Chapter 3: When the World Trembles! A Familiar Face Reappears!

Colour Spread - Sleepy Strawhats: All of the Strawhats are in a world of pillows and blankets in their pajamas. Luffy wears red pajamas with a meat pattern, Zoro wears green pajamas with a crossed-sword pattern, Nami wears orange pajamas with a tangerine pattern,Usopp wears yellow pajamas with a green slingshot pattern, Sanji wears dark blue pajamas with a chefs hat patterns, Chopper wears pink pajamas with a medical cross pattern, Robin wears purple pajamas with a book pattern, Franky wears light blue pajamas with a cola pattern, and Brook wears black pajamas with a white music note pattern. All of them are sleeping soundly with toy sheep dolls, except for Ellix in chocolate brown pajamas with a pink 'z' pattern, who places his finger to his lips in a 'shhh' position as dream bubbles float out of his head and surround the other sleeping Strawhats.

Our group of four walked threw the town, trying to blend in as much as possible.

"Ellix-dono, how do you think the other groups are faring?" Kinemon asked me.

"Well...Luffy's group has probably borken up, drawn attention to themselves, punched someone, and or already declared war on someone." I stated.

"What!?" Annabel gasped.

"Hey, it's Luffy." I shrugged. "Law's team will be fine though...probably...maybe."

"I hate to admit it, but he's most likely right." Nami said.

"...God, that place is so far away." I grumbled, only managing to see the top floor of the hotel, which had its name in curly salmon pink writing as a garden seemingly bloomed on the top of it. "This is so slow..."

"Soru will draw attention." Nami reminded me, keeping a hand on my shoulder.

"I know. Doesn't mean it isn't boring though." I told her, when I stopped. "Hey, hold up a second."

"Hm?" Kniemon spoke as three figures walked past us.

All of them were wearing white robes, and wore different styled tribal masks. They were of differing heights and passed quickly, seemingly innocent enough.

"...What is it?" Nami asked as hey passed us.

"Those guys..." I practically whispered. "They were CP0."

"What!? Are you serious!?" She gasped. "You mean..."

"Yeah...the Cipher Pol Oren was once the leader of...the most deadly, venomous, top-secret Cipher Pol of them all." I explained calmly. "What the hell...this doesn't make any damn Admiral is one thing, but CP0? They're literally an undercover last resort. Doflamingo seriously managed to get those guys here?"

"...Should we be scared of them?" Annabel hesitantly asked.

"Oh, you guys should. Not me though." I told them, spinning on my heel. "I'm gonna be the worlds strongest Rokushiki user. I've gotta beat them some day, so I'm not afraid of them."

"I'm surprised you let the opportunity walk past." Annabel said.

"This isn't the time or the place. Next time we meet though...hopefully." I admitted with a smile. "Also, I have a little thing called self-control. You should try it."

"Don't push it." Annabel threatened.

We continued walking for a while, getting closer and closer to the hotel, until...

"Days of joyousness!"

Suddenly a toy jumped in front of us. It only came up to about my knees, and seemed to be made of tin. It was a little red race car with a wire extending out of the back of it, being ridden by what looked like a little tin spaceman with a big, piano-key teethed smile and a key spinning in its back.

"Visitors! Visitors of joyous sights of seeing!" They toy spoke oddly, driving around me a couple of times. "Guide of touring toy I am! Driver name is I am having! Please to beep beep meet yourselves!"

"...Uh..." I just stared blankly.

"We don't need anything, thank you." Nami told it as she walked past, with the rest of us following.

"Waiting you have must! Aaaaaaahhhh!" Driver quickly drove in front of us. "Helping I must be the doing! Tour of guides I am the greatest at having the sense of being! Helping helper of helpingness I being wish to!"

"Really, we don't need a guide." I told him.

"Worrying is having I..." The car seemed to spin around for a second. "In the leaningness you must!"

"...What?" Annabel asked.

"He's asking us to lean in." I clarified as we all bent down.

"You are having hereness to topple country, yes?" Driver whispered. "Myself is being part of ground under secret super group of resistance!"

"...He's part of a resistance group." I simplified.

"Really? A resistance group" Nami asked sceptically.

"Help of bestness we can be providing." Driver insisted. "But must be having comingness with self of my!"

Our group spun around the other way and huddled together. "What do you think?" I asked.

"I'm not sure we can trust a toy. They're the native residents here, right? What if it's a trap?" Annabel pointed out.

"Plus, something about it just" Nami said as Driver bumped into my heel. "What about you, Ellix?"

"I think we should trust him." I gave my honest opinion. "I don't think anybody would say they're part of a revolution to draw us into a trap. And he really doesn't seem malicious in any way."

"Mmmm...Wodos-dono's trust is very heartwarming." Kinemon nodded. "I shall take his side!"

"A tie-breaker, huh?" Nami sighed, before wrapping an arm around me. "Fine. I'll take your side. That way I can blame you if it all goes south."

"Righto." I nodded as we turned back towards the toy. "Okay, lead the way."

"Thankingness I am having in the overflowing!" He happily cried. "Following me must be having!"

We made to move again, but then I stopped. I stopped because...

"You guys...go on ahead." I told everyone.

"What? What do you mean?" Annabel asked.

"I'll catch up in a second." I spoke carefully. "Right now, keep moving."

"Ellix? What's wrong?" Nami asked me.

I placed my hands on her shoulders. "I promise I'll be fine. But you keep going, okay? We don't have time."

She stared at me in confusion for a while, before nodding. "Alright. Don't do anything dangerous."

"I promise." I assured her, as she pulled the other two along.

They were a good way away when I felt it. That overwhelming pressure. And now it was behind me.

"Well, well, well..." A familiar voice spoke. "Nice disguise you've got there...Wodos T. Ellix."

I slowly turned around to face him. He was a tall man with tanned skin and some muscles. He had shaggy dark red hair and the stubble of a beard and moustache combo. His eyes were wide, yet sharp and a piercing green, with a thin, smirking mouth. He wore a black captains coat with gold buckles over his shoulders, over a bright green button-up shirt with a breast pocket that had a black crocodile skin wallet in it. He also wore black pants with golden chains looping out of them and connected to a white belt, along with a pair of strap-on dark green shoes. Accessories wise he now wore a crystal necklace with a horned skull-and-crossbones dangling from it, ruby red rings on all his fingers save for his ring fingers and thumbs, as well as a gold jolly roger embedded on his belt which looked like a madly laughing skull with a snake-like tongue hanging out as a broken crown hung-lopsided off of its head.

I couldn't believe it...I couldn't fucking believe it...he was here too!?

"James Night." I addressed him.


We had stopped off in the town of Jaya for a while. Luffy, Zoro and Nami had gone off somewhere whilst I was looking for a good shop to stock up not only on food, but materials for Usopp's contraptions and books for Robin to read...I was still sceptical of her, admittedly.

I had stuffed a sack filled with everything I had bought so far on the budget Nami had given me (she was surprisingly generous with the amount she gave me) and had got food and a selection of gears, pulleys and gunpowder. All that really remained was some books. I figured I'd get some adventure books to try and get Luffy reading...emphasis on TRY, along with some history books for Robin and medical books for Chopper.

After searching for a while, I eventually found a bookstore. However, when I looked inside, I saw a group of several pirates leaning against walls, most with bottles in their hands, laughing drunkenly whilst either flipping through books or chucking them against the wall.

'Oda, is literature not even sacred?' I thought as I caught a book thrown my way. The title read 'Advancements of Seafaring Technology.' This could work.

I searched through the bookshelves, looking for any books that were of particular interest, practically everybody laughing at me for doing so, but I just ignored them as I picked out several books.


I accidentally overheard a man talking to himself. He had neatly swept back dark red hair as the rest of his face was buried in a book. He, rather stupidly in my opinion, wore a brown leather jacket that had six big pouches running down his torso, as well as a pair of red jeans that had big pouches at the sides, on the seat and at the front, along with a pair of white lace-up shoes that had a green heart pattern over them. Everything about this guy screamed 'pickpocket' me, especially in this town.

"This is a very good read." He suddenly spoke to me, and I could see his rather young-looking face with grassy green eyes. This simple sentence caused the pirates behind us to howl with laughter. "See you're an avid reader yourself. Good thing to see in this era."

"Oh, these are mainly for my crew." I told him.

"Ah, you a pirate? Well, of course you are, if you're in this town." He said, continuing to read his book. "Name's Night. James Night. James Night V. I was a king once upon a time."

"A king he says!" The pirates behind us laughed even more loudly. "Hilarious!"

"...Not gonna laugh at me?" He was talking to me again.

"Can't say I believe it." I admitted. "But why would you say something like that without context? Not something a liar would do." The pirates behind us continued to laugh, louder and louder.

And then it stopped.

Everything just...stopped.

The pirates stopped laughing. Instantly. Everything was quiet. The air was still. I don't know why...but my body felt like it didn't want to move, or talk...just be silent. Like a silence of mourning...or shock.

"Incredible." Night was the first to talk, closing his book. "...This has been fate."

"Fate?" I questioned.

He then smiled and laughed. "Here. You should read this." He then handed me the book, and I read the title: 'Fallings of the Greatest Names'.

"Mind telling me your name?" He then asked me.

"...It's Ellix. Wodos T. Ellix." I told him.

"Ellix, huh?" He patted my shoulder. "I'll remember that name from now on. I know we will meet again, for it is fate." He then began walking past me.

"Oh, wait..." He suddenly stopped and patted himself down. " seems I've lost four wallets, three rings, a watch, and my necklace."

I waited for a moment, but then he laughed. "Shehehehehehe! Guess it's fate I lost 'em!" He then walked out of the store, laughing all the way.

Later, I read the book he gave me, and I read a story about the collapse of the Rodor Kingdom, and the disappearance of the prince, James Night the Fifth.

Flashback End

This guy...was Blackbeard's first mate.

"It's certainly been a while, Wodos." He greeted me. "What are you doing here in Dressrosa?"

"I should be asking you that." I asked fiercely.

"Just dropping off a friend. Nothing more." He grinned. "What's with that hostile look?"

"Don't give me that crap. It's you guys who captured Ace and got him killed!" I hissed.

"Still not over that, eh? Shehehehehe!" He laughed. "In all honesty, Ace wasn't really on my conscious radar. Nah...that's been you, Ellix. Told you I would, didn't I? But I must admit, you were prety disappointing for a while. That was until the Marineford War! Imagine my satisfaction when you not only burst into that war with allies of your own, but held your ground against Fleet Admiral Sakazuki! I was overjoyed!"

"Like I'm after your praise." I spat. "I'll never forgive any of you for what you did...I don't care if your captain's a Yonko!"

"That!" He pointed at me. "That's what I'm looking for!" His grin seemed to widen. " you remember that time? In the bookstore? Where everything just fell silent?"

"What about it?" I asked.

"Do you know the tale?" He went on. "Apparently, when a great person is born...the world trembles. Everything on the seas falls silent, trembling at the monster that was just born. And they're not even D's. They are simply...bastards the world recognises as dangerous. They say...that those with the initial D. carve the way towards new eras...and the ones whose births make the world tremble run down that carved path, destroying everything in their way! The World Government simply refers to them as...Troublemakers."

"...Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"Shehehehe! Isn't it obvious, Ellix!?" He laughed. "I'm saying that when you were born, the world trembled! Just like it did when I was born! You are fated to be a monster that runs rampant through this world!" He got up right in my face. "And it is my wholehearted belief...that you and I share this fate. The moment your name was yelled out in shock and terror at that, even before that, the moment we met...I knew."

We glared at each other for a while, neither of us saying anything as I frowned and he smiled.

"...But not now." He backed off. "I can tell. This isn't right...our fated clash isn't here. But I should let you know, now that my captain has carved a path...I've got my own plans to shake the world. I know you'll love it!"

"I don't give a damn about your sense of fate." I told him. "I'll do whatever the hell I want, because I'm a pirate! And what I'm gonna do, is beat you up when we next meet!"

"A perfect answer! I look forward to it!" He then began walking away, but stopped. "Ah...hold on." He patted himself down.

"...I've still got everything." He chuckled, and looked over his shoulder at me. "Seems fate is on my side." He then continued walking away.

'Night...who the hell are you, truly?' I couldn't help but think as he walked out of my sight.

And so another chapter is done. Next chapter we'll have another OC Colour Spread. For now though, I've introduced James Night V, first mate of the Blackbeard Pirates, Troublemaker, former prince, and all around just big figure at this point. And to be fair, even if I still wrote Jaya, his appearance wouldn't be any longer then what I showed in the flashback...and that's my defence.

However, on that note, Chronicle Titan asked what where all of Ellix's bounties, and who did he fight during each big Arc. My moment has arrived. *Cracks knuckles* Listen up, people. It's time for an info dump.

Ellix's first bounty was 10,000,000, which he got for brutally attacking Nezumi during the Arlong Park Arc, and gained his first epithet 'Rokushiki User'. His second bounty was 80,000,000 for his actions during the Alabasta Arc, and his third was 240,000,000 for his battle at Enies Lobby, where he earned his new epithet; 'Rokushiki Nightmare'. His current bounty is 330,000,000 after clashing with Akainu during the Marineford War.

Ellix didn't have any big opponents during the Orange Town, Syrup Village or Baratie Arcs. His first true opponent was Fyuro, a clouded archer Fishman during the Arlong Park Arc. During the Loguetown Arc, Ellix briefly fought Ash, Smoker's brother, but focused on fleeing instead. However, he did fight a young Marine Captain named Torren, who focuses on Meditation Techniques that directly clash with Ellix's Rokushiki, thus the two became rivals.

During the Alabasta Saga Ellix kept in contact with a man who called himself Gluttony. His actual name was Vick Derrant, a former member of Baroque Works who seeked to kill Crocodile and take Alabasta's fortune for himself to use against the World Nobles. During the Drum Island Arc, Ellix foguth against Musshuru, Wapol's brother (From Movie 9) and was poisoned, but after being given the antidote, managed to defeat him. Ellix later faced Derrant at Alabasta. Derrant had eaten the Hone-Hone no Mi, or Bone Bone Fruit, allowing him complete manipulation of his own bones, and allowing him to rip the bones out of other living objects. Ellix barely managed to defeat him by using Rokuogan for the first time.

During the Skypiean Arc, Ellix clashed with a Birkan named Karma, who used multiple Dials, which he nicknamed 'Slime Dials', which would shoot out glue, acid, poison or mucus. His battling style evolved each time the two of them fought, making him a difficult opponent, but Ellix managed to defeat him as Karma admitted he didn't want Skypiea to be destroyed, but has come too far to change himself. After his defeat, the Shandian's and Skypiean's took to using his Slime Dials, and with encouragement from Ellix, he was accepted back into their society.

During the Enies Lobby Arc, Ellix faced off against Hanta (I'm undergoing revision for him, just to change his Devil Fruit, which I now think was a bit too simple and lazy). During which he ate the Dori Dori no Mi, or Dream Dream Fruit, he had been carrying all that time, allowing him to defeat Hanta. During the Post-Enies Lobby Arc he met Torren again and the two had a friendly fight before bidding farewell to each other again.

During the Thriller Bark Arc, he fought against the General Zombies and tried out his new Dori Dori powers against them, but due to his inexperience with his Devil Fruit powers, he lost and his shadow was stolen. Chasing after Absalom, he fought against the zombie who had his shadow, Requiem, and the two clashed with their identical Rokushiki. Ellix managed to win using his Devil Fruit abilities, and he discovered his Doriki had increased greatly after fighting Hanta and now Requiem. Ellix later fought Oars with the rest of the Strawhats after rescuing Nami, and was one of the last remaining to fight Kuma alongside Zoro, and whilst Ellix fought harder and longer then Zoro, he still lost to Kuma.

There we go! Now, wasn't that easier then waiting for me to write all that over a course of probably 5 years? Of course, if you guys want any more details, such as Ellix's outfits, more info about the characters detailed here, or anything else, just ask!

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! I'll see you all in the next one!