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this is a rewrite of a story done much better

Jakku, a once beautiful planet whose beauty is a thing of the past. A desert covered planet that's held imperial secrets for decades. But now, 1 year and 4 days after the battle of Endor, it is a war zone. The majority of imperial forces, under the leadership of a man known as Gallius Rax, have gathered at the desert planet to engage the New republic in a final battle to determine the fate of the galaxy.

Dr Eggman and what survived of his Eggman fleet over the last few years were engaged in the battle on the imperials side. Eggman was leading his own Star destroyer, the Defender, in the battle. On the hull of the ship, Sonic the Hedgehog was engaged in a battle with his best friend Tails, who had been corrupted by Eggman and transformed into a being known as Dark Tails.

"Today is the last day of your pathetic new republic" Dark Tails said

"Tails I don't want to fight you" Sonic said

A Tie fighter crashed near them. The crash distracted Dark Tails just enough that sonic was able to spin dash Tails and deliver a few punches

"I hate doing this Tails, you gotta fight this. Remember who I am, remember who you are" said Sonic

Dark tails threw Sonic off of him and fired a blast of energy at the hedgehog. Sonic was pushed back over the ship. It was a long way to the bottom, and while he wasn't scared of heights, he couldn't afford to fall this high up, not without his friend at least. Dark Tails approached sonic as he pulled himself up. Sonic ran away from the edge and towards one of the turbolaser batteries firing into the air.

Dark tails readied another ball of energy. Sonic began another spin dash. Tails fired his energy blast at sonic as he commenced his spin dash. There was a bright flash.

Agent BM presents

A sonic the hedgehog/ Star Wars crossover

Rise against the Empire

starring Sonic the hedgehog






Orbot and cubot

Dr./ Governor Eggman

Some other characters

(A couple years prior)

By now you must be wondering what led to Sonic and tails fighting over Jakku. It all began around 3 years prior. Dr Eggman stumbled across the Galactic Empire while in space working on some experiments. He made contact, and within time a light cruiser came to greet his fleet. The imperials were somewhat impressed by his technology, but what made the imperials really impressed was his roboticization technology, capable of making slaves that could work with no food or rest whatsoever.

Eggman presented his technology to Emperor Palpatine, who was secretly a Sith Lord known as Darth Sidious, on the city planet Coruscant. In exchange for his roboticizing tech and resources to help build a secret project the emperor was working on, Palpatine gave Eggman control of his home planet, Mobius. Eggman was made Governor of the system and with help from the Imperial Navy, the planet was seized, Eggmanland was built, and Eggman ruled the planet.

GUN attempted to fight back, along with Sonic and his friends, but GUN was no match for the imperials, and were defeated. Mobius had fallen under imperial control and recruitment centers and imperial academies were set up for anyone who wanted to join the military.

As for Sonic and his friends, they fought back when they could. Knuckles was leading a small rebellion on the planet while Sonic, Tails, and Amy had managed to sneak into Eggmanland and steal an imperial shuttle. It's destination, Governor Eggmans star destroyer, the defender, which was in orbit around the planet. Their mission, defeat Governor Eggman, kill him if necessary, take out the Defender if possible. This mission is where our story begins