Disclaimer: I do NOTown Fairy Tail or any of its Characters (Though you don't know how much I want to. If I had a genie with three wishes my wishes would be this [1. Infinite genies [2. I would wish that Hiro Mashima was Immortal. [3. I would wish that Hiro Mashima never stops making Fairy Tail. [4. I would wish that Fairy Tail's story quality would only ever decrease. [5. I would wish that there was never any hiatuses. [6. I would wish that I could live long enough to watch every single Fairy Tail episode that has and ever will be created.] So yeah MAJORLY obsessed. Before Fairy Tail I used to be apathetic and suicidal, but then my friend kept ranting about how amazing it was so I decided to give it a look and when I first watched it I was immediately enraptured watching fairy tail gave me a lot of firsts; First emotional tears shed, first smile (that wasn't fake.) First rage, (Hiatus) and it helped me feel, I was no longer numb every morning wondering if I should get up and if so what's the point. (I am no longer depressed/suicidal, so don't send me pity messages.), so it means a lot more to me than most people. The owner is Hiro Mashima.

I am just going to say this disclaimer applies to all of the chapters that I will make

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I Do NOT Own The Characters listed here:






Atlas Hell-fire


Deliora (AKA Godzilla Guy)

Jackal (AKA Explodey Mutt)



Grandpa Rob

Makarov (Gramps)









Though the settings of this story are canon the story itself may have some continuity errors but I'll try to keep it to a minimum. This story is based on the time that Natsu and Happy went on a year long training trip.

I may be using some elements of other fanfics such as powers. I will try and list the authors usernames and story names if I can remember all of them.

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