinner is a dictater ship. nvm

"OWWWWWWWW! YOU! YOU ****** UP MY FACE!" vay heck flew away, since he was a chicken. "YOU HAVENT SEEN THE LAST OF ME TENO!"

vay heck dropped an argon cristal but that didnt help becase it just disappear the next day. but he also drop a cool mod for melle! and teno get a bunch of steel merderin favor only that also means perry the platypus hates him now

"my prod..." john prodman had lost his prod after he threw it to knock of vay heck's cheap helmet. it fell in the water and all the fish were pwned.

"im sorry john prodman. i wish i could get back ur prod." teno said. but then sudenly he had an idea! he jumped in and his carreir pulled john prodmans prod out!

"thx teno" said john prodman. "i have to go now, my home planet needs me" and john prodman flew away going wooooooooeeeesh (poochie rox!111) (and he made it back to his home planet)

"thank u teno and john prodman!" the stell mermans say. "now the colonys are safe from vay heck!"

"no problem bros," teno says as his ship arrives and lodoss says "mission complete, get to extractin."

"cya dude" the steel maragorn guys say.

"cya bros" teno said as he got on his ship and cool drum music played and also a choir.

teno was back on his ship and playin poker with ordis when he got a phone call. it was...simaris!

"hunter" simaris said "i heard you were fightin vay heck"

"yeah i teamed up with john prodman and steel mandolin we pwned him."

"did you scan vay heck?" simaris said

then teno realized he dun goofed.