Sonic lied in his bed, facing Amy who was sleeping across from him in their shared cell. His body ached, he was exhausted, he was beginning to lose hope. Sonic could only watch as Amy shivered in her sleep, the beds weren't comfortable and the blankets were thin. The 2 hedgehogs moved slower from lack of food. Sharing a cell was the only good thing about their sentence.

The 2 hedgehogs had been in prison for who knows how long now, they lost count of days. Everyday the 2 were forced into hard labor, almost never together, the empire made sure not to have prisoners work together at the same tasks more than every now and then. Their routine was always the same, wake up, eat a ration cube, work long hours, go back to their cell, eat another ration cube, then sleep. Sonic hated himself for what happened to him and Amy, but he wished Tails didn't have to suffer the fate Eggman sentenced him to.

Sonic began to close his eyes, he needed to get some sleep, he had another long day ahead of him in the morning.

(Hours later)

The 2 hedgehogs got lucky, they were both assigned to farm work, the most coveted job on Wobani, as it was the easiest. The 2 hedgehogs sat silently, chained up with other prisoners aboard a turbo tank. At the end of the tank near the door were 2 stormtroopers who were assigned to guard the prisoners. The tank came to a halt.

"Now what?"

"I don't know, must be another pickup"

One of the stormtroopers came to inspect the prisoners, there weren't many.

"I thought we had everyone"

The door was blasted open and the 2 stormtroopers were gunned down. Sonic and Amy were surprised when Tails flew inside with other soldiers.

"Tails, you're alive." Said Amy

"You didn't think Eggman would get me that easily did you? Hang on I'll get you guys out of here" Said Tails

"Hey freak, what about me?" Asked a fat bearded human

Tails punched the man in the face.

"Don't call me a freak." Said Tails

(Not long later)

Sonic, Amy, and Tails were on a ship operated by rebels fighting the empire, heading back for their base. Tails had removed their electric shock collars and the 2 hedgehogs were free to do as they pleased again.

"You have no idea how happy we are to see you Tails." Said Sonic

"I'm happy to see you too, you've been in prison for 4 months, it took me forever to find you. You guys look hungry, and you definitely need some more sleep. When we get to where we're going you'll get both" said Tails

"What happened to you Tails? We thought Eggman-

"He never got a chance to experiment on me. Those troopers aren't too bright, neither are the officers. I got them with my Tails, and I found a ship and took off into wild space. The rebels found me and I've been living with them since, moving around a bit, looking for you. I found you after looking at a lot of encrypted files." Said Tails

Amy hugged tails.

"Thank you, Tails. I don't know how much longer we could've lasted" said Amy

"Your welcome Amy." Said Tails

(Hoth, 1 month later)

Amy sat on a tauntaun, finishing her patrol of the snowy plains around the rebel base. Why they chose to hide on a planet colder than Wobani she didn't know,but at least they gave her food and warm clothes.

Amy had rode her tauntaun back to its stable and dismounted, a rebel trooper walked up to her.

"Miss Rose, your friends have returned from Mobius, they're waiting for you in the hangar."

"Thanks" Said Amy

Amy went to the hangar, and by a custom made ship made for the 3 of them by Tails, was Sonic and Tails. She ran up to her friends and greeted them with a hug.

"Its great to see you too Amy." Said Sonic

"Hows home?" Asked Amy

"Could be better, curfew's in effect and martial law has been imposed on station square. Vanilla and cream are ok, doing their best to hang on. Knuckles and Rouge still lead a resistance movement in the forest, they're working on recruiting more citizens to their cause" said Tails

"Hey Amy, I managed to get you something back in Mobius, courtesy of Rouge." Said sonic

"What'd you two get me?" Asked Amy

Sonic reached into his seat in the cockpit and pulled out a box. Inside were 2 new gold ring bracelets to replace the ones that were taken from her.

"New bracelets?"

"Not just new bracelets, tails modified them, hit them together and you'll be given a temporary shield, should come in handy against blaster fire." Said Sonic

Amy smiled. She put the bracelets on her arms and tucked them underneath her coat sleeves.

"Thanks guys" said Amy

"Not a problem." Said Tails

"Come on, I'm starving" Said Sonic

"Then lets get you some food then" said Amy

The 3 began walking out of the hangar.