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Back in the town of Storybrooke, Lucy and Hope were swinging on the swings during recess.

"How do you like school so far?" Hope asked.

"It's fine and everyone's so nice. I've never been around this many kids my own age before." Lucy remarked as she thought about her private lessons back at Tiana's palace.

"You were homeschooled." Hope questioned.

"Yay, But it wasn't my home where I was taught at." Lucy stated.

"Where did you go to learn?" Hope wondered.

"I went to Queen Tiana's palace." Lucy answered.

"What was that like? Also, who's Queen Tiana?" Hope wondered.

Lucy thought it over for a moment before she replied "It was a lot like this, only it was just me and the tutor. Queen Tiana is the ruler of the kingdom where my mom and I were born. She's also like my aunt."

"Lucky you!" Hope stated with both glee and envy as she gave her niece a high five. "What's she like?"

"She kind, wise and a great cook." Lucy stated.

"She does her own cooking?!" Hope muttered in disbelief. "I have never heard of a Queen doing her own cooking before." She added.

Lucy happily nodded her head as she said "She really does, she and my mom often asked exchange recipes with each other."

Suddenly a feeling of sadness came over Lucy as she started to think about her mother. However, before she could even think about the possibility of never seeing her mother and everyone else that she grew up with again, a small gust of wind started blow under both girls feet. Feeling startled, Hope and Lucy quickly lifted their feet up as the ground below the swings was blown away to reveal a message that read Look up Hyperion heights in Seattle.

Hope and Lucy looked at each other in confusion as they wondered What is Hyperion heights and who wrote the message?

As both girls took a closer look at the message, Lucy realized that there was something familiar about that hand writing. However, before she could confide in Hope on the matter, recess had ended and it was time to go back inside.

As Hope and Lucy returned to their class, Henry was busy trying to find a new job while balancing raising Lucy and teaching her how to break the dark curse.

Henry knew he could write stories thanks to his time as the author, but that didn't guarantee a steady source of income. He thought about his motorcycle that he used during his early years in the new Enchanted forest. Maybe he could find employment at the local motorcycle shop. Unsure of what to do, Henry decided to take a walk through town. He left the inn and was amazed to discover how much had changed since he left. New stores had been built and his grandpa was now in charge of the town, and his uncle Neil was now around his age.

However before he continued to dwell on the matter, he heard a voice call out to him "Henry! Hey Henry! How you've been?"

Henry spun around to Neil coming towards him.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Henry thought to himself. Henry pulled himself out of his thoughts as he said "Neil, I'm great. How have you been?"

"I'm fine. I heard you were back in town with a kid." Neil muttered.

Henry nodded with a smile as he said "I brought my daughter Lucy with me."

"Where's her mom? I like'd to meet her and so would the rest of the family." Neil inquired.

At once, Henry's smile simply vanished from his face as he said "You haven't heard?"

"Did something happened to her?" Neil questioned as a look of concerned appeared on his face.

"Let's just say that there was danger and I couldn't take her with us to Storybrooke." Henry explained.

"Tell me. I got time." Neil insisted.

As Henry began to recall all that happened to him in the last several years, all the way across the states, in a small Settle neighborhood called Hyperion Heights, many years ago. A woman named Jacinda was busy working a local fast food place. She was working at the cash register when her cell phone went off.

At first, she ignored it. However the ringing grew more persistent and Jacinda started to worry that it might be her stepmother Victoria and she wasn't one to be messed with. At once, she quickly turned towards one of her coworkers and asked "Can you take over the counter for me? I think my stepmom's calling me and I don't want to get her upset."

Victoria was so well know in the neighborhood that no else wanted to get her upset either. At once, Jacinda's coworker happily agreed to take over as cashier while Jacinda took the call.

"Hello?" The young Latinx woman whispered as she tried to hide the fear in her voice.

"Jacinda...why are you late to pick up my coffee?" Came the cold British voice of her stepmother.

"I'm sorry. My shift is almost doneā€¦" Jacinda started to say, but Victoria interrupted with "I don't want excuses, I want results and if I don't see my cup of coffee within an hour, I'll cut you off!"

With that, Victoria ended the call.

Jacinda started to sweat. If she didn't end her shift soon and get her stepmother her coffee, she would be cut off!

Jacinda looked at the clock fearfully and it wasn't like she could just find a job elsewhere since her stepmother owned the neighborhood and would make it impossible for her to leave and find a job elsewhere. Then, Jacinda was pulled out of her thoughts as her best friend and roommate Sabine said "I'll cover for you. Get her the coffee on time, alright."

Jacinda gave Sabine a look of gratitude as she clocked out of work early and hurried towards her stepmother's coffee shop as fast as she could.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Clorinda and Thisbe arrived at back their home with Drizella and Gothel. Gothel looked around the living room in disappointment before she said "It's not much, but it will do."

Both Clorinda and Thisbe frowned in spite of themselves and the situation they were in. Their home may not be a mansion, but they did the best to keep the place nice looking after Cinderella moved out to live with Thomas and her baby. Then, both sisters were brought out of their thoughts as Gothel asked "Now have you heard where Henry Mills and his daughter are residing?"

At once, Thisbe quickly opened her mouth and said "They might by staying in the local inn!"

"Call and Check or order us some rooms." Drizella demanded

"That's not how it works around here." Thisbe explained. "Hotels don't give out the names of the guests their holding unless you're police officers and go luck trying to pretend to be officers, but Henry's biological mom is the Sheriff of this town and everyone knows everybody here." She added.

Drizella thought over her options. How can I pretend to be a police officer and what is a police officer anyway?

Then, Gothel pulled her out of her thoughts she "We'll just have to think of another way."

As the two witches started to form their review their plan, across the town, school was ending. Hope and Lucy hurried outside as they were greeted by Emma, Henry and Neil.

"Mom! Uncle Neil!" Hope cried as she ran over the her mother. Lucy looked at him, even though she knew that Neil was her great Uncle, she still found it strange that he was around the same age as her dad and not an old man. Lucy was brought out of her thoughts as she heard her Dad say "This is my daughter, Lucy. Lucy this is your great uncle Neil that I told you about."

Lucy slowly walked over to Neil suddenly overcome with a case of shyness. As Lucy shook Neil's hand, she suddenly heard her great grandma's voice call out "Neil, what brings you down here? Have you come to meet Lucy?"

Lucy and Hope turned around to see Snow White approaching them.

Neil gave his mother a grin as he said "You know me so well."

"Why don't we all head over to the dinner to celebrate our family reunion?" Snow White offered.

At her words, looks of sadness appeared on both Henry and Lucy's faces.

"It won't be a true family reunion until my other mom and Cinderella are here with us." Henry stated.

Snow White was furious with herself for unwittingly reminding her grandson and her great granddaughter about their loved ones that they had to leave behind. She quickly pulled herself out of her thoughts and apologized with "When Cinderella and Regina return to us, we can have a proper reunion. Also, I'm sorry that I reminded you both of your loss. Why don't we go the dinner away so we can catch up?"

Sometime later, Henry, Lucy, Neil, Emma, Hope, and Snow White were sitting at Granny's dinner enjoying an after school snack.

"So, there's another Cinderella in the new Enchanted forest?" Snow White questioned as she took a sip of her hot coco with cinnamon.

"Yes, and she also has a wicked stepmother and an evil stepsister." Henry added in a bitter tone.

"She's the one that forced you come back here, hasn't she?" Snow White questioned as she narrowed her eyes.

"She wanted to cast the curse that trapped you guys here." Lucy stated.

"Why would she want to do that?" Snow White asked.

"Because she wanted to get back at her mother over favoring her sister Anastasia who's been in a magical coma since they were young children." Henry explained. "My mom told me." He added.

Wanting to change the subject, Henry looked at Lucy and asked "How was your first day at school?"

"It was fine and it was so nice to be able to play with kids my own age. If we go back we must bring schools and recess back to Tiana's kingdom..." Lucy started to say, then she suddenly remembered the words Hyperion Heights that she and Hope saw in the ground.

"During recess, Hope and I discovered that someone wrote down the words, Hyperion Heights." Lucy recalled. Do you guys know what that means?" She added.

Henry looked at Emma, Neil and Snow White. All of them had looks of confusion on their faces. Snow White was the first to speak as she asked "Lucy, Hope, can you girls show me where you found the words tomorrow?"

Both Lucy and Hope nodded their heads as Emma pulled out her cell phone, held it to her face as she said "What is Hyperion Heights?"

At once, the electronic voice of her cell phone replied Hyperion Heights is a small neighborhood in the city of Seattle, Washington.

"Who would write the name of a neighborhood in Seattle?" Emma questioned.

However, Henry remembered his first meeting with Cinderella. She wore a blue dress covered with hyacinth flowers. Come to think of it, Hyperion did sound a lot like hyacinth. At once, he pulled himself out of his head and asked Emma "Mom, ask if hyacinth flowers are the most common flowers in Hyperion Heights?"

Emma gave him a funny look before she replied "It feels so weird having you call me that, when we're close to age now."

Behind him, Lucy bit back a grin as Emma once again held the phone to her mouth as she asked "Are hyacinth flowers the most common flowers in Hyperion Heights?"

A few seconds later, the voice on the phone replied back "Yes."

Emma held out her phone to Henry as she asked "Is this what a hyacinth looks like?"

Henry felt his jaw drop as he stared at the blue flower that was in Cinderella's dress all those years ago.

"Daddy, is the hyacinth flower important?" Lucy asked as she watched her father's expression go through so many emotions.

Henry turned to Lucy as he answered "Yes, it is very important to me and your mother, because she had them in her dress the night we met."

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