Chapter 1: Dressrosa Draws Near! The Threat of the Underworld!

Doflamingo flew in through the window into his palace, straightening his pink feathered coat as he wore a strained smile on his face.

"Law you little shit..." He hissed to himself. "You've got some damn nerve after all this time...but unfortunately, I'm one step ahead of you, as it has always been, and always will be..."

"Talking to yourself isn't a good personality trait y'know."

Doflamingo flinched, and narrowed his eyes. Someone was sitting in the Heart seat.

He was a lanky man, with pale skin, sharp emerald green eyes and a V-shaped mouth that he somehow made look sinister. He had long curly purple hair that reached the small of his back, with sideburns and a light moustache-beard combo. He wore a light green unbuttoned high collar jacket that had a white rose pattern on it over a no-sleeve black shirt. He wore a rather bulky looking double helix silver belt just before some light green skinny jeans with black fluer-de-lis on the knees, and square toed white lace-up shoes done in a complex knot. For accessories he wore a pair of loose emerald handcuffs on each wrist, as well as a bowtie that was his Jolly Roger; a smiling skull wearing its own bowtie that looked like two leaves. Strapped to his back was a rather large doubled-edged silver axe with a large handle.

"...What are you doing here, Bad Root?" Doflamingo questioned.

This was 'Bad Root' Vidar Flaneur, the captain of the Root Pirates with a Bounty of 650,000,000 on his head.

"No need for formalities, Joker." Flaneur smirked. "You know I do so love Dressrosa, an excellent job you've done with it...but I'm here on business."

"Word travels fast..." Doflamingo grumbled.

"Direct, actually. Someone calling themselves Dreamer contacted me using Penni's Den-Den Mushi." He said. "Caesar's operations have, logically, they'd come after your SMILE supply here now, right?"

"Dreamer? Must be Wodos." Doflamingo mumbled.

"...Wodos?" Flaneur mumbled thoughtfully. "Well, well, well, isn't this a surprise? I take it you were informed about him?"

"He told me. Didn't think it would concern me, until the Marineford War, and now." Doflamingo admitted.

"Boss is like that. Wanting to extend his choking grip as far as possible, in whatever way possible." He smirked. "I wonder what would happen if he knew about this misshap?"

Doflamingo's eyes widened in fear behind his glasses. "Don't you dare tell that monster about this! I already have Kaido's shadow looming over me, I don't need that!" He flinched, and quickly composed himself. "Besides...they won't destroy the SMILE Factory here. I have a backup plan even if they do. All I need to do is take back Caesar."

"Hostage situation is it? That's why I'm here! For a little extra muscle." Flaneur said as two shadows appeared behind him.

"Like I need your help." Doflamingo spat. "I'm already preparing others for this, I don't need you getting in the way."

"Is that so? Huh...all I've got to say is too bad." He sighed. "I'm staying, because its my ass on the line with Kaido as well."

"Do whatever you want...just keep your 'boss' out of it." Doflamingo hissed. "...And get off that chair."

"If you so insist." Flaneur nodded as he stood up and walked out of the room with his escorts behind him.

As soon as they were gone, Doflamingo rubbed his forehead. "All this damn shit is giving me a headache!"


So this was it, off to fight another Shichibukai...really, we should be used to this by now. Law had explained his plan to destroy Doflamingo's SMILE factory so that the Yonko Kaido would destroy him. Luffy did not like the passive approach at all, but thankfully he was distracted with Sanji preparing lunch.

"Hah..." Nami sighed next to me. "I can't ebelieve we're facing ANOTHER Shichibukai."

"You know, I was just thinking that." I admitted.

"But the worst part is, after that, Luffy wants to take on not one, but ALL the Yonko!" She cried. "We've only just entered the New World...I feel like this is too much..."

"I guess it any other crew. But Luffy is Luffy. If he's set his sights on this goal, as his crew, we have to fight by him." I said. "Besides, you's shown you've gotten stronger, right?"

"Not for a Yonko!" She panicked.

"Don't worry, we're not at that point yet." I assured her. "And if you need it, I'll definitely protect you!"

"Of course I can count on you." She smiled, hugging me. "So, make sure they don't get me, okay?"

"Right, right." I nodded as I pet her head, then noticed Law staring.

"...So you two are...?" He gestured.

"What's it look like?" Nami said, sticking her tongue out.

"Hm...I think I can understand why." Law said. "You are the first mate for a reason..."

"Um, I'm not first mate." I said. "I'm the lookout."

"...Lookout?" Law made a thinking face for a second. "...R-Right..."

'Was he just disappointed or something!?' I thought.

"In any case...Nightmare-ya, there is something I wish to discuss with you." He looked at the only people left in the kitchen after the meal, which was just me, Nami, Sanji and Robin. "...Privately."

"Privately?" I echoed.

He nodded. "Is there anywhere we can go?"

"...The aquarium, I reckon." I said.

"Got it." We stood up and left, as Nami followed us.

"...I did say, privately." Law said.

"First, good luck getting privacy on this ship. Secondly, she's listening, she's my girlfriend."

"Hey! You said it without blushing crazily! Good for you!" Nami patted me on the back.

'Please don't praise me for something like that.' I thought sadly.

We sat in the aquarium as Law took off his jacket.

"Firstly...I must admit something." Law said. "I had you go after someone very dangerous."

"You mean Penni?" I asked.

"Yes. But its not her that was dangerous. It was her connections." Law spoke. "She was a member of the Root Pirates. A very infamous group of pirates in the Underworld. They are responsible for a vast majority of transportations between Underworld dealers."

"So, basically, they're the delivery crew." I simplified it.

"Basically." Law confirmed. "I don't know much about them...but I do know they work for someone very powerful in the Underworld...someone who has a large influence on this world. I don't even know his codename, only members of his organisation and the Yonko know it, and even then, not even his true name."

"...So, you're saying by taking out Penni, I've earned the ire of this guy?" I asked.

"Possibly. I can't say for certain." Law said.

"Waitwaitwait, she was in a group as monstrous as I think you're saying!?" Nami gasped. "What if they target me, too?"

"That won't happen. I took the blame for her defeat." I reassured her.

"But, then that means they're after you now, Ellix!" She pointed out.

"I don't think there was any other way. And besides, I chose to do it, I'll fight against the consequences." I said. "Don't worry, I'll fight it." She didn't look too convinced.

"There's something else. Much more important to this plan." Law continued. "This Underworld guy...he has measure, for his more important businesses. Specifically SMILE Production."

"What kind of safety measure?" Nami asked.

"A weapon. Hidden on the islands of his most important clients." Law spoke. "Each one has the power of a Buster Call, enough to destroy an entire country. It's called a Devil Weapon."

"Devil Weapon?" I echoed.

"Devil Weapons need a member of this Underworld masters crew to activate it...but once it does, its assured that someone dies." He muttered. "Even if the rest of the plan goes off perfectly, even if we escape out to the seas...if that weapon is activated, we lose."

"That serious, huh?" I said. "And you think someone will be at Dressroas to activate it?"

"Undoubtedly. Which is why I am asking you to lead a team to find the Devil Weapon and destroy it before it can be activated." Law said. "With it, we will be truly safe."

"...And you're telling me this because right now, I have the strongest 'tie' to this Underworld figure?" I asked.

"Correct. You should keep this tie secret from your team as you go for the Devil Weapon, so as not to pressurise them or have them do anything reckless for your sake." Law said.

"Hey! Don't say something so selfish like that!" Nami cried. "If it's Ellix's problem, it's all of our problems!"

"...Didn't you say you didn't want to get involved with the Yonko after our captain wanted to go after them?" I asked.

She slapped me lightly. "I'm trying to stick up for you here!"

"But, Law...I have a question to ask now..." I spoke. "Your to get rid of SMILES so that Kaido destroys Doflamingo, right?"

"That's right." Law nodded.

"So, when Kaido attacks Doflamingo, what happens to Dressrosa?" I asked.

Law did not respond at first.

"How brutally will he attack? Who will he kill along the way?" I questioned, glaring at him. "Because...I won't forgive you if innocent people die over something we instigated!"

Law glared back at me for a moment, and we held each others gaze.

"...Pirates...should not care about things like that." Law finally spoke, before standing up, and walking towards the door.

"If that happens...I WILL attack you." I declared.

"Do what you want after this is over." Law said as he placed his hand on the doorknob.

Only for every single member of the crew to come tumbling in.

"Wha-!? Where you listening in on us!?" Law cried.

"It was Luffy's idea!" Usopp blamed him.

"So some Underbroke guy is gonna be there too!?" Luffy questioned.

"That's wrong!" Sanji yelled.

"You..." Law sighed. "This is too bizarre."

"Like I said, good luck getting privacy on this ship." I said as I walked past him with Nami.

"Did you mean that?" She asked me.

"Yeah. We're pirates, not bastards. It wouldn't sit well on my conscience, and Oren's glare would travel across both the Grand Line and the New World into the back of my head." I admitted.

"That is like you. It's why I like you." She said. "But I also like your rationality, so don't do reckless things like our captain, got it?"

"Got it." I agreed.

"Hey, everyone...?" Annabel looked at us from the railing. "I see an island coming up."

We all leaned over the rails and stared at an upcoming island, surrounded by rocky walls.

"There it is. Dressrosa." Law confirmed.

And this is it! Dressrosa! The longest Arc yet in One Piece! As you can probably tell from this chapter, a lot more is going to be going down for Ellix and the crew here!

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