Goes AU at the end of Season 6 Finale

Everything up to the end of the Season 6 Finale still happened



Jax walks in with Eli not Juice. Jax sees Gemma holding Tara's head in a sink full of water with the meat fork raised above her head and immediately runs to pull his mother off his wife. Eli immediately grabs Gemma and handcuffs her. He then rushes to where Jax placed an unresponsive Tara on the floor in front of the sink. He calls in on his radio to get an ambulance to be sent to the Teller house STAT and starts CPR. DA Tyne Patterson and the ATF Agent show up at the same time as the ambulance. As she is walking to the front door she notices Gemma in the back seat of a Sheriff's Patrol Car in front of the house. She reaches the front of the house just in time to see an unconscious Tara being wheeled out on the stretcher by EMTs and a distraught Jax following closely behind. He looks into her eyes, pleading with an unspoken request, to go with his wife. She nods at him and enters the house in search of Eli, while Jax heads to the hospital on the ambulance with his wife.

*****DISCLAIMER***** I do not own these characters, I am just playing with them for my own amusement. They are owned by Kurt Sutter and FX.*****